9 Forgotten Wrestlers Of The Attitude Era

Many WWE fans look back on the Attitude Era as the pinnacle for the company. Ratings were at an all-time high, the action was non-stop, and with competition on Monday nights, missing Raw could mean you'd miss something huge. Part of the reason it was so fun too, was because of its roster.

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With superstars like The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Mankind, this era was packed to the brim with absolute megastars. But for every Val Venis, there ever were 10 other wrestlers who aren't necessarily remembered for their time in WWE in that era. We want to focus on the latter today, the forgotten Attitude Era Stars. So, with that in mind, here are 10 Forgotten Wrestlers Of The Attitude EraThe Patriot.

9 Ahmed Johnson

With one look at Ahmed Johnson, any wrestling fan should wonder, what went wrong. This massive jacked-up beefy dude was everything Vince McMahon looked for in a top superstar, and for a while, he was involved in some higher-profile feuds including the Nation of Domination and The Undertaker. Yet some injuries, and less-than-ideal microphone skills, Johnson faded into obscurity in relation to the incredibly talented roster with loud characters.

Still, Johnson proved to be an intimidating man inside the ring, we just wish he could have been something more.

8 Taka Michinoku

In many ways, Taka Michinoku was a big get for WWE. As a relatively big name coming from ECW, the Japanese Superstar was supposed to be the centerpiece of the company's light heavyweight division, in an attempt to rival WCW's cruiserweights. In fact, he was the first winner of the title! Unfortunately, the weight class — which focused on lighter, faster competitors — didn't take off as WWE intended and the division, along with many of its stars, faded to the background.  Michinoku left his title aspirations behind and joined the faction Kaientai, which was relatively popular in its time. In fact, he was part of the iconic "I choppy-choppy your pee-pee" angle with Val Venis. So we guess it could have been worse.

7 Golga

John Tenta was a wrestling legend everywhere he went. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he frightened the world as Earthquake. In WCW, he dominated as The Shark, and later by his own name. His size and strength were unmatched and for his time, he was truly frightening. When he returned to WWE in 1998, however, he was stuck in the Oddities with a leather mask and an Eric Cartman — of South Park fame — t-shirt and plushie. This was a weird way to re-introduce an accomplished name back into the company, and it was pretty sad to see this happen. Thankfully, most of us have just blacked this portion of his career out of our minds.

6 Steve Blackman

At first glance, "The Lethal Weapon" should have been a big deal. With a legitimate martial arts background and a fantastic look, he debuted and put the locker room on notice. Unfortunately, with such a loaded roster, he fell by the wayside as larger personalities got louder. Still, he found his niche tagging with Al Snow as the serious half of the comedy tag team Head Cheese.

Still, for his time, he was pretty impressive, we just wish he had more of a memorable run.

5 Kurrgan

Kurrgan was a very tall man.  Unfortunately, like other superstars who were signed by Vince McMahon only for their height, before and after him it didn't pan out. Underneath his impressive look, there was little to be desired. He wasn't great on the microphone, and he wasn't really a technician in the ring either. He did find his niche alongside Golga and a few other stars as part of the Oddities. The team of outcasts settled in as a regular part of Raw every week and even teamed with Insane Clown Possie.

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Unfortunately, despite working alongside some pretty notable celebrities, most don't think about Kurrgan when we look back at the Attitude Era, and that's a shame because, despite how weird they appeared, they made the show interesting.

4 Luna Vachon

Luna Vachon came from a wrestling family. With names such as Mad Dog Vachon in her family, she was always destined to make her way into the business. When she did, she excelled and eventually made her way to WWE. Unfortunately, this was well before the Women's Revolution, and not being known for her beauty, she was cast aside for stars like Sable.

Still, she had a decent run as a manager, taking on clients like Bam Bam Bigelow, Gangrel, and even Goldust. Not only that, but she was the first woman to appear in a WWF video game!  In 2019, she finally got the credit she deserved and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame posthumously, nine years after her death.

3 Test

For a brief period of time, Test was a big deal in WWF. He was Stephanie McMahon's love interest, wrestled Shane McMahon, and feuded with Triple H! Unfortunately, despite this run on top, he never really took off the way WWE planned. Still, he managed to stay with the company, working alongside Christian and Lance Storm as part of the Canadian Un-Americans stable. Still, when it comes to Attitude Era Wrestlers, his contributions to WWE seem to be overlooked.

Sure, he never reached the heights of his tag team partners or rivals, but he did quite a bit. Sadly, Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin, as he was known outside of wrestling, passed away in 2009, just two years after his second stint with WWE.

2 Big Boss Man

The Big Boss Man is an absolute legend in WWE, yet somehow, he's not one of the first names that pops into a fan's head when thinking about the Attitude Era. It's strange too because he was involved in some of the era's most memorable moments. Undertaker hung him following a Hell in a Cell match, he took part in the Kennel From Hell, and he crashed The Big Show's dad's funeral. His crooked cop gimmick was absolutely iconic, and when he ditched the more TV-friendly blue attire for a more intimidating black outfit with a bulletproof vest, he really nailed it.

He's one of the all-time greats and should be one of the first names that comes to mind when fans think of this era in wrestling.

1 Road Warriors

OK, hear us out. The Road Warriors are not a forgotten tag team. In fact, they're one of the greatest duos of all time. Yet it's easy to forget that they were one of the premier teams in the WWF when the Attitude Era kicked off. Part of that could be attributed to the fact that the duo really took off in the 1980s and early 90s, so there's a chance that they're just too well known from a different point in time, or maybe it's because they tried to replace Hawk with Drawz. Yet, they were there for the Attitude Era, even if they didn't really fit in at that point.

Still, this shouldn't take away from any of their accomplishments. Everywhere they went, they were always the best team around, and even if they weren't the focal point of WWE in this different era, they were pretty much rockstars.

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