Austin Aries Makes First Official Statement Since WWE Release

Austin Aries released a statement via his Twitter account speaking out about his sudden departure from WWE a little over a week ago.

The shining light on an otherwise lackluster 205 Live product this year has been Neville and Austin Aries' feud over the Cruiserweight Championship. Even though that feud recently came to an end, cruiserweight fans were eager to know who each man would face off against next. Well turns out for Austin Aries, it's nobody—in WWE anyway—as the former NXT Superstar parted ways with the company on Friday, July 7, 2017.

There have been conflicting reports over why exactly Aries left the company so abruptly when his 205 Live future looked so bright, though the most believed rumors suggested it was A-Double being pigeonholed into the cruiserweight division that led to him leaving WWE. Well, Aries didn't give an explanation, but his statement on Twitter a week on from him parting ways with WWE seems pretty upbeat for someone who supposedly left the company on bad terms.

Last Friday Aries took to Twitter, likely in an attempt to stop the continued rumors swirling about his release. In the tweet, Aries not only thanked the fans of the WWE Universe for the opportunity to perform for them but also thanked the staff of WWE 'both in front of and behind the camera'. He wished everyone at the company luck and wrote in the tweet, outside of the screen shot of the statement, that there would be 'exciting announcements soon'.

Aries' stay in WWE was a short but pretty busy. Like many Superstars nowadays, he began his WWE career in NXT before being sidelined by an orbital bone fracture caused by a misplaced super kick by Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE jumped on the opportunity to have Aries add some credibility to a floundering 205 Live as they made him a member of the show's announce team while he was injured. Once recovered, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" joined the cruiserweights. Perhaps if he had been allowed to return to NXT for a while first, we may not have seen Aries depart the company so soon.


While Aries was very complimentary in his released statement, it doesn't exactly explain why he has parted ways with WWE. Aries has simply thanked everyone he worked with in the company, and thus cleared up any rumors that there was bad blood between the two parties. Clearly, the self-proclaimed "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" has plans on the horizon, and it'll be exciting to see what's next for the now former WWE Superstar.

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