Austin Aries DESTROYS Indie Promotion For Ring Quality [Video]

Austin Aries competed alongside X-Pac in Australia recently and had some choice words for the promotion and the quality of the their ring.

Earlier this year WWE and Austin Aries parted ways. When A-Double was first signed to the company expectations were high, especially from the fans, but unfortunately for one reason or another things just didn't work out. Aries left the company over the summer and has since returned to the independent circuit.

Austin is by no means a stranger to the indies. The former TNA World Champion has been a pro wrestler for 17 years and has spent almost all of that time on the independent circuit, enjoying a lot of success in that time. Not only was he a TNA Champion but he also spent some time as Ring Of Honor's World Champion also. Aries isn't finished ticking things off of his bucket list just yet though.


Recently A-Double wrestled alongside X-Pac in Brisbane, Australia and after the match cut a promo detailing that teaming with him was something he could now tick off the aforementioned bucket list. He said he had always been a fan of Waltman and then looked to finish the promo as Sean went to take the mic from him. Turns out Aries wasn't quite done though.

The second half of Austin's promo took a very different turn. The former 205 Live guy then decided to tell the people running the promotion in Brisbane, World Series Wrestling, that he was less than impressed with the quality of their ring. At first it sounded like Aries was going to pay tribute to the men and women backstage but instead went on a foul-mouthed tirade. He said that the wrestling ring was his and his peers' stage and that 'quite frankly this wrestling ring is a f*****g disgrace'. Aries then stormed out and even though Waltman tried to make up for the awkward moment the energy in the room was well and truly gone.


Austin Aries is certainly known for speaking his mind, something he explained before going off about the shoddy ring in Brisbane. Whether the middle of said ring on the mic was the place to complain and vent is up for debate though. Nevertheless A-Double has been a wrestler for 17 years and competed all over the world so if he thinks the ring isn't up to scratch, then it very likely isn't.

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Austin Aries DESTROYS Indie Promotion For Ring Quality [Video]