An Update On What These 15 Former WCW Stars Are Up To In 2017

What are your favourite WCW stars up to today?

The wrestlers to work for WCW in the 90s all had their chances to leave an impact on the wrestling industry. WCW’s national television deal and brief stint with mainstream popularity brought attention to the performers in the company. Nitro still had millions of viewers during the dying days but lost money due to spending too much to warrant keeping the company going. All of the wrestlers had to make huge decisions about their futures once it became apparent that WCW was going to die. WWE buying WCW just added a worse dynamic of knowing one person now controlled the mainstream wrestling world in Vince McMahon.

Everyone knows what happened to Booker T, Ric Flair and Sting. We'll take a look at some of the other names that had other roads following the death of WCW. Some of these performers are still wrestling today trying to make some more money off their 90s fame. Others have gone into completely new fields starting a different chapter of their lives. All of the stories will be examined here when it comes to talents that were once stars on Nitro. These are fifteen updates on what these former WCW stars are doing these days in 2017.

15 Scott Steiner


The career of Scott Steiner will always be remembered for what he did in WCW. Scott and his brother Rick Steiner were arguably the best tag team in WCW history before they split up. The decision to end the team helped got Scott to the next level as a major heel. Steiner ended up winning the WCW Championship and was one of its final main eventers.

14 Rick Steiner


The brother of Scott Steiner was just as popular as him in the early to mid-90s. Rick Steiner was actually the more popular brother for a short time period as well. However, things went downhill for Rick once the Steiner Brothers split up. Rick couldn’t find a character that worked for him the way Big Poppa Pump worked for Scott.

13 Disco Inferno


Disco Inferno was one of the more entertaining enhancement talents of the 90s. WCW mostly used him to put over bigger names and better talent. His comedic character of a disco dancer was so annoying that you couldn’t help but enjoy watching him get destroyed. Inferno did manage to get a few small pushes as a mid-card champion for short reigns.

12 Tony Schiavone


The voice of WCW will always be Tony Schiavone. There were many different commentary teams for WCW, but Schiavone is the voice that always resonates most with WCW fans. Despite his questionable work towards the end of his career, you can’t deny that Schiavone did a good job calling big matches at WCW’s peak.

11 Mark Jindrak

Mark Jindrak was one of the younger talents to get a chance with WCW in its final year. The company was always criticized for relying on old talent they stole from WWE rather than building home grown stars. A youth movement would see Jindrak, Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak and Mike Sanders get called up to WCW as the Natural Born Thrillers.

10 Dean Malenko


The technical wrestling of Dean Malenko made him a top tier in-ring performer for WCW during the Monday Night Wars. Malenko had great matches with just about every Cruiserweight in the 90s that helped put the division on the map. WCW never pushed him due to his lack of charisma and smaller overall size compared to the main eventers.

9 Perry Saturn


Perry Saturn has been hit with some of the sadder stories for a wrestler navigating through life after WCW. The decision of Saturn to ditch WCW for WWE in 2000 actually worked out to his benefit. However, the lack of a push in WWE saw them part ways with Saturn after a couple of years of under-card work.

8 Raven


The signing of Raven by WCW following his run in ECW showed just how great of a character he was. Raven’s ECW run saw him become arguably the best heel in the wrestling business if all things were even. WCW never truly pushed him the same, but Raven still managed to deliver memorable matches and promos. Following his WCW career, Raven struggled to get over in WWE and fell out of the spotlight.

7 Shawn Stasiak


Shawn Stasiak received opportunities in both WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars as the son of former WWE Champion Stan Stasiak. Unfortunately, Shawn couldn’t reach the same accomplishment as his father. The pedigree and the look of Stasiak made him an interesting prospect for both companies during his early career. WCW used him best during his time in the Natural Born Thrillers.

6 Stevie Ray


The success of Harlem Heat as a tag team saw them win the WCW Tag Team Championships a total of  ten times together. Booker T is remembered as the more talented of the two brothers due to his overwhelming success a singles star. Most WWE fans only know Booker T for his singles work, but he dominated the WCW Tag Team Division for many years with his brother Stevie Ray.

5 Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page is one of the names that are going to always be remembered with the legacy of WCW. Despite starting his wrestling career at an older age, DDP became a top star for WCW during the Monday Night Wars. You have to respect the hell out of one of wrestling’s oldest newcomers becoming a main event star with competition like Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting in the company.

4 Konnan


The signing of Konnan by WCW was a massive move at the time. Konnan’s drawing power in Mexico in the early 90s rivaled what Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin meant to WWE at their peaks. It also was one of the first instances of WCW looking at the Mexican wrestling scene. Konnan’s success led to Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera and other names coming over.

3 Chavo Guerrero


Chavo Guerrero may very well be the most underrated Cruiserweight from WCW. Most of the other talented names that were underutilized get referenced for their work today as we look back. More people remember Chavo for his work in WWE which makes sense, but he did a lot of good stuff in WCW as well. The career of Guerrero has seen him work for just about every relevant wrestling television promotion.

2 Lance Storm


The in-ring work of Lance Storm in the 90s saw him become one of the best workers in wrestling. An impressive run in ECW landed him a job with WCW towards their end. Storm was one of the few bright spots in WCW giving good matches and playing into an entertaining annoying gimmick as an over the top heel playing to Canadian roots.

1 Buff Bagwell


Buff Bagwell spent about a decade in WCW signing in 1991 and lasting until they went out of business in 2001. The potential of Bagwell enticed WCW for his entire run, but Buff could never truly get into a main event position. Bagwell always lacked something that made the mid-card picture his ceiling as a performer. No one was hurt more than Bagwell after WCW went out of the business.

A decade of consistently great checks ended and Buff had to prove his worth to WWE. This obviously failed and he found his way outside of the industry for many years. Bagwell is currently wrestling on the independent circuit as he's marketing it as his retirement tour. Another unique career path in his life has him working as a gigolo with high prices for any ladies that may have interest in nostalgia.

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An Update On What These 15 Former WCW Stars Are Up To In 2017