Anthem Sports Drops GFW Brand, Going By Impact Wrestling Again

As of late, it's hard to call Anthem Sports, GFW, and Impact Wrestling anything more than a tire fire. First, they relieved Jeff Jarrett of his duties and announce he's taken an indefinite leave of absence. Then, Sports Illustrated wrote a report that Anthem Sports is looking to rid themselves of the wrestling product because it's bleeding them dry. Finally, GFW, and Anthem Sports issue a press release suggesting the company has a number of digital initiatives in the works (a move completely opposite a company losing funds hand-over-fist).

Those initiatives consisted of a Global Wrestling Network and 24/7 channel that would air Impact Wrestling's 3000-plus hour long library. The only problem was, when the Global Wrestling Network launched, it almost immediately went offline and was not accessible to its users.


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Well, with all that information to try and digest, a report now surfaced stating Impact and GFW are officially parting ways in respect to the naming of the wrestling product. Originally brought in to remove "TNA" from the name, GFW was going to be the new brand moving forward, with Impact still being the name of the weekly television show. There was a GFW title, a GFW Champion, and the logo was on the site and marketing. It will all have to be removed.


According to ringsidenews.com, "Anthem Sports is once again referring to their wrestling company as Impact Wrestling and not Global Force Wrestling. PWInsider reports that they have reached out for comment regarding the change but have not received any response back."

This is not a completely surprising turn of events. It was reported that Jarrett still owned many of the copyrights as it pertained to GFW. If Jarrett was no longer a part of Anthem Sports and the marriage between the two promotions, it was bound to be that Jarrett would take his GFW ball and go home.

Nothing seems to be going the way of Anthem Sports or GFW. Perhaps both should consider crawling to Vince McMahon and selling the library for whatever profit they can manage.

*** Update: It appears Jim Cornette is also officially done with GFW.

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