Alexa Bliss On Working Against Sasha Banks With Real Life Heat

Alexa Bliss confirmed that the rumors her and Sasha Banks have a real life dislike for each other are in fact true, but it doesn't affect their work.

With the sheer amount of Superstars that compete in WWE at any one time, there are bound to be a few that simply don't get along. If anything, WWE likes that kind of thing and often plays on real-life aspects of their talent's lives. Well, it appears that they may have another opportunity to do just that. There have been murmurings Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks don't like each other, and now the former has all but confirmed that.

The rumors of the pair's disliking of each other were sparked during an episode of Raw Talk when The Boss really opened up on what she thought of the red brand's Women's Champion. Her rant seemed so heart felt that many chose to believe that what she was saying must have been rooted in some of her own actual beliefs.

On a recent episode of the Cheap Heat podcast, Bliss guest starred and addressed the comments made by Sasha last month. Five Feet of Fury admitted that she had heard what Banks had to say about her and in return said 'If that’s how she feels, that’s fine. But we know that we put it to the side and have a productive, professional match because that’s what it’s all about'.

Banks and Bliss have clashed on and off recently over the Raw Women's Championship and have proved exactly what Bliss confirmed above. When the pair of them are in the ring together any other feelings go out the window and all that matters is what's happening between the ropes. If you can have real life animosity for one another but also put on good, safe matches, then for WWE that's the perfect combination.


While all the women are theoretically in it together for the ongoing revolution in WWE, there are obviously going to be some personalities that clash. Banks is very focused on the wrestling side of things and has been a top female since her time in NXT, while Bliss has chosen to star on Total Divas and took a slightly different path to the success she is currently enjoying. It takes all kinds of Superstars to make a great roster, and Banks and Bliss are two of the biggest female stars WWE has right now.

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