Alexa Bliss' Raw Women's Championship Had To Be Resized

The Raw Women's Championship had to be shortened in order to fit around Alexa Bliss's waist when she won the belt from Bayley at Payback.

Alexa Bliss has really whipped up a storm since arriving on the main roster over a year ago when she was drafted to SmackDown Live. Not only has she been the SmackDown Women's Champion twice in that time, but she is also still the only woman to hold both shows' Women's Championships. Raw's resident Goddess recently divulged a little information that we didn't previously know about when she won her latest championship from Bayley.

Bliss's back stage tidbit was that when she won the Raw Women's Championship the belt actually had to be shortened. Due to Five Feet of Fury's petite waist, the belt wouldn't actually fit her properly and had to be resized. It's no secret that Alexa is an extremely small competitor, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she'd need a smaller belt.

Bliss revealed the information when she appeared on the talk show Great Day Houston earlier this month. She had her championship with her and told the anecdote after being quizzed about it by the show's host who jokingly said it looked bigger than her. Alexa told viewers that "they actually had to take off size to let it fit me," following up with that's why she's called Five Feet of Fury.

Bliss is somewhat smaller than a lot of the women that she gets in the ring with every week, but she hasn't let that hold her back. When Bliss got drafted over a year ago, it felt like an odd choice considering her mid-card status in NXT at the time, however, she has more than silenced her doubters since then by becoming a deserved three time Women's Champion.



As it stands Bliss's next challenger for her Raw Women's Championship will be Sasha Banks. The two will face off at SummerSlam and Alexa will have her work cut out if she wants to remain champion beyond another match with The Boss. Luckily, Sasha is a pretty small woman also, so there will likely be no need to return the belt to its original size if she does manage to overcome Bliss at the biggest event of the summer.

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