Attitude Era? 15 Current Wrestlers Who Ripped Vince McMahon On Social Media

Vince McMahon is a polarizing figure, to say the least, with many people believing he is a genius, while others debate that he is a madman who mistreats his employees. Over the years he certainly has made his fair share of enemies and they have let him know about that in interviews and especially on social media. This is a relatively new phenomenon, as more and more former employees are active since the emergence of social media and can express their views through tweets or podcasts.

In the modern era, wrestlers are able to make their feelings perfectly clear about Vince and his company and social media tends to be the platform of choice for them, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Twitter is by the far the easiest one to take shots on, as the follower base is huge and their message can be shared and seen by millions. This can serve to both tell Vince McMahon how they really feel while also gaining public support for the way they think and speaking out. While often times calling out the big boss in public can ruin your career, sometimes it can actually gain you serious fame and credibility among the fans. This won't help your odds of another WWE run, but will definitely get you a big push in the indies.

This list will look at 15 current wrestlers who have used social media to rip Vince McMahon, whether personally or targeting something to do with the company he owns.

15 CM Punk

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Given how CM Punk left the business, it is actually surprising how little the former WWE Champion has tweeted about WWE or wrestling in general. That in itself is probably a bigger blow to Vince McMahon's ego than any tweets about him personally, but Punk did deliver one tweet about the company that ripped Vince.

WWE's partnership with Susan G. Komen is well known and takes place every year, but Punk came out and claimed fans shouldn't be donating to them, calling the charity a scam. WWE being partnered with a charity that could be scamming people rather than donating the money towards finding a cure for cancer would cause major news, and Punk wanted fans to know it was a possibility.

14 Cody Rhodes

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Right now, Cody Rhodes is one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet and his stock seems to be rising all the time. His decision to join the Bullet Club has obviously put him against WWE. With the way Bullet Club act and behave, their constant mocking of the company is something that Vince McMahon is tired of, given his cease and desist.

However, Cody has his own problems with WWE which may have calmed down now, but shortly after his release were very prominent. Those problems surround his name, and the fact WWE won't allow him to use the Rhodes part of it. Cody may now have come to peace with it, but he made his thoughts on WWE taking away his second name very clear on social media, which didn't paint WWE and Vince McMahon in the best light, especially considering Dusty Rhodes' recent passing.

13 Young Bucks

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YouTube is now one of the biggest social media platforms available to people, allowing them to have an even bigger and more open voice due to the video element, something that the Young Bucks have used to their advantage.

Their YouTube series, Being The Elite, consistently mocks Vince McMahon and WWE, whether it was with the FTR or using the Suck It chants, they knew exactly what to do to get a reaction. It's clear that this eventually got under Vince McMahon's skin, perhaps with the Invasion being the breaking point as he began hitting the team with cease and desist letters, proving that he'd had enough. The Young Bucks always find a way around this though, and continue to dump on WWE every chance they get. This only makes them more popular.

12 Hulk Hogan

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The Immortal One, Hulk Hogan comes across as someone who simply doesn't quite grasp Twitter, with his odd posts about life and the fact he is teasing one more run making everyone laugh more than taking him seriously. He sometimes uses the social media tool a little bit more frequently than most fans would care to see.

His recent racism scandal has seen the legend be blacklisted from WWE and if that wasn't embarrassing enough for Vince McMahon, the fact Hogan has tried to defend his actions makes it even worse. Hogan re-tweeted a post claiming that he was vilified for using the N-word and shouldn't have lost his job, which was a direct nod to Vince for the decision, probably not Hogan's best move to work towards a return.

11 Renee Young

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Yes, Renee Young isn't a wrestler per say, but she has a very active role within the company, and her tweets aimed at Vince McMahon have landed major blows. Both of Young's majorly angry tweets highlighted WWE's lack of communication and respect, something many former employees have talked about. The fact that Young found out Talking Smack was canceled over social media is a very poor move on WWE's behalf, and she was quick to point that out, as pictured above.

But her follow up tweet perhaps highlighted a major frustration at her role within the company, perhaps pointing out she wants more responsibility, letting McMahon know, as well as the fans. Young stated: "Really disappointed #TalkingSmack. We tried to make that show great. Guess I'll go back to welcoming my guest at this time."

10 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan loves WWE and clearly respects Vince McMahon as a boss, but the number of sly comments he has made on Twitter or on the Bella Twins' YouTube channel have had the wrestling world talking and as the boss of WWE, Vince McMahon is the one taking the stick. Bryan simply wants to wrestle again, and despite his on-screen role with WWE he has tweeted and discussed that he is willing to wrestle outside of the company to make that wish come true if needs be.

The fact that Bryan, a WWE employee and an incredibly popular star is giving publicity to other places is a direct shot at WWE and something that Vince likely wishes wasn't taking place.

9 Mick Foley

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Whenever someone as highly respected and legendary as Mick Foley is, complains about WWE it really sticks in the minds of fans, and the Hardcore Legend has made his honest opinions known to the public on multiple occasions.

Because Foley is no longer an active wrestler he ranks lower on the list but given he is still involved highly in the business and has gone on so many rants he has to find a place on the list. The greatest rant Foley went on was regarding Daniel Bryan and the 2014 Royal Rumble where he wasn't even involved in the match, something that angered Mick. He went as far as to say he was going to put a brick through his television, making his thoughts crystal clear.

8 Victoria

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The former WWE Diva was well known by fans and had a very memorable career, picking up the Women's Championship and being used by the company on a regular basis during her run. Given how WWE tends to brag about former talent appearing either on television or backstage via social media, it was a surprise when Victoria ripped into the company for banning her from entering the backstage area to see friends, despite her name value and history.

Victoria tweeted: "The WWE Women’s Ladder match was incredible. Wanted to congratulate the gals, but the office said that I couldn’t go backstage.” These words were obviously pointed directly at the boss, who ultimately makes the final call on these matters.

7 David Hart Smith

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The son of Davey Boy Smith had a solid run in WWE, especially during his tag team with Tyson Kidd and Natalya, yet it was just after him being fired that he unleashed on the company over social media.

David Hart Smith was unhappy about how WWE had rented his family’s belongings to display at their museum and only returned them to him after he begged them for the items. He continued his tirade by complaining about WWE's nerve to ask for the items back after firing him, which is a fair point, with him going on to call WWE selfish and inconsiderate. Considering all his family gave to the business many fans tended to agree with Hart Smith.

6 Alberto El Patron

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Alberto El Patron has had a year to forget. Making headlines on a constant basis is usually a good thing, but given that the majority of the time it's been negative for El Patron, Vince McMahon is probably counting his lucky stars that the two parted ways.

El Patron has made his feelings about WWE very clear since leaving for the second time, shooting on them during interviews and expressing his distaste for the company in promos for independent shows. However, it was his Instagram post where he called out the entire WWE roster to fight him and calling them yes men just like their boss (a direct dig at Vince) that stood out the most. Perhaps luckily for Patron, nobody took him up on his offer.

5 Josh Matthews

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The former WWE wrestler and commentator is one of the most controversial people on social media inside the wrestling world with him constantly posting odd comments, not just about his former employees. But Matthews has had plenty to say about his WWE days in the past and constantly shoots down fans who ask him about his time with the company, perhaps trying to make his point as obvious as possible that he doesn't like his former boss or the company.

He unleashed a particular rant when WWE failed to acknowledge TNA as a previous employer of Samoa Joe when he first burst onto the scene, and while his intentions might be in the right place, his constant ripping of WWE is something Vince won't be pleased with.

4 Goldberg

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WWE and Goldberg may now have a good relationship following his return, WWE Universal Championship run, and WrestleMania match, but that wasn't always the case and he has called out WWE in the past, several times.

As was made clear on the WWE 24 documentary about him, Goldberg and WWE did not finish business on good terms. Therefore it was surprising when he eventually wound back up inside the ring for the company. Previously, when asked about a return, he made it very clear on social media that he would only return if WWE learned how to do business, a direct jab at Vince McMahon and the way he operates. But as well all now know, Goldberg's stance has clearly changed.

3 Batista

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The Animal is rumoured to be set for a WWE return at some point in 2018, with Batista making it clear he is open to one more run with the company. But that doesn't mean he hasn't criticized his former employers before. Batista left WWE due to its PG programming and the direction WWE was heading in and he has made his thoughts clear about that on social media, many times. Something that Vince McMahon probably doesn't want a WWE Legend to be doing, especially given his growing fame with his acting career.

However, it was his tweet regarding the booking of his close friend, Titus O'Neil that raised the most eyebrows, notifying everyone he thinks it is terrible. He said: "WWE: "@TitusONeilWWE you're everything a WWE star should be! Get out there and represent our company!! " Titus: "Then why don't you give me a push?' WWE: "Sorry there's nothing for you creatively" #sameoldbull"

2 Dolph Ziggler

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The Showoff has had a rollercoaster career with WWE that has seen some almighty highs and lows and that's certainly played a toll on him. It's obvious that Dolph Ziggler believes he is worth more than what he has gotten and the former World Heavyweight Champion isn't afraid to let people know that.

Whether it's during interviews, promos in the ring, or on social media. Ziggler quite often has the WWE Universe talking with what he says on social media and there have been occasions when his comments have been aimed at the boss. Ziggler is clever in the way he does his tweets, such as the one pictured (above) where he is clearly frustrated but doesn't out and out say it. However, having one of your most loyal employees tweeting about you must be a blow to Vince.

1 Gail Kim

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One of the greatest female wrestlers of all time never got a fair run in WWE. Booked poorly and not treated like the star she was, Kim's WWE run never amounted to much. Thankfully, WWE has begun taking women's wrestling seriously with Triple H really spearheading the current movement in women's action.

That was a point that Kim was keen to make on Twitter, stating that HHH can book women's wrestling, but made it clear she thinks Vince doesn't have a clue how to book women's wrestling. Given the current focus on the female roster, these comments are likely ones that Vince will like people to forget about, especially coming from someone as talented and well respected as Kim.

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