Anthony Rizzo Used Undertaker's Theme As His Walk-Up Music Following Injury

Walk-up music in baseball should strike fear into the heart of your opposition, so what better music to use than The Undertaker's entrance theme?

Wrestling fans can sometimes feel as if they are a separate part of society. That people look down on us for enjoying the business we love so much. We might even scramble for the remote when someone walks in on us watching Raw, probably making it seem as if we were actually watching something far worse.

The truth is, more people know of and like wrestling than you might think. WWE did manage to fill a stadium that seats more than 100,000 people for WrestleMania 32 after all. Plus, FOX paid more than $1 billion in order to show SmackDown on its network. On top of all that, odes to the industry continually show up in the mainstream. The latest of those tributes took place at an MLB game on Thursday night.

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On Sunday, Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo rolled his ankle and the prognosis did not look good. While there was a chance Rizzo could return before the end of the season, it was unlikely. That's why fans were both shocked and overjoyed to seem him walk on against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday. The moment was made even more special via Rizzo's walk-up music.

As you can hear in the clip above, he opted for The Undertaker's chilling entrance music. Granted, the Cub didn't exactly rise from the dead, but considering the injury he suffered four days prior, the miraculous recovery warranted a special theme. Rizzo hit a home run shortly after, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win the Cubs the game. They are still in with a shot of earning themselves a wildcard spot, though.

It seems to be a week for athletes from other sports shining a spotlight on their pro-wrestling fandom. Last weekend, Washington Redskins' linebacker Ryan Kerrigan threw out an ode to Shawn Michaels as his sack celebration. The NFL star revealed he has been doing it for a while, but no one had noticed until now. Now, all we need to see is someone doing The Worm into the endzone for a touchdown.

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