Australian Beauty: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Emma

Emma or Emmalina as she has become known on WWE TV over the past few months is a former NXT Superstar who used to have a signature dance as she walked to the ring.

Emma wasn't taken seriously as a face star and often looked out of her depth in the ring until she turned heel and aligned herself with Dana Brooke. The duo took over the NXT Women's Division and they could have continued if Emma hadn't been injured and needed back surgery.

She has been away from WWE TV now since the Summer of 2016 and the company decided that this was the perfect time to repackage her as a new character. Sadly, this didn't go to plan and now they could be forced to go back to the drawing board when it comes to slotting Emma into the current Raw Women's Division.

Even though her debut as Emmalina will be something that follows her around for a long time, it is thought that Emma has a bright future in WWE if they allow her to switch back to the heel star that she was before her injury.

Here are 15 facts about the Australian Beauty that every die-hard fan needs to know before she re-debuts as the old Emma to which we have grown accustom.

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15 Attended WWE Shows While Training

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Emma has stated that she was a huge fan of the business and the product growing up and she even attended many WWE events. One of these shows was the biggest event that WWE has ever presented from Australia as part of their Global Warning Tour.

Obviously, Emma was in attendance that night back in 2002 when the main event pitted The Rock against Triple H and Brock Lesnar in a Triple Threat match. This was her first ever WWE show. Her favorite at the time was Stone Cold Steve Austin and he wasn't actually part of the show (he had walked out of WWE a few months prior and was yet to return), she still said that she was hooked on wrestling after that, it was like WrestleMania to her.

14 Could Have Been The First Ever NXT Women's Champion

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It may be hard to believe, but there was an NXT Women's Division before The Four Horsewomen took over and brought the brand a lot of attention. Before Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte were main eventing pay-per-views and breaking down wrestling barriers on the main roster, the likes of Paige and Emma were battling Natalya and Alicia Fox in NXT to determine the first Women's Champion.

As with many other titles, the NXT Women's Championship was decided after a tournament where Paige and Emma made it to the final. It was Paige who became the inaugural champion that day, and she went on to make history a few months later when she won the Divas Championship on night up on the main roster. But how different would Emma's career could have been if she was victorious that day?

13 Loved Working With Santino Marella

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Emma was partnered with Santino Marella for a while when she was still doing a comedy gimmick. And even though as a duo they were supposed to be funny, it seemed as though it hurt Emma as a future star more than Santino. So many of the WWE Universe were quite happy when they finally split, but it seems that Emma wasn't.

Emma stated that she had so much fun working with Santino as a newbie coming into the business and their time together allowed her to work on her comedy ability. So much so that she didn't want the time to end. She hasn't had much TV time or anything storyline wise on the main roster since that run, so it's easy to see why Emma enjoyed her time partnering the former Intercontinental Champion.

12 Pay-Per-View Debut At WrestleMania

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Emma had only been on the main roster of WWE for a short time when it was announced that all women on the roster would be involved in the Vickie Guererro Open Invitational for AJ Lee's Divas Championship.

Emma didn't play a big role in the match, but she still had her pay-per-view debut at WrestleMania. And considering that she had never appeared on an event of that level before and that many women go through their entire career without appearing at WrestleMania, it is quite the achievement for her to have been able to do this. Emma also appeared as part of the 10-Diva Tag match on the WrestleMania 32 preshow last year. Two WrestleMania appearances in three years means that she isn't doing too bad.

11 Loves Attention

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That's right, it's probably not that much of a shock since she's currently working as a WWE Superstar, but Emma even admitted herself that she is an attention seeker. She craves attention, which is why it's so hard to imagine the Emmalina gimmick failing.

It was reported that Emma wasn't managing to deliver the character the way that WWE had envisioned it in the rehearsals and so they decided to pull the plug. The problem is, Emma could have pulled off the character when she was in a less stressful environment. Maybe WWE didn't give her enough time to make the character work and now she's going to be stuck with that label for the rest of her career. Hopefully, WWE finds some way of salvaging her career in the coming months.

10 Reason For Emmalina Failure

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Emmalina was a joke from the start. WWE began airing videos to promote a new female character that obviously cared more about the way she looked than her wrestling ability, which is a step back to the 1990s Divas. This forced many of the WWE Universe to be against the idea before it even happened.

Not only that, but these packages began airing on October 3, 2016. Emmalina finally made her debut in February 2017. That's four months that the WWE Universe were forced to wait for a debut that was over in 45 seconds. Reports suggest that Emma couldn't portray the character appropriately and now WWE will allow her to become Emma again and instead choose another female wrestler to portray the Emmalina style character they desperately want on their Raw roster.

9 Guest Appearances On Total Divas

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Despite Emma's relationship with Zack Ryder not being  publicly accepted by WWE, and her not being chosen to be part of Total Divas, she has still made many guest appearances on the show.

Emma mostly appears in the background, in the canteen when the other stars are eating or even backstage ahead of an event so WWE is forced to include her in the show. Now that she has been dating Zack for over a year and reports suggest that the couple is living together, there should be no reason why these two are not included in an upcoming season of Total Divas. Zack is obviously out injured at the moment following knee surgery, so he could be available for filming whilst he's being forced to take time away from WWE TV.

8 Cooking Channel On Youtube

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Outside of WWE, Emma has many hobbies that don't include wrestling and one of these is cooking. She decided in 2015 to launch a cooking channel on Youtube and allow many WWE stars to be guests as she cooked up some treats on a show she called 'Taste Of Tenille.'

Sadly, the show hasn't been updated in a while and it seems as though Emma has given up on the venture altogether. It was a way for fans to see the real Emma, behind the character that she plays on WWE TV, but since she became a heel Superstar, WWE perhaps told her that to keep within the illusion. She would be better off not continuing to be part of any ventures outside of the company. Many WWE stars appeared on Emma's show including fellow Australian Superstars Billie Kay and Peyton Royce as well as former NXT Women's Champion Paige.

7 Nicknamed The Dancing Queen

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For around a year after she made her WWE debut, Emma was known as 'The Dancing Queen' mostly because of her incredibly catchy dance as she made her way to the ring. As well as the fact that she was often put into dance off competitions with Summer Rae on both NXT and on WWE TV.

Of course, Emma won all of the competitions because she was much more popular with the live audience, even though it was obvious that Summer was the better dancer. This would lead to Summer then attacking Emma and their feud lasted for a number of months before it became quite stale. Much like Emma, Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE TV for a long time either, which is probably not that much of a coincidence.

6 Started Training At 13

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Emma was a huge fan of wrestling growing up and was actually introduced to it at just eight-years-old. It didn't take long for her to realize that she wanted to become a wrestler, and started officially training for the business at just 13-years-old.

Emma dedicated a lot of her time to training whilst she was younger and even began to work shows before she graduated from school. She would spend all of her spare time practicing rather than spending time with her friends. She once admitted that she begged her mother to drive her to training sessions most of the time as well and even relocated to Canada at one point so that she could join Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy. It obviously all paid off for her because she was signed by WWE in 2011 and has remained with the company ever since.

5 Arrested And Released By WWE

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Back in 2014, Emma was still making a name for herself in WWE. So when the company heard that she had been arrested and charged with 'misdemeanor larceny in the sixth degree' they thought it was time to terminate her contract.

Of course, it sounds much worse than it was. Emma had, in fact, forgotten to pay for an iPhone case and walked out of the store with it. WWE even posted an article on their website wishing Emma luck in her future endeavors, before they removed the post and said that they had a change of heart. Instead, they punished Emma internally for her actions and allowed her to maintain her place with the company. WWE have never changed their mind about a release before, so obviously, Emma made an impression with the right people early on.

4 First Ever Australian WWE Diva

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Emma was signed by WWE back in 2011 as quite an experienced wrestler after many years on the Independent Circuit in both the United States and her native country of Australia. She became the first ever Australian WWE Diva and thanks to her the gates have now opened for the likes of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce who are now taking over NXT Women's Division as The Iconic Duo.

There have been male Australian wrestlers over the past few decades in WWE, including Nathan Jones and Outback Jack. Current NXT star Buddy Murphy is also Australian and there are now many other talents in WWE's Performance Centre who have been signed since Emma's debut in 2012. Many reports stating that it was Emma that began what is now being called the Australian 'Invasion.'

3 Dating Zack Ryder

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Emma was first linked with former NXT Superstar William McNamee and the couple were living together in Denver, Colorado. Emma then decided to move to Orlando, Florida on her own and left McNamee behind. It was then announced in January 2016 that Emma was now dating former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder.

The couple has quite a social media presence and has shared cute photos of their time together outside of WWE's hectic schedule on their Twitter and Instagram pages. It is also reported that Emma and Zack are now living together after dating for more than a year, which will be helpful to both stars since Emma has just recovered from career-threatening back surgery and Zack is currently out of action as he recovers from recent knee surgery.

2 Trained As A Nutritional Therapist

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Given that Emma had a cooking channel, it makes sense that her love of food could become her plan B after her Wrestling career is over. Despite her love of food and very sweet food at that, Emma managed to maintain an incredible figure, as shown throughout the promotional videos for her Emmalina debut.

It is maintaining an incredible figure that has forced her to research more about nutrition and she admitted during an interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine that she is now pursuing a course in nutritional therapy. Not only will this be useful to Emma while she's traveling with WWE, but it will also help her to keep herself in great condition and help any other stars who need some advice about staying in shape and eating right.

1 Won A Match In NXT By Accident

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Sometimes even the best wrestlers get it wrong. WWE is always presented live to the crowd in attendance and once something is done, it can't be taken back. This match took place in the summer of 2015 as part of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Emma took on Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Dana Brooke in a Fatal Four-way match and after she delivered the Emma-mite sandwich to Becky who was in the corner, she dragged her out and pinned her. Dana Brooke was supposed to break up the three count or Becky was at least supposed to kick out but neither did and Emma was declared the winner. The shocked look on their faces gave away the fact that it wasn't supposed to happen and it is pretty clear that all four were given a quite a talking to backstage.

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