Are They Going To Split Up Enzo And Big Cass?

When Enzo Amore was injured at WWE Payback, there were initially a lot of questions about what that would mean for Big Cass while Enzo recovered. Well, it turned out that he did alright for himself in the meantime and made one big fan out of Vince McMahon. Which led to talk of a possible singles push for Big Cass. And that is of course still possible in the future, but probably not right now! is reporting that Vince is also quite happy with Enzo since his return and appreciates how big his role is, and was, in getting the duo over with the WWE Universe so quickly.

Also, while there was some talk of splitting them up, one source is speculating that their high merchandise sales should keep Big Cass and Enzo together in the upcoming Smackdown/RAW draft.

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Are They Going To Split Up Enzo And Big Cass?