10 Attitude Era Ideas That WWE Should Bring Back Today

The Attitude Era is still seen as the greatest period in the history of professional wrestling in the eyes of most old-school and dedicated wrestling fans, and whilst it certainly wasn't as perfect as some feel, there were certainly great elements about it.

While the PG Era also has its positives that the Attitude Era didn't, mainly being the quality of the in-ring product itself, there are things from the classic period that WWE could bring back right now to really enhance the product.

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Of course, there are certain elements that WWE will never bring back due to the PG restrictions, but within this list, we will rank 10 ideas from the Attitude Era that WWE could easily bring back to improve today's product.

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10 Stables

Taking a look back at the Attitude Era one of the biggest standout moments was the sheer amount of stables that the company had, helping to create some of the best storylines in WWE history.

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Whether it was D-Generation X, The Ministry Of Darkness, or Too Cool, the Attitude Era had stables all across the card that allowed so many different talents to be taken seriously that might not have been as singles wrestlers.

Sadly there have been few great stables in modern wrestling, with only The Shield and The Wyatt Family managing to really make an impact. With a roster as big as WWE's, having some interesting stables would really help improve things and allow more people to get on the show.

9 More Managers

Something that the Attitude Era had a lot of was managers or valets for various talents which helped get the wrestlers over and added another layer to their characters for storyline and match purposes.

Sadly, the art of the manager is something that has been lost in the modern WWE landscape, with Paul Heyman really being the only consistent manager in recent years and that is something WWE should consider changing.

Zelina Vega and Paul Ellering both worked perfectly in NXT, proving that fans of today will still react in the same way to a manager, so hopefully, this is something that WWE can bring back for more talents, especially those who are weak on the microphone.

8 Male & Female Segments

Whilst the female wrestlers were often not treated as anything more than eye candy in the Attitude Era, something the company did get right was having them interact with the men and the storylines that they were participating in.

Nowadays it is incredibly rare that a women's wrestler will do anything that involves the men's scene outside of the recent decision to partner Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins together, and this is an element WWE needs to look at changing.

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R-Truth and Carmella have been doing excellent work together as of late, and the Mandy Rose and Naomi storyline adding Jimmy Uso gave it a different dimension which helped it feel fresh, proving it can be done without the over-sexualization that came with those Attitude Era moments.

7 Mixing Talent Storylines

There is a reason why lower mid-card talent from the Attitude Era are fondly remembered among wrestling fans, because even though they weren't chasing championships or main event matches, they were always portrayed as important.

Whether it was backstage segments with top tier talent or tag-team matches, storylines from all across the company would interweave and that would help elevate everybody all at once.

This doesn't happen anymore with WWE keeping each storyline away from each other with very distinct segments starting and finishing which is one of the reasons why nobody cares about the likes of Apollo Crews or No Way Jose.

6 Be More Unpredictable

During the Attitude Era, Monday Night Raw was simply must-see television with the show being incredibly unpredictable, forcing people to tune in on a weekly basis in order to make sure they didn't miss something.

Major matches, title changes, and real storyline advancement were regular occurrences which helped make sure that the show didn't feel boring or stale, which is a big problem with today's shows.

Each episode of Raw right now feels very similar to the last, with very little taking place that feels fresh and different, and if WWE can make it more unpredictable it will certainly see the ratings rise.

5 Take Tag Team Wrestling Seriously

This is one of the biggest issues that WWE has with its current product as the roster boasts some of the most talented tag teams in wrestling history with the likes of The Revival and The Usos, yet creative has nothing for them.

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During the Attitude Era, WWE did everything possible with the tag team division, featuring them constantly which is why it is considered to be one of the best periods for tag wrestling in history.

The teams were given time to develop storylines and create actual characters and because of that many of the wrestlers then went on to have incredible singles careers as well, making it a win-win situation for WWE in the long run.

4 More Characters

The last thing that WWE wants to do is go back to the days when wrestlers were all named after various jobs, but what the company really needs to do is get back to having some real characters on the roster.

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Currently, the vast majority of the locker room is simply just "great athletes," with some happening to be good and others being bad rather than the great characters that the Attitude Era was packed with.

There is a reason why the crowd is connecting heavily with The Fiend already, because he is something different, unique, and actually stands out, and whilst not every gimmick needs to be like that, WWE would benefit from more gimmicks.

3 Passionate Storylines

Whilst WWE has got some fantastic athletes right now what it is really missing is stories that the fans connect incredibly deeply with, instead opting for quick feuds that are simply built by winning a number one contender match.

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There are no stakes or classic rivalries right now, with the last major story being Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship victory, which has been the only one in a long time, yet he hasn't even had a major rival since winning that title.

There aren't stories such as The Rock and Stone Cold, or Kane and The Undertaker anymore, instead it is simply a match to win a title and then it's moved on to the next challenger.

2 More Blood

Vince McMahon recently made a statement that they are not about "blood and guts," taking a shot at AEW about the amount of blood the company has been using in their opening few shows.

Whilst WWE isn't going to be having tons of blood on a weekly basis anytime soon, and nor should they, having some color in certain moments really can enhance a character, taking them to another level with audience connection.

Just looking at how much the blood helped Becky Lynch become The Man shows what a difference it can make and if WWE is sensible and plans things right, then having some blood here and there could be a big help.

1 Long-Term Booking

This is something that NXT manages to get perfectly, with Triple H looking ahead and planning storylines that will last more than just one PPV, instead, stretching them out over several Takeover events.

The Attitude Era was brilliant for this, creating stories that would last and be called back upon at later dates, rather than simply taking place over one PPV and then being forgotten about.

Fans become increasingly invested in a match if they have had to invest a lot of time into a storyline, and if WWE can start bringing that back they will see a significant improvement in the fan responses.

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