Austin Aries Admits To Being At The WWE Performance Center

Despite leaving WWE earlier this year, Austin Aries revealed on social media last week that he had been to the Performance Center in Florida.

WWE  is currently in the business of getting more eyes on 205 Live. It started with the addition of Neville to the show's ranks at the beginning of the year and has been furthered significantly recently thanks to Enzo Amore and new Cruiserweight Champion, Kalisto. Before the recent attempts with those latter two names though, there was the introduction of Austin Aries to the cruiserweight division.

A-Double was brought in to feud with Neville throughout WrestleMania season and beyond. The former NXT Superstar attempted to prise the division's title away from the British star. Aries was not successful and shortly after his feud with Neville, he decided to part ways with WWE. The reasoning behind it remains unclear, although it would appear that there is no bad blood between the two parties and Austin simply left to seek out new opportunities.


Last week on social media, however, Aries revealed that he may not have necessarily cut ties with WWE completely. The once TNA star posted a selfie of himself along with three other men after three of them helped the other to push a car out of harm's way following it breaking down. All very nice but not exactly newsworthy. However, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived revealed in the caption that accompanied his Instagram post that he was on his way back from WWE's Performance Center when he stopped to help the gentlemen.

Driving home from the #wwe #wweperformancecenter today, I saw the man in the middle of this photo trying to help the man on the left push his car off a busy road and back into a parking lot...with little success. Instead of driving by, as I and we all have, it struck me to stop to help. I quickly switched lanes while ending my conversation with my mom and pulled in to park. As I ran over to lend a hand, the man on the right of this picture also came over to help. The four of us quickly maneuvered the stalled car safely out of the way, into a parking space for the extremely grateful man on the left. As we went to go our separate ways, I looked at us four guys. I got the urge to grab my phone. I asked them if I could take a photo of us because with all the divisive shit going on right now I wanted to snap a photo of what a truly great America looks like. When I saw those guys struggling, I didn't see Non-White guys, or a Buddhist, a Muslim, an immigrant, a democrat, a republican, a gay, a straight, a rich or a poor. I saw two humans that needed some help, and I had some to offer. When the fourth man ran over I imagine he saw the same. I mean look at this fucking picture?! Could you find any four different looking people from any different walks of life?! Yet we all came together, randomly and simply as good humans, to help one another. I've taken endless photos, in my career and in my life, but this one was special. We need to change something in our society. We need more hands reaching out intent on helping, encouraging, applauding, and joining together. And not just to hands of the same color, connected to people just like "us." Because no matter what is being propagated, "us" and "them" is really WE. And today this quartet, WE helped each other. WE spread love and togetherness, turning a difficult task for one into a simple task for four. The lesson is WE can accomplish so much more working together than we ever can being divided. And WE can quiet the aggressive and divisive messages we're being bombarded with by extending our hands out to each other. Actions do speak louder than words. Today us four showed WE ain't hearing that shit. #bethechange #we #maga

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While A-Double's visit to the Performance Center is surprising, it may not mean what fans of Aries want it to mean. Aries is engaged to a female currently wrestling under the NXT banner, Thea Trinidad. It's possible that he was simply dropping her off at work. With that in mind, plus the fact that Aries didn't leave on bad terms, especially when it comes to NXT, it's entirely possible that he was simply stopping by to see some friends.


Austin Aries parting ways with WWE was a real shame and sort of came out of nowhere. The former WWE Superstar's time in NXT was cut short after he was sidelined through injury and if that hadn't have happened he probably wouldn't have been called up to the main roster as quickly as he was. Who knows if that had happened and Aries had more time in NXT, maybe he would still be under WWE's employ today.

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