Ashley Massaro Alleges She Was Sexually Assaulted While In WWE

Ashley Massaro has become the most recent former wrestler to join the class-action lawsuit against WWE, alleging sexual abuse and brain trauma, according to The Boston Globe. Massaro has claimed that she was sexually assaulted while visiting a U.S. military base in Kuwait while on a WWE tour in 2006.

She went on to say that company doctors examined her after the incident and reported their findings to WWE executives. She was then persuaded, she said, to keep it quiet while the matter was handled internally. The former Diva Search winner logged several more allegations of sexual assault.

In addition to the allegations of sexual assault, Massaro also says she suffered several concussions, saying she never received any kind of care for injuries that have led to depression, anxiety, memory loss, migraines and was just told to "shake it off". The 37-year-old said her time with WWE led to her subsequent drug addiction, although WWE did help her get into rehab in 2010.

Massaro also claimed she suffered a hairline fracture, two herniated disks, an ankle fracture and a shattered knuckle. She alleged that Vince McMahon ordered doctors to remove a cast from her hand weeks before it was supposed to come off so she could appear at an event.

Other names have recently joined the class action suit, including Perry Saturn and the family of the late Balls Mahoney.

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