Arn Anderson Delivers A Devastating Spinebuster At Starrcade [Video]

WWE held their reincarnation of WCW's famous event Starrcade on Saturday and while there were a number of question marks surrounding how and why the WWE put this event together, there were moments from the show that stood out to many of the fans in attendance.

Starrcade took place at Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. Established in 1959, the arena was once one of the largest venues in the South, and definitely Four Horsemen country, thus it only seemed fitting that a large portion of the show on Saturday be dedicated to celebrating the legacy that was the Horsemen. In one segment that seemed to really get fans pumped up, Arn Anderson (known as "The Enforcer" of the Horsemen) was named a special guest ring enforcer for the Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode matchup. It didn't take long for Anderson to get involved and do his job.

Ziggler and Roode have been feuding in the WWE for weeks, with Ziggler playing the heel role. When he went to retrieve a chair from ringside, Anderson stopped him only to see Ziggler cheapshot punch Anderson in the head and leave him laying outside the ring. Ziggler made his way into the ring with the chair with bad intentions.


While it may have taken a bit longer for Anderson to recover than he used to, while Ziggler was busy arguing with the official, Anderson made his way back into the ring, faced Ziggler and delivered a classic spinebuster to "The Showoff." That left Ziggler ripe for the pickings as Roode pandered to the crowd and delivered the Glorious DDT for the win.


Anderson decided to prove a point to Ziggler by grabbing the mic and saying "welcome to Horsemen country."

While Ziggler is piling up the losses, this may be one of those times where he doesn't mind taking the pin. Anderson is a well-respected part of the WWE culture and to put over a legend like "The Enforcer" in North Carolina was something Ziggler was probably more than happy to do.


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