Another Wrestler Has Reportedly Given Notice To WWE

So, we all know that King Barrett will apparently be leaving the WWE after his contract ends in June. But it is now being reported that another member of the WWE gave notice that they too will not be re-signing when their contract expires.

Who is it? Well, unfortunately we don't know. According to Bryan Alvarez, host of the "Bryan and Vinnie Show" this wrestler gave his notice last week. And while Bryan didn't name names, he did say that many people will be "thrilled" to hear that this wrestler is leaving WWE.

So, who do you think that is? And no, it isn't Dolph Ziggler.

Dave Meltzer has commented on the story and said that, while he doesn't have any further info, he does know that Ziggler isn't the guy. Dolph re-signed with the WWE a few months ago.

Anymore guesses?

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Another Wrestler Has Reportedly Given Notice To WWE