Austin Aries Close to Signing with WWE?

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The current signing of A.J. Styles to a WWE contract has the Internet Wrestling Community abuzz. While the casual fan will not know Styles, the die-hard fan patiently awaits his arrival on the scene.

And it would appear as though another former TNA talent could be making his way to WWE in the near future. PWinsider.com is reporting that Austin Aries has recently undergone the pre-signing medical tests which are required by the company.

Many feel as though these TNA talents are long overdue for a run in WWE and the company has apparently taken notice. Aside from A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe would find his way to NXT last year and has been fitting in quite well.

Late in 2015, the NXT Universe were ecstatic to see the debut of James Storm - another TNA guy - who unfortunately did not stick around and opted to head back to the lesser promotion for more money.

Should Austin Aries sign with WWE, expect NXT to be his destination. Make no mistake about it: while WWE has recognized these wrestlers, they are not what the company considers "main roster talent."

Nevertheless, fans of these wrestlers remain excited about their impending arrival and should enjoy whatever action may come their way. After all, these are the boys who struggled through the system to finally make WWE.

While the aforementioned men are all North of thirty-five-years of age, they have finally been invited somewhere worth while. Will everything work out? Sure. As best possible under a WWE contract.

To those squared-circle-optimists expecting to see one of these wrestlers take over WWE as the next World Heavyweight Champion; keep on dreaming and drooling on the pillow.

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