Are These Promos an Indication of Who The Undertaker Will Fight at WrestleMania?

Ever since this cryptic promo from Bray Wyatt was released, fans of the WWE have been trying to decipher what it meant mean. He keeps discussing how he's the new face of fear and how whoever he's talking about let the fear  they once caused turn to love. When thinking about fear and wrestling a few things come to mind. Could he be discussing Kane? The Boogieman? A suplex from Ahmed Johnson?

Well, we're naturally going to assume he's talking about The Undertaker. Why? Well, if it wasn't already pretty obvious, this second cryptic message was about the afterlife and the dead.

Whenever someone talks about the dead in wrestling, we naturally assume they're taking about The Deadman. Could the WWE be gearing up to a match between The Eater of Worlds and The Master of Pain?

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