AOP Negotiates Deal & Is Now Signed To Raw

After not being drafted by either Raw or SmackDown, WWE revealed this week that AOP has negotiated a deal to appear on the former.

It has now been a full week since the beginning of the draft and hopefully, tonight's SmackDown will be the first sign that the dust is beginning to settle. Unfortunately, WWE has shown no signs of that thus far. Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins have been booked to face each other for the Universal Title at Crown Jewel despite now being on different brands.

On top of that, there's the bizarre trade that saw Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross go to SmackDown in exchange for well, nobody. We'll give WWE the benefit of the doubt for now as in a way, the draft is still ongoing. Only 50 Superstars were actually drafted live on Raw and SmackDown. However, the cogs have continued to turn behind the scenes and on social media.

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Other draft picks have taken place and there have even been examples of undrafted Superstars negotiating deals with FOX and USA executives. The latest example of this comes in the form of the Authors Of Pain. It was announced via WWE Now that after discussing their futures with representatives from both brands, AOP has signed a deal with Raw.

As big an impact as AOP will undoubtedly have, no matter which brand they call home, it makes sense that they weren't a part of the main draft. Although Rezar wrestled a few matches by himself, due to an injury suffered by Akam, the two haven't wrestled together on TV since December 2018. Chances are that will change this coming Monday on Raw.

WWE has been teasing AOP's return for a few weeks. Akam and Rezar have been sat together in a non-descript room cutting threatening promos aimed at whoever dare cross their paths first. Fingers crossed we find out who AOP's first victims will be in a few days' time. Perhaps The Viking Raiders reign as Raw Tag Team Champions will be a short one. That match would be quite the clash of behemoths.

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