Asuka's 500 Plus Day Title Reign Breaks Several Records

Asuka's reign as NXT Women's Champion has now lasted longer than 500 days, making it by far the longest reign in recent wrestling history.

WWE Superstars holding championships for extended periods of time are pretty much a thing of the past. We're unlikely to ever see someone hold the WWE Championship for almost twelve years like Bruno Sammartino once did. Although not quite as long as Bruno's reign, current NXT Women's Champion Asuka is bucking that trend, and earlier this week The Empress of Tomorrow surpassed the 500-day mark with her championship.

It's not the first impressive milestone that Asuka has left in her wake recently either. In being champion for 500 days, she overtook CM Punk's 434 day reign as WWE Champion, and she will have passed Rockin' Robin's 502 day stay as Women's Champion by the time you read this, and by remaining undefeated since her NXT debut has even surpassed Goldberg's 173-0 winning streak that ran from 1997 into 1998. The former WCW and Universal Champion even congratulated her via Twitter.


Newsweek ran a feature on Asuka last weekend that shed light on her latest accomplishment as well as a litany of other information and facts about WWE's resident record breaker. The Japanese Superstar said that the current streak she's on is effectively her way of paying back WWE for placing their faith in her and that her ultimate aim is to keep bridging the gap between males and females in professional wrestling.

This Saturday Asuka will put her NXT Women's Championship and undefeated streak at risk once again when she faces off against Ember Moon at NXT: Takeover Brooklyn III. The two have done battle once before over WrestleMania weekend, during which Asuka won in controversial fashion after shoving the referee. With that in mind, Moon may be the biggest threat to Asuka's throne to date, and surely she has to lose and head to either Raw or SmackDown Live at some point, right?


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Asuka's impressive reign and undefeated streak has to come to an end sometime, but the question is when and who to? There is too much title switching going on in WWE lately, so to have a Superstar hold a championship for 500 days is a pretty incredible feat, and shows tremendous patience and faith in Asuka on WWE's part. Whether Ember Moon brings the curtain down on Asuka's 500 plus days or not, it has been one hell of a ride.

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