All Grown Up: 15 Wrestling Daughters That Are Jaw Dropping As Adults

Alright, let's be completely open here to begin the article - this is one of the most terrifying (but very enjoyable) articles that I have ever written. Could you imagine writing an article about all of these wrestlers' daughters and having them look me up for essentially hitting on them in print? That is terrifying! But, for the sake of introducing everyone to 15 Wrestling Daughters That Are Jaw Dropping As Adults, I will brave the danger for all of you!

Some of these women are recognizable given their time in WWE or higher-profile wrestling promotions over the years, while I am hoping many of you will be introduced to some of them for the first time. You're bound to be familiar with some of these women, as their looks and/or wrestling ability have propelled them to a certain level of stardom.

No matter the case, one thing is for sure - each of these women are absolutely gorgeous! We should all consider ourselves lucky for being introduced to them, and if some of them are new to you, let's all hope we get to see more of them in the future. Hopefully they can follow in their parents' footsteps and pave a long career in the squared circle.

15 Noelle Foley (Mick Foley)

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Well, this entry should come as no surprise to anyone that has ever laid eyes on Noelle Foley before because she is absolutely stunning. First introduced to wrestling fans during Mick Foley’s infamous scene in Beyond the Mat where both Noelle and her brother Dewey are shown in the front row witnessing her father’s brutal match against The Rock at Royal Rumble 1999, Noelle sure has grown up to be a serious contender for the most beautiful woman to be associated with the WWE. Noelle uses her Instagram presence to show off her curves and wonderful features, while also showcasing her silliness, such as showing off her many spot-on Halloween costumes over the years.

Thankfully, Instagram is not the only place that we get to see Noelle Foley grace us as wrestling fans – she has become more entrenched in WWE programming over the years, recently starring in Holy Foley, a reality program on the WWE Network starring her father, which showed her trying her hand at wrestling with a tryout at the WWE Performance Centre. While Noelle is certainly not a trained wrestler, we would not say no to her being showcased more in any way on WWE programming, especially since it gives us an excuse to see her more often!

14 Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan)

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Putting aside all of the unfortunate publicity surrounding Hulk Hogan as well as anyone’s personal feelings about him (or Brooke’s singing), there is one simple fact that we cannot deny – Brooke Hogan is absolutely gorgeous! Brooke was first introduced to us during Hulk Hogan’s reality show Hogan Knows Best, which chronicled Brooke’s attempts to break onto the music scene while battling her father’s protectiveness over her love life.

Brooke has also dabbled in the world of professional wrestling, making one on-camera appearance for WWE with her father in 2006, as well as having a run in TNA as the Commissioner of the Knockouts Division. Unfortunately for Brooke, her time as an on-camera personality was not well received because she was involved with the infamous Aces and Eights storyline, which featured both a kidnapping and on-screen wedding to Bully Ray. While we would all like to forget Brooke’s time on screen as an actress, we will certainly take much more of her on screen dancing.

13 Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard)

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Now we get to some of the women who are featured as athletes in the world of professional wrestling. I would consider Tessa to be a true “total package” (not like Lex Luger), as she is both stunningly beautiful and an excellent wrestler. Unfortunately for Tessa Blanchard, she has not been able to achieve a high-degree of success in large companies as a wrestler, but with some more exposure she should be able to be featured more prominently. Tessa has appeared in both Global Force Wrestling (you know, TNA’s new name) and WWE in the past, most recently being featured in the Mae Young Classic tournament, but was unfortunately eliminated in the first round by eventual winner Kairi Sang.

Thankfully we have seen her appear in dark matches for NXT since then, which could be positive for her career. We certainly hope so because there is no cap to how many beautiful, athletic and talented women that WWE can have on the roster, especially if they look and wrestle like Tessa.

12 Alexandra “Beans” Hart (Bret Hart)

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Known also by her given name Alexandra Hart has been affectionately referred to as “Beans” for most of her life. Normally this nickname would not be given to someone this gorgeous, but sometimes childhood nicknames can follow you into adulthood. Alexandra has never ventured into her father’s world of professional wrestling beyond making some appearances alongside other family members during Bret’s active wrestling career, but she did cause a bit of a stir in 2013 when she started to make rumblings about joining WWE. Alexandra posted several suggestive twitter posts including hashtags like “#wwedivas” and “#dontgiveup” which indicated her potentially training to become a wrestler, but it turned out that she was looking to get a role alongside Hart Family member Natalya on Total Divas.

It doesn’t look like we will ever get the chance to see her on WWE programming.

11 Dakota Avery Runnels (Goldust)

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Here is one the most unsung beautiful daughters of a current WWE wrestler – after taking one look at Dakota Runnels, I was absolutely smitten! The daughter from Dustin “Goldust” Runnels’ marriage to Terri Runnels, Dakota has taken some strides over the past couple of years to latch on to her father’s superstardom from professional wrestling, and created a YouTube show titled Dak and Dust where her and her father conducted various movie reviews. While the videos were successful from a viewership standpoint, the show has only posted four episodes to date, and ultimately stopped once Goldust returned to the WWE roster full-time.

I can’t say that I was a big fan of the videos, but I certainly am a fan of Dakota Runnels and her beautiful eyes! Unfortunately we have never seen Dakota on WWE programming before, but if her Twitter account is any indication, she certainly is a big wrestling fan and is very proud of the Rhodes family lineage.

10 Bianca Carelli (Santino Marella)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the presence of royalty (and not a Court Jester like her father was for so many years in WWE) – Santino Marella (real name Anthony Carelli) does have a daughter who was crowned as a former beauty pageant winner from Canada. A former Miss Teen Ontario, Bianca has spent much of her life in the pageant world here in Canada, and has not ventured into the world of professional wrestling where her father became famous as a jokester in WWE.

Since she has not been a part of a pageant since she got married in 2016, there is still some hope that she will decide to follow in the family business at some point, and if she does we should consider ourselves lucky because she is an absolute knock out. Imagine a beauty pageant wrestling gimmick? We’ve never seen one before, and I know just a woman gorgeous woman to pull it off!

9 Jessie Belle Smothers (Tracy Smothers)

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In this article, I also get to introduce you everyone to the gorgeous ladies of wresling (no, not the Netflix show). Enter Jessie Belle Smothers, the daughter of one of the craziest men in wrestling, Tracy Smothers. Jessie is possibly one of the better in-ring technicians on this list, considering her resume spans across most of the United States including a stint in WWE Developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling where she was the reigning Women’s Champion. More recently, Jessie has shown her athleticism in SHINE wrestling, an all-female promotion closely associated with SHIMMER wrestling. In the ring, Jessie displays the trademark hard-hitting style of her father, but also has a beautiful side to her that we never saw with her father in the ring because…well, just look at her!

8 Amy Hennig (Mr. Perfect)

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If you were to look at most people’s “Top Wrestlers of All Time” list, odds are that “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig is near the top of most of those lists due to his technical prowess and wrestling ability. While his work in WWE has stood the test of time and he continues to be revered by fans, his two children have not had the same success as him when it comes to professional wrestling. Firstly, there is Curtis Axel who has been treading water in WWE for close to five years now (depending on who you ask about it, the blame will shift around), and the other is his daughter Amy Hennig.

Amy was signed to a WWE Developmental deal in the late 2000s, but was released not long afterwards, and her wrestling career is difficult to trace after 2010, which unfortunately means she may have left the business behind. This certainly is a shame, as something with the athletic ability of her father combined with her beauty would have been a great addition to the WWE roster over the years.

7 Lacey Von Erich (Kerry Von Erich)

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Let’s add another woman who is both beautiful and talented in the ring to this list. Lacey had a small stint with WWE as a developmental wrestler, but unfortunately never made it on to the main roster before being released. Where Lacey hit her stride as a performer was in TNA as a member of The Beautiful People faction, where she was a holder of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship, along with Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. While her “Mean Girl” persona would not be considered very family friendly in today’s sensitive world, Lacey excelled as a member of this faction, going so far as to carry around a pink nightstick dubbed “Lacey’s Ugly Stick” to hit her opponents who were “less beautiful than her”. Having the pleasure at looking at her picture here, there are few that are more beautiful than Lacey Von Erich.

6 Brittany Page (Diamond Dallas Page)

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Here is a relatively unknown daughter of a professional wrestler who has made waves in wrestling news over the past couple years about her plans to enter the business in a big way. Brittany Page, who of course is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer “Diamond” Dallas Page, has no formal wrestling training herself but is looking to begin her own women’s wrestling league in the same vein as SHIMMER, which features female athletes in a highly competitive wrestling environment, which showcases their athleticism above their beauty. Without speaking too out of turn, Brittany is a very gorgeous woman, but I also admire her tenacity and willingness to give female wrestlers a chance to shine as performers outside of WWE.

While this rumor about the wrestling league is from earlier in 2016 and there have been no further news on the subject, I applaud Brittany for speaking out about giving women a stage to perform, and I hope she is successful. Particularly if it means that we get to see more of this woman in the world of professional wrestling, then it is a win for everyone!

5 Natalya Neidhart

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I am going to state it for the record right now – I believe that Natalya is the most strikingly beautiful woman on the WWE roster. Natalya has been overshadowed by other women in WWE being showcased above her since she started on the roster in 2009; whether it is The Bella Twins, AJ Lee or now Alexa Bliss and Charlotte, the wrestling audience has been looking at other female wrestlers instead of Nattie, but I am here to champion that Natalya has always been the one to watch. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, but by all accounts she's one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

Hmm, so that means she is athletic, beautiful and a ray of sunshine? Well, I think that makes her a contender as the absolute total package in professional wrestling. Don’t believe me? Check out what is possibly the hottest scene on Total Divas to ever air here.

4 Rachael Ellering (Paul Ellering)

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Here is another reason to be thankful that WWE began to expand their horizons on female wrestling over the past couple of years – meet Rachael Ellering, one of the most gorgeous women to enter NXT in the past couple of years. Ellering is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, who is best known as the former manager of the Road Warriors and the current manager of The Authors of Pain in NXT. Rachel has been a member of NXT for a little over a year, and will be of the women who reaps the rewards of the recent NXT call-ups because she now has the chance to be featured more on NXT programming. Be careful my friends, Rachael may be stunningly gorgeous, but she is involved with one of the most hard-hitting wrestlers on the NXT roster in Kassius Ohno. Not that she would need any help in fending you off if she wanted to, she packs enough punch behind her beauty to knock you out herself!

3 Alana Leslie (Brutus Beefcake)

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Let’s be fair here when we say that Alana Leslie’s father is not the most popular person in professional wrestling. Ed Leslie, or Brutus Beefcake as he is more popularly known, has widely been considered have only achieved any “success” in professional wrestling due to his relationship with Hulk Hogan. Thankfully Alana has been able to distance herself from her father’s reputation over the years as she has dabbled in independent wrestling in the United States, but has only been mildly successful in her endeavor. One thing that Alana has going for her is that she bears very little resemblance to her father which means that she can deny their relationship if she wanted to!

2 Bronwyne Billington (Dynamite Kid)

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Billing herself as The Dynamite Doll, Bronwyn Billington has honored her father, the great Dynamite Kid by proving herself in the world of professional wrestling as a valet on the independent scene. Bronwyn has not become an active wrestler, but instead appears as a valet for her husband, who is billed as “Dynamite” Dan Myers. Bronwyn is very proud of both her Canadian and Billington heritage, and is always quick to point of how honored she is that her father is so revered in wrestling history. While Bronwyne has not experienced the level of success that other members of her family have, including who she considers to be her uncle DH Smith, as she has never reached WWE at this point in her career, it is very safe to say that she jaw-dropping gorgeous and would fit right in with the rest of the female roster! Given WWE’s tendency to train up second and third generation wrestlers (as evidenced by this list), there is still a possibility that she could appear in some capacity some day.

1 Shaul Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero)

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Lastly, lets end on another legend’s daughter who unfortunately is no longer a part of the wrestling business despite showing tremendous promise during her time in both Florida Championship Wresting and NXT. Shaul Guerrero is the oldest daughter of the late, great Eddie Guerrero, and when she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and join the WWE as a professional wrestler, there were many that were sure she would not be successful due to her never having wrestled on the independent scene before.

In 2016, Shaul Guerrero married current WWE wrestler Aiden English (who hopefully did not sing at the wedding), which means that she still is able to keep tabs on the business. Shaul transformed into a beautiful woman while she performed with WWE, and I certainly wish she had stayed with the company, but according to her in interviews after leaving, it was best for her mental and physical health that she remove herself from the business, as she was suffering from an eating disorder at the time of her release.

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