Austin Aries Comments On Neville's WWE Situation

Austin Aries has posted a cryptic tweet and it's hard to imagine that it doesn't relate to the current situation between Neville and WWE.

Despite the initial incident taking place on Monday night before Raw went on the air, we still don't have an exact story about what happened between Neville and WWE. Apparently, The King of the Cruiserweights walked out of Raw this week as well as apparently asking to be released from the company.

Clearly, if that is the case, then WWE has not granted that release, at least not quite yet. There are a number of rumors and theories as to why exactly Neville would do such a thing. Some theories suggest that the British Superstar was scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore in the night's main event and simply didn't want to, while others think he was simply disillusioned with his current position on the card as a whole.


If either of those theories are true, then one man who can most certainly relate to Neville's situation right now is Austin Aries. A-Double parted ways with WWE earlier this year, seemingly for similar reasons as to why Neville walked out on Monday. The Tweet from Aries on Thursday would certainly suggest so. Aries tweeted "Know when to walk away from anyone or anything that doesn't value you," and while he doesn't mention Neville by name, it's hard to imagine the tweet is just a coincidence considering the timing.

The similarities between Neville and Aries' situations don't begin and end with them both potentially becoming disillusioned with WWE however. Both men were also brought into an underperforming 205 Live product in order to get more eyes on the show. The two of them actually feuded with one another for most of the first half of 2017. Clearly, neither man is happy with their lot on the cruiserweight show.


It will be a real shame if Neville does want out of WWE and the company grants him his wish, and as of right now that looks to be the most likely end to this saga. What's strange is Neville and Aries both did what was asked of them on 205 Live and made the show more interesting. However, that may be the problem, and that after a few months with the cruiserweights both men felt like they deserved to be mixing it up with the rest of the main roster.

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