Animal Love: 15 Wrestlers That Have Pets

Animals have not had the best of luck in the WWE. Jake The Snake Roberts spent years carrying his python Damien to the ring, only to have it get crushed and destroyed by Earthquake. Al Snow had his little dog Pepper that was kidnapped by the Big Bossman and turned into a horrific dinner food. Thankfully, Superstar relations with pets go much better off-screen. WWE wrestlers spend a majority of their year traveling on the road. Bringing a companion along for the trip can make it a lot easier.

Check out 15 wrestlers and some of the pets they own. Along with cats and dogs, you can see which WWE Superstars own all types of exotic animals. Seeing their softer side and love for animals can make you appreciate the wrestlers a little more and connect with them off-screen. It's also surprising to see Superstars get all soft and cuddly with animals compare to the roles they play on television every week. Not only do these wrestlers own pets, but many of them do charity work to help with all types of animal causes around the globe.

Although we get so caught up and invested into their on-screen gimmick, we need to remember, their just human beings after all and animal love is just a part of their real-life personas! Enjoy the list and let us know your favorite pet from the following 15 wrestlers!

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15 Seth Rollins

via tumblr.com

Seth Rollins may have had some crazy matches and a huge rivalry with Kevin Owens, but when he goes back home, Kevin is actually his best friend. Kevin the dog that is. Rollins is the proud owner of a small Yorkshire. He's often posting images of the dog or selfies that he has taken with it. Rollins also loves all types of other dogs and has helped out with a variety of animal-based charities.

Not only does Kevin get to hang out with Seth, but he's often taken out on the road and gets to interact with the other Superstars. During the holidays, Seth also posted images of Kevin spending time with a variety of other dogs. If you follow him on social media, expect to see a lot of other images of Kevin and their adventures together.

14 The Undertaker

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It's only fitting that the big dog in the WWE is also a lover of big dogs in real life. Throughout his WWE career, The Undertaker has owned a number of large dogs. It only naturally fits his personality and he has often been pictured with the big canines in the past.

One of the Undertaker's favorite pets was named Zeus. When Zeus passed away, the Undertaker decided to honor his pet with a special foundation. The foundation was created to help prevent diseases and deaths in large dogs. The bigger dogs often live a lot shorter lives than smaller dogs so it was a very special cause for the Undertaker that truly hit home. You can expect Taker to spend more time with the animals as it seems like his WWE involvement is slowly but surely coming to an end.

13 Bill Goldberg

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Bill Goldberg is an intense force inside of the ring. Outside of it, he's an animal lover that has a specific affection for cats. Goldberg has had several pet cats and has been photographed with the pets on numerous occasions. Goldberg often owns more than one cat at a time and has been seen with kinds of different cat types in the past.

Along with cats, Goldberg is also the proud owner of a goat. Commonly referred to as Goatberg, the animal has been seen playing drums and causing all kinds of crazy problems in the Goldberg household. Who's next for Goldberg's next pet? Only the man himself can decide. Maybe another goat or another farm animal like a donkey. His Instagram will likely feature updates when any new additions that join the family.

12 The Rock

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The Rock is now an international movie star, former WWE champion, and was declared the 2016 Sexiest Man Alive. As if that wasn't enough to win over the people, The Rock is also a huge dog lover. The Rock owns French bulldogs that he loves to brag about online. Sadly, one of his French bulldogs had to be put to sleep after ingesting a collection of poisonous mushrooms.

Along with taking care of his own dogs, The Rock is very charitable towards other dogs. There was a rescue dog named Dwayne Johnson that The Rock actually helped out with so his surgery and healing could be fully funded. Even though he has suffered through some dog tragedies, you can expect him to own a number of different dogs in the future.

11 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens has made THE LIST – of huge animal lovers. The Raw roster grappler comes off strong in the ring, but he's a true family man at home. Along with a wife and children, Owens is a proud pet owner. He actually has three dogs and two of them are Dachshunds.

Owens loves to snap pictures with his pets, and even held up all three of his dogs for a recent portrait. One of the dachshunds that he owns has a coat of brown hair while the other has a black coat. Dachshunds are known to be huge lap dogs, so Owens must get a lot of cuddling time when he's not on the road and traveling with the WWE. It's pretty safe to say that Owens will likely be the owner of more dogs in the future.

10 Lita

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Lita is a tough WWE Diva known for her high-flying style and aggression in the ring. Outside of the ring, she's a sensitive animal lover that loves to give back to all living creatures. Lita has owned multiple dogs and it's pretty safe to say that she treats them like her babies. Pictures have actually shown Lita carrying a dog in a carrier similar to popular baby carriers.

Her love for dogs is also shown through a charity that she has set up. Known as ADORE, the full charity name is referred to as the Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education. Donations can be made a number of different ways, including through her official website. The charity has been around for a while and has helped a number of rescue dogs find homes.

9 The Miz & Maryse 

via wwe.com

The Miz and his wife Maryse have a few dogs together. Maryse has a specific love for adopting needy animals, even if the Miz doesn't always want a new addition to the family. Chronicled on Total Divas, Maryse surprised Miz with a new family dog. Luckily for the Miz, these dogs don't take up a lot of room in the home. They are typically small-sized canines like Chihuahuas.

Along with the small puppies he owns, The Miz has starred alongside dogs in several movies. Two of the most prominent were his voice roles in both WWE Scooby-Doo animated movies. If Maryse gets her way, then you can expect a lot more dogs filling up Miz's home before any children arrive. Keep tuning into Total Divas to see all of their puppies in action.

8 Enzo Amore


A post shared by Enzo Amore (@real1) on

Enzo Amore loves to wear all types animal skins to the ring, but when he gets home, all of his attention goes to his pet dogs. Enzo's Instagram feed has been filled with images of him with various pet dogs. Enzo has had both big dogs and little dogs by his side.

In the WWE, he prefers to have Big Cass behind him, so it's likely the same with the big dogs that he has at home. Enzo's wild personality is ideal for a wild dog that loves to play, jump around, and go for long walks. It'd be funny to see the collars, shirts, and other styles that Enzo dresses his pets up in. Maybe he even purchases a few special pairs of sneakers for his dogs.

7 Tyson Kidd & Natalya

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As Tyson Kidd continues to heal from a neck injury, he'll likely be spending a lot of time with his pet cat at home. Tyson Kidd and Natalya own a pet cat by the name of 2Pawz. The cat looks like a special mix between Grumpy Cat and Garfield. Natalya loves the cat so much that she even gave it its own Instagram, such a Nattie move.

The Instagram features cat selfies, pictures of Tyson, and funny captions to go with it all. Not only is it a fun look at the life of a cat, but it gives you some behind the scenes looks into the wrestling couple's lives. Tyson and Natalya have also featured the cat on multiple episodes of Total Divas as you've probably have seen before.

6 Kane 

via twitter.com

The Big Red Machine is ruthless and brutal in the ring. He loves fire, is really violent, but many people also know he has a soft side outside of the ring. Further proof of this comes from Kane's puppy images. The big red monster showcases his soft side with a collection of small dogs. You'd expect a character like Kane to love some type of crazy animal like a snake or lizard. The dogs love cuddling up alongside the monster, unknowing that he's the man who murdered Katie Vick and electrocuted Shane McMahon's privates.

When Kane retires, he'll likely find himself surrounded by more puppies. After so many years in the ring, it'll be a huge change of pace for Kane to spend days cuddling up with puppies and relaxing with some of his favorite pets.

5 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

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With three daughters and a whole company to run, it's hard to imagine that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have any time for pets in their life. That is not the case at all as the power couple decided to adopt an English Mastiff on National Dog Day. The puppy started out small, but quickly grew into a monster of an animal.

This is why it's only fitting that they named the massive dog Andre. The name is based off Andre the Giant and is really fitting for the animal. Stephanie McMahon often posts images of the dog on her Instagram account. It's fun to go back and look at how small the puppy originally started out as. You can see a lot of fun family images as the dog grows and grows...and grows.

4 Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

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Daniel Bryan has been a huge dog lover his whole life. His love for dogs only grew as his relationship with Brie Bella blossomed. Even though the couple is expecting a child, Bryan has always treated his dogs like children, a good sign for Brie moving forward in terms of how good his parenting skills are.

He has suffered some big losses when his dogs passed away, but continues to adopt and care for a variety of animals.

If you want to see Bryan's pets in action, then you can watch them on both Total Divas and Total Bellas. During the premiere of Total Bellas, their dog took center-stage when it actually bit John Cena. The humorous moment made for some great on-screen content and Bryan still showed a strong dedication to his pet.

3 Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes is a proud and doting doggy daddy. Cody and his wife Brandi adopted a dog and wanted to train it properly. This is why both Cody and Brandi showcased their dog's training through Twitter and Instagram posts. Once the dog finished the class, they posed with it and acted like proud parents at a high school graduation. The dog even had a graduation hat on to mark the occasion, now that's some serious love folks.

After Rhodes left the WWE in 2016, there's no doubt that he got to spend a little more extra time with his dog and wife. If Cody ever decides get another pet, then he'll have plenty of name possibilities to choose from including Stardust, Dash, or even Dusty.

2 William Regal

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William Regal has an obsession with reptiles. Reptiles such as large lizards, snakes, and other animals would scare most people away, Regal took the opportunity to play with them as much as he could. On the former YouTube feature called WWE Toyz, the show took a look at William Regal as a camera crew followed him as he shopped seeking out a new reptile pet.

During the segment, Regal plays with snakes, large turtles, and other crazy exotic animals. He ultimately chooses a large lizard to go home with. This lizard is another addition to Regal's family of pets. As he continues to travel the globe with the WWE and NXT, who knows how many other reptiles he's purchased along the way. It would have been great if he actually used them as part of one of his gimmicks when he was an active wrestler.

1 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has an interesting personal life. He has children, loves to shoot guns, and is also a huge dog lover. Through multiple social media posts, Orton has showcased his love for his large black and white dog. He's been seen lounging with the dog, going on vacation, and even taking the dog shopping. They really are fun images to look at and a great view into the personal life of the mega WWE Superstar.

You would think that the Viper himself would own some type of snake, but Orton keeps it simple with one dedicated dog. He has so much intensity in the ring, that it's actually nice to see him relaxing with his dog on multiple occasions. Keep following Randy Orton on various forms of social media to see him lounging with his family and dog.

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