Austin Aries' First Post-WWE Show Is Officially Booked

Austin Aries picked up his first wrestling booking since parting ways with WWE in July and will appear on two House of Hardcore shows.

Fans who knew of Austin Aries when he arrived in WWE were naturally pretty excited about his signing. The former TNA and Ring Of Honor World Champion arrived in NXT, and while he wasn't shot straight to the top, he was instantly featured in some pretty high profile feuds. Then came the freak injury he suffered at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura and his progress came to a grinding halt.

While sidelined, WWE decided to make good use of Aries' ability to talk, making him the third announcer for 205 Live. While it probably wasn't the original plan, it inevitably led to Aries making his debut for the cruiserweight division once he was match ready. One long rivalry with Neville over the Cruiserweight Championship later, and A-Double unceremoniously cut ties with WWE.


The end of Aries' run with WWE came back in July, and it's only now that the well-traveled Superstar is set to return to in-ring action. Last week, Tommy Dreamer announced a couple of House of Hardcore shows taking place in the North East of the United States in November and Aries is featured prominently on the promotional posters. While it may feel like it has been a while since Aries left WWE, it has only been around three months so chances are his contract included a 90-day non-compete clause.

While the end of the self-proclaimed Greatest Man To Ever Live's time at WWE came to an abrupt end, it would appear that he didn't necessarily burn the bridge between him and his former employers. The statement Austin released following his WWE exit made the split seem amicable, plus just last week Aries revealed via his Instagram that he had been at the Performance Center.


Austin Aries brings so much skill and experience to the ring, it's a real shame that his relationship with WWE didn't work out for longer than it inevitably did. The seasoned veteran not wrestling at all is a real waste though, so hearing that he is about to make his in-ring return is great news.

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