10 Attitude Era Stars Snubbed From The Hall Of Fame

The Attitude Era created the most popular time in the history of WWE. Vince McMahon’s decision to make the product a tad edgier with an unpredictable nature made Raw, Smackdown and the PPVs must-see television. Many wrestlers would become legends during this time. WWE has honored main eventers like Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle with Hall of Fame inductions. Even mid-carders like Ron Simmons, Rikishi and The Godfather have received the honor.

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We will look at some the Attitude Era names that have yet to get the accolade despite deserving it. Time will tell if they ever do get inducted, but the contributions should already have their careers celebrated in the ultimate way to showcase their legacy. Find out just which performers from the late 90s and early 2000s need to get in before too late. These are ten wrestlers from the Attitude Era that have been snubbed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

10 Owen Hart

One obvious person missing from the WWE Hall of Fame is Owen Hart. Both the New Generation and Attitude Era would showcase Owen as one of the better all-around performers in WWE history. Owen’s run in the Attitude Era featured a few different characters.

The run in the Nation of Domination added another layer in his career. Owen also found success teaming with Jeff Jarrett as an impressive heel tag team. Fans are clamoring for Hart to get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Owen’s widow Martha has reportedly prevented it, but that doesn’t mean the late wrestler doesn’t deserve to have his career celebrated.

9 Molly Holly

The women’s division in the Attitude Era often featured little wrestling and mostly eye candy segments. Molly Holly was one of the ladies to help change that with her impressive in-ring skills. The work of Holly gave the women’s division another credible performer to find success with.

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Trish Stratus, Lita and others had strong feuds with Molly towards the end of the Attitude Era. The WWE tenure of Molly helped play a role in the women even having a division. There’s no doubt she deserves to get inducted into the Hall of Fame at some point for all she accomplished.

8 William Regal

The long career of William Regal has featured him wrestling all around the world. Stints in the United Kingdom and Japan would help land him an opportunity to WCW in the early 90s. Regal finally made the jump to WWE in the Attitude Era.

The first gimmick of a Real Man’s Man was a huge flop, but Regal was able to rebound. A great heel run as the Commissioner of WWE during the Attitude Era cemented him as a great heel character. Regal is now in an important role as a scout for WWE and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for his entire body of work.

7 Goldust

The Attitude Era started with various characters pushing the envelope. Goldust was one of the names to help usher in the new product WWE would present in the late 90s. Dustin Rhodes took the chance on a hit or miss gimmick and gave his all to make it work

Goldust found enough success to have runs in WWE over the course of two decades. The in-ring work of Goldust along with his character skills put him over the top as a legend. Despite leaving WWE for AEW, Rhodes deserves a Hall of Fame induction for his Goldust run.

6 Chyna (without DX)

D-Generation X technically added Chyna into the Hall of Fame, but the late wrestler deserves an induction on her own. Chyna made history for WWE as one of the first major female stars to draw huge money for the company.

The singles career as a wrestler would see her win the Intercontinental Championship and help add more importance to the title. Triple H’s career may not have been the same either without Chyna becoming his bodyguard. Chyna should have been in the Hall of Fame a long time ago without the rest of DX in her induction.

5 Nation of Domination (as a group)

The inductions of the Four Horsemen and D-Generation X have set a precedent that WWE wants to add the legendary factions into the Hall of Fame. One Attitude Era faction that clearly deserves the honor is the Nation of Domination. Mark Henry, Ron Simmons and The Godfather have already been inducted on their own.

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The Rock will likely have his own induction and D’Lo Brown has an outside shot to make it on his own. Regardless, all wrestlers mentioned should get inducted together for the incredible run together as the Nation of Domination. They each became singles star thanks to the Nation setting them up to succeed.

4 Sable

Attitude Era fans will remember the star power of Sable. The start of her WWE career came when she worked as a valet for her husband Marc Mero. WWE fans viewed Sable as the bigger star and cheered her with little to no interest in Mero’s matches.

Sable received a big push on her own and was more over than most of the male roster. The momentum of Sable made the Women’s Championship relevant during her run. Sable deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as an Attitude Era icon and has a connection to WWE today as she’s married to Brock Lesnar.

3 X-Pac (without DX)

X-Pac was one of the most underrated wrestlers of the 90s through different chapters. The start as the 123 Kid created another rising star for the New Generation. WCW added him as part of the New World Order for a short run before returning to WWE as the X-Pac character.

D-Generation drastically needed some new relevant members after Shawn Michaels retired. X-Pac returning was the biggest factor in fans continuing to support the group. The DX stable getting inducted added X-Pac into the Hall of Fame as part of the group, but he deserves the induction as a singles star as well.

2 Ken Shamrock

Former UFC star Ken Shamrock was one of the first major MMA fighters to make the jump to professional wrestling. WWE added Shamrock and pushed him as a face in the mid-card picture. Shamrock had memorable feuds with fellow stars like The Rock, Owen Hart and Goldust.

The intensity of Shamrock along with his fighting style separated him from the rest of the roster. Shamrock has made a return to the wrestling world on the independent circuit in recent years and has admitted he wants to have the validation of getting inducted into the Hall of Fame which he deserves.

1 Christian

The tag team run of Edge and Christian made them the most popular team of the Attitude Era. Fans were in awe of the classic TLC matches between Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz. Edge would get inducted into the Hall of Fame for his singles career, but Christian deserves the same.

The singles career of Christian started in the Attitude Era and continued to find success as in future eras. Christian had a reputation for being one of the best in-ring performers and had a couple of World Championship runs later in his career. WWE must induct Christian at some point soon if the Hall of Fame wants to have any credibility.

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