WWE Creative Was A Source Of Frustration For Austin Aries

Austin Aries reveals that if any of the WWE creative team had any issues with him then they didn't let him know about it.

Considering the pro wrestling pedigree that Austin Aries has many fans were naturally quite excited when he finally arrived in WWE. A-Double was first brought in under the NXT banner and made quite the impact. Unfortunately for him a freak eye injury suffered at the hands (or rather the feet) of Shinsuke Nakamura sidelined him for a while and his career trajectory in WWE changed.

While injured Aries was utilized as an announcer for 205 Live and as expected once he was healed up he stepped into the ring as a part of the cruiserweight division. The self-proclaimed greatest man that ever lived was shot straight to the top of 205 Live as he had an extended rivalry with the brand's then champion Neville. Following that, however, he was released and claims that the company had nothing for him.


There are rumors that the real reason Aries was released by WWE is because he was difficult to work with. A-Double was posed with that question by Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc and he got an honest and candid response from Aries. "I'll bet you some of the WWE writers probably didn't like working with me very much," the Impact World Champion admitted, also adding "if there are any writers that had any issues with me while I was in WWE, they certainly never expressed that to me."

A-Double also spoke of the frustrating process in WWE when it comes to writing and creative and having to go back and forth with the team. There is the very real possibility that the hands-on approach Aries had with them was one that they weren't used to and didn't like and that's why they wound up telling the former WWE Superstar why they didn't have anything for him, thus forcing him out of the company.

While it may have felt like a career hiccup at the time for Aries, it has proved to be anything but. A-Double is one of many stars on the independent circuit right now who is continuing to prove that WWE is not the be all and end all. Aries currently holds four championships, one of which is the Impact World Championship, and it has only been seven months since he left WWE.


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WWE Creative Was A Source Of Frustration For Austin Aries