Watch Alexa Bliss Show Just How Clumsy She Is

Alexa Bliss isn't exactly the tallest Superstar on the WWE roster, and she nearly hurt herself trying to prove otherwise on Instagram recently.

There are a lot of friendships and a lot of real-life rivalries back stage in professional wrestling, and they're not necessarily the ones that are portrayed in the ring and on-screen each week. While Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are currently friends in front of the cameras as well as behind the scenes, the likes of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks are quite the opposite.


Someone Alexa Bliss does get along with however is Nia Jax. WWE have teased the fact that they're friends on Raw, but the company doesn't seem to be able to decide whether they want them to get along or not. In their own time though, the two of them are very close as is demonstrated by the pairing on social media. With Nia standing at six feet tall and Alexa a lot shorter, the duo make something of an entertaining double act.

Their antics are there for all to see on Total Divas each week and, as touched upon above, also on social media. Their latest video together, posted to Bliss's Instagram over the weekend, took an unexpected turn. Jax is in the middle of announcing that the two of them are in Nashville when Alexa slips and falls off the chair she's standing on. Clearly the real-life height difference between the two didn't lend itself to their idea for the video and Bliss needed to be taller. Don't worry though Alexa fans, Nia was there to catch her.

Despite the current Raw Women's Champion's shorter stature, she has not let it hold her back when it comes to making a name for herself in WWE. She was the first woman to win the Women's Titles on both Raw and SmackDown Live and has basically been on top of each division since her arrival on the main roster.



Superstars interacting with one another on social media for the world to see is something of a hot topic right now. Fans seem to be very split as to whether they think it's okay or not. Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax portray pretty mean women on Raw each week, yet on Twitter and Instagram you can find them laughing and joking around backstage. Should wrestlers always have to convey their on-screen characters in public, or once the cameras are off should they be able to be themselves? It's a very grey area that Nia and Alexa are very much firmly in the middle of.

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