Approachable Vs Unapproachable: 8 WWE Stars You Should Avoid Meeting (And 7 Who Are Actually Nice)

Some wrestlers have a reputation for being jerks towards fans and don’t like being approached in any situation outside of a meet and greet.

Every wrestling fan has wanted to meet a wrestler at some point. Young fans would settle for meeting any WWE wrestler since it seems like they are all major stars performing amazing feats in front of big crowds on national television each week. Even the older fans that have been around for quite some time would enjoy the honor of meeting someone that provided them with lots of entertainment through the years. However, the concept of meeting a wrestler in everyday life is not all it is hyped up to be. It can be hit or miss depending on the wrestler and the situation of which you approach them.

Let’s first make it clear that fans should all be cordial and respectful if approaching a wrestler in their everyday life. That sadly doesn’t mean the wrestlers will always reciprocate respect. There are some wrestlers that have a reputation for being jerks towards fans and don’t like being approached in any situation outside of a meet and greet. Other wrestlers will be nice to fans if they are being understanding and fair to the talent. We'll take a look at both sides when it comes to WWE stars. These are eight WWE stars you should avoid meeting and another seven that are nice as can be.

15 Avoid: Enzo Amore

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The WWE locker room feels the same way about Enzo Amore with the people to interact with him in everyday life feels. Amore has been involved in quite a few controversial incidents in recent months. Roman Reigns kicked him off a tour bus for being a jerk and the rest of the roster banned him from changing in the locker room. A random stripper shared a story about Enzo bragging about his money while ripping others in WWE and refusing to tip her.

14 Nice: John Cena


John Cena’s legacy will equally be about his success as a wrestler and his caring nature outside of the ring. Unlike other main event stars before him, Cena welcomed the role of being a role model to fans all over the world. Cena has the record for most wishes granted by a celebrity through the Make a Wish Foundation.

13 Avoid: Baron Corbin


Baron Corbin is one of the most hated heels in WWE on the SmackDown brand. The bad attitude of Corbin extends out of the ring. Corbin has gotten in trouble backstage in WWE for the way he interacts with other wrestlers. The WWE star has insulted many of his peers online with rude comments. If he is that cruel towards his equals, you can only imagine how Corbin deals with fans.

12 Nice: Jinder Mahal


One heel on the SmackDown brand that has the complete opposite reputation of Baron Corbin is Jinder Mahal. Most fans hate Mahal for his evil character or mediocre wrestling, but he clearly is a humble guy outside of the ring. Reports circulated that most of the roster was happy for Jinder getting the push of a lifetime out of the blue earlier this year.

11 Avoid: Ric Flair


The past year of Ric Flair’s life has made us appreciate him more. Flair survived a near death experience during the summer and is getting back to full health already. ESPN ran a 30 for 30 special looking at his life that did a good job showcasing his journey and career. Despite Flair being one of the top wrestlers most would love to meet, there are many negative stories regarding him.

10 Nice: Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens has a mixed reputation in the wrestling business. Some people think he is tough to work with as seen with the recent punishment for going into business for himself and Sami Zayn according to reports. Owens however has more supporters that consider him one of the best people in the industry. This has extended over to the fans throughout his career.

9 Avoid: Lana


The reputation of Lana has her pegged as one of the most egotistical and arrogant people in WWE. Lana had issues with various women backstage such as Paige, Summer Rae and Nia Jax at different points. This has extended to fans both in social media and in person. Lana is a well-known vanity searcher that loves to get into arguments with those that don’t enjoy her work.

8 Nice: Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan has always been considered one of the most humble WWE Superstars. Despite his star power growing as big as any wrestler in recent years, Bryan doesn’t care about the fame or celebrity in the slightest. Bryan actually thinks he should be making less money than he does because he feels wrestlers shouldn’t be this much wealthier than teachers and other professions.

7 Avoid: Randy Orton


Randy Orton has been a consistent top star for WWE over the past fourteen years. The attitude of Orton has always been his greatest downfall. A few issues have led to him getting punished backstage at different points. Despite the fact that his strikes have hurt him, Orton still received the faith by WWE to become a legend based off his accolades.

6 Nice: Titus O'Neil


Titus O'Neil is not strongly celebrated for his work in WWE, but he could be considered the best human being on the roster. Most wrestlers will take part in charitable work for WWE events. O’Neil however extends this to his personal life. Titus has gone out of his way to pay for the meals of the homeless quite a few times and even brought a full group to a restaurant that refused service to one of them.

5 Avoid: Brock Lesnar


The intimidating Brock Lesnar takes this aura from the wrestling ring to real life with the way he carries himself. Brock is not a social person and has made it clear that he doesn’t want to interact with others unless it is absolutely necessary. Lesnar purchased a massive farm in Canada where Sable and their children live secluded from the rest of the world.

4 Nice: The Rock


There is no debating that The Rock is the biggest star to ever come from the world of professional wrestling. The Rock is involved in multiple box office hits every year that make money all over the world. You have to include him when discussing the most popular celebrities of any genre. Despite his high level of fame, Rock still keeps it real with his fans.

3 Avoid: Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose is not considered a bad person nor is he outwardly rude to his fans. However, Ambrose is a proud loner that doesn’t like to be approached at all. One of the reasons he refuses to take part in social media is that he doesn’t want to interact with anyone unless he has to. Ambrose isn’t looking for praise or requests for his time when he is off the clock in WWE.

2 Nice: Stephanie McMahon


A shocking name on the nice side of this list is Stephanie McMahon being kind to the fans. Stephanie has one of the most ruthless characters in WWE and the McMahon family is known for having an elitist attitude towards the fans. The personality of Stephanie in real life makes her seem like such a better person than anyone would expect.

1 Avoid: Sasha Banks


The popularity of Sasha Banks has her set as a top woman in the WWE for the next few years. Fans have a genuine love for Banks’ work that is at a level many other ladies on the roster are hoping to reach. Banks however doesn’t like interacting with fans that she considers to be ungrateful and crossing the line.

Most would agree with Sasha’s sentiments in theory, but she takes her anger to the next level in how she deals with them. Banks has taken pictures with fans at airports where she intentionally makes a miserable face and later shames them on social media. Another public incident saw her get booed by fans during Summerslam weekend when she refused to even acknowledge a large group asking for autographs.

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Approachable Vs Unapproachable: 8 WWE Stars You Should Avoid Meeting (And 7 Who Are Actually Nice)