Are These 15 Wrestling Women Hot Or Just Weird?

Over the past few decades, the world of wrestling has been dominated by attractive women who were used as eye candy for the male demographic during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Now that the wrestling world has opened up and more female fans are becoming involved in the sport, many wrestling companies are allowing women to compete that don't necessarily fit the mould of the attractive women who have come before them. This is a sign of progress and allows many women to become great role models to the girls who could well become the next generation of wrestlers in a few years time.

Wrestling is becoming more about talent and less about looks now, but that was always the way the Women's Division was supposed to be. This means that there are many women wrestling on the circuit right now that could be deemed much weirder than they are attractive.

The following list looks at the weirdest women who are part of the world of sports entertainment and deems whether or not these women are actually attractive deep down, or if they are just as weird as the character they are portraying.

15 ODB

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ODB was once signed to WWE as part of Ohio Valley Wrestling before she opted to join TNA and is a now known as a former TNA Knockouts Champion. She was once a Knockout's Tag Team Champion alongside NXT's Eric Young as well.

ODB was a woman who knew who she was and wasn't changing for anyone. She didn't want to be a Diva like in WWE. She wanted to be the beer drinking, trash talking woman that she knew she easily could be and that is why she became much more successful in TNA. Many members of the wrestling world still think ODB has qualities that make her an attractive wrestler, but these are overshadowed by just how weird she can be at times, which could be her character, or it could just be Jessica as a person.

14 Sable

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Sable is seen as one of the most attractive female wrestlers of all time. Her Women's Championship win truly was the beginning of the era of Divas in WWE. Sable wasn't exactly talented in the ring, but many women of her era lacked wrestling ability since women's wrestling at this time was still just being used as a sideshow.

Sable was in WWE to look good and to make the male wrestler whom she was working with at that time look good as well and she seemed to easily accomplish this. But there has always been an air of something strange about Sable. From her name to the way she portrayed her character in WWE when it comes to weird Women's wrestlers, Sable definitely has to come into the conversation.

13 Stacy Carter

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Stacy Carter was known as both Miss Kitty and then later as The Kat during her time in WWE. She was shockingly given the Women's Championship at one point, despite the fact that all she actually wanted to do while she was on WWE TV, was take her clothes off.

Carter was married to Jerry Lawler at the time and for some unknown reason, she decided that throughout her career, the only thing she could do to get attention was to take her clothes off. This would never fit in with the era that WWE is in right now, and it is assumed that she was either fined or punished by WWE for the times that she did manage to actually accomplish her goals. Carter always seemed like a strange addition to the WWE roster, but it wasn't until after she left WWE that the Universe finally realized just how weird she really was.

12 Sunny

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Sunny is an addition to this list because we all know she was one of the most beautiful female wrestlers of all time. But there is also something strange about her. Like many women, Sunny knew what she wanted and more often than not she managed to get it.

Recently Sunny has been sharing stories with details that weren't really needed about members of the WWE locker room. This is a side to her she didn't have to create. Sunny could be a little unhinged at this point given all of the things she has been reported to have done over the past few years. But as the saying goes, is there really anything better than a hot crazy woman? I think there probably is, but everyone has their own opinion, especially when it comes to Sunny.

11 Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross has become an unhinged part of the NXT roster over the past few months and it's slightly ironic that she's part of a group called Sanity when that is something she currently lacks.

She was once known as Nikki Storm and considered to be one of the best female wrestlers in the UK. She was then signed by WWE and given a gimmick that she is able to portray very well, to the extent that many of the WWE Universe actually believe there is a level of instability inside her. Nikki is smart, she's beautiful, and she could well be being built to be the next NXT Women's Champion. So, even if she is still a little bit weird, it seems as though it could all be worth it.

10 "Crazy" Mary Dodson

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When you're called "Crazy" Mary Dobson, it's always going to be hard to distinguish your mindset. But Mary has been quite successful at proving that she is just as crazy as she advertises.

Mary was once rumoured to be the woman who would be coming into WWE as Sister Abigail, mostly because she is considered to be absolutely terrifying and could fit in well with The Wyatt Family. But instead she was signed to NXT and recently took part in the Mae Young Classic. Even though she was knocked out of the tournament in the early stages, WWE could be keeping her around for a while, because she could easily be used as part of some interesting storylines on the main roster in the near future.

9 Alicia Fox

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WWE finds it so easy to hand out "unstable" characters to women and then attach their reasoning to a male star. Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion. She was signed to WWE because of the way she looked because she was working as a model before she was spotted by John Laurinaitis.

Over the past few years, Alicia has slowly slipped down the ranks in WWE and became this weird character that has now taken AJ's place when it comes to attempting to destroy any man who has wronged her before. Alicia has managed to remain relevant over the past few years despite not being part of the title picture on Raw, which is quite smart. So maybe she is the triple threat, beautiful, smart and talented.

8 Tori

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Tori is a female wrestler that many of the WWE Universe will fail to remember. She was the main reason that Stephanie McMahon was able to win her first and only Women's Championship back in 2000, and was always gifted with enough ring ability to get her through a match in that era.

Tori also portrayed Kane's girlfriend at one point and The Black Ninja when she returned to the company as a masked villain to help Raven to retain the Hardcore Championship. Tori was always given strange characters in WWE and at one point was even brave enough to allow The Dudley Boyz to powerbomb her through a table. Not only was Tori hot, she was fearless and that was exactly what WWE needed in the company at that time.

7 Mae Young

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Mae Young is considered to be one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Alongside The Fabulous Moolah, Mae defined a generation of wrestlers and is finally being recogniszd for this with the Mae Young Classic that is currently taking place.

In her prime, Mae was one of the most beautiful women to step into the ring, but as she became older she seemed more and more likely to take her clothes off on live WWE TV and shock many teenage fans into never watching the product again. Mae was also part of some of the strangest storylines which including giving birth to a hand. Mae didn't mind being seen as strange and she didn't mind getting powerbombed through tables either.

6 Victoria

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Victoria proved throughout her WWE career that she definitely "ain't the lady to mess with" as a former WWE Women's Champion and TNA Knockout's Champion. Whether she was known as Victoria or Tara, she was seen as a threat to anyone she stepped inside that squared circle with.

Victoria was part of an era of women alongside Jazz and Gail Kim where the wrestling was about more than just looks and those women were allowed to put their names in the history books a number of times. This doesn't mean that Victoria wasn't seen as just as hot as the other women who came through the company after her. She was never used in the same way, because WWE knew that she had the ability so she didn't need to be used as eye candy.

5 Kharma

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Kharma became well-known to the WWE Universe when she was brought into the company in what should have been a huge monster heel role. Her WWE career didn't exactly work this way though since she fell pregnant and was forced to then leave the company instead.

Kharma came across as a force of nature that was not to be messed with and during her time in Impact Wrestling as Awesome Kong, she definitely backed this up. Much like Nia Jax in WWE right now, Kharma could have been used much better if given the chance, but WWE obviously didn't see the potential that they see in Nia. Of ourse, she could well be another woman on this list who is seen as mostly weird and not as hot as she needed to be to make the cut on the WWE roster.

4 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee was once the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. Even though she has retired from wrestling now, she was still seen as one of the weirdest female wrestlers of all time. AJ portrayed a character on WWE TV that wasn't exactly sane, which made some incredible storylines for her over the years.

This character came from the fact that AJ suffered from bipolar herself and she wanted to be able to portray a mental problem like that on WWE in a much more sensitive way than it had been handled with many stars before her. Many of the WWE Universe saw the beauty that was within AJ and what she wanted to accomplish and despite her portraying such a strange character, she was still another stunning WWE Diva.

3 Sienna

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Sienna has made a name for herself in Impact Wrestling over the past few months. But the character she portrays has to be considered a little less sane than the rest of the Impact Women's roster. Sienna recently became the first woman to lift both the Knockouts title and the GFW Championship, proving that her wrestling ability speaks for itself.

Sienna may not be considered the most attractive female wrestler of all time, but she is a talented wrestler and on the right side of a revolution in sports where it seems that women are taking over and it finally doesn't matter what they look like. Impact Wrestling has never been seen to have the same values as WWE when it comes to only employing beautiful women to wrestle for them, which is why they once had the greatest female wrestling division.

2 Ariel

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Ariel was introduced to the WWE Universe back when ECW was rebranded and used as a third brand in 2005. Ariel was the vampiress valet of Kevin Thorne and even had her very own unique way to enter the ring.

There is no doubting that Ariel was a strange creature. She was one of the weirdest to ever step through the ropes of WWE, but she was also beautiful. She portrayed her character perfectly and still managed to look incredibly while doing it. It is shocking that WWE decided to release someone that had her creative ability since one thing the women in WWE are lacking right now is character, and Ariel had in bucket loads. Shelley Matinez has since gone on to make a name for herself in both TNA and on the Independent Circuit over the past decade.

1 Rosemary

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Impact Wrestling's strange resident and the only female member of Decay, Rosemary has become one of the scariest female wrestlers on the circuit at the moment. She portrays the character well and Impact Wrestling have backed her enough over the past few years that they have allowed her to become a Knockout's Champion.

The company have proven that their division doesn't care about looks, they care about creating a story and when it comes to characters. Rosemary is definitely one of their best. She may be seen as strange or weird by many of the watching audience, but that is what her character is supposed to be, and when she takes off the face paint and is seen as a normal female wrestler. As you can see above, she is just as beautiful as every other woman on the circuit.

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