Away From Suplex City: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar's Real Life

WWE Superstar and current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is not only larger than life, but the man is almost mythical. No I'm not saying that because we barely ever see him on television, but because the man is an incredible physical specimen with an incomparable aura about him. Aside from his brief foray into football, which we'll get to later, Lesnar has stood atop of every single thing he's turned his hand to. Growing up he became an incredibly talented and accomplished amateur wrestler, he's done everything there is to do in the world of professional wrestling, and he has even been a UFC Heavyweight Champion.

All of that is pretty incredible right? Well believe it or not The Beast Incarnate is actually a mere mortal just like the rest of us. He hurts, he bleeds, he loves and yes, he feels. Very few are fortunate enough to see Brock Lesnar out in the wild, and even fewer have the privilege of knowing him or calling him a friend. Most of the fifteen entries that you're about to read detail some lesser known things about The Beast's life outside of a WWE ring. Some of them will demonstrate that the Universal Champion is human after all, while a few may actually solidify the belief that Brock is in fact some sort of next step in human evolution.

15 He Identifies As Canadian

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What you probably already know about Brock Lesnar is that he's not exactly a 'people person'. For a man who has spent most of his adult life in front of crowds of thousands Brock really doesn't like being around people. In fact apparently his remote family home in Minnesota wasn't quite remote enough, so Brock along with his wife and kids upped sticks and moved even further away from civilization. Nowadays Lesnar lives out in the wilderness in Canada. In fact he has done for so long now that he's basically a Canadian citizen, and actually represented Canada when he squared off against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. America's loss is very much Canada's gain when it comes to The Beast Incarnate.

14 He Turned Down Having His Own Private Jet

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Brock left WWE under something of a dark cloud all the way back in 2004. His relationship with WWE is just one of many examples of bridges that were built after seemingly being irreparable. Well Vince McMahon and co did absolutely everything that they could to stop that bridge from being burned in the first place, but apparently nothing was good enough for the star that they had successfully built. Lesnar didn't like the schedule that came with being a pro wrestler. With that in mind WWE agreed to give him many weekends off plus his own jet so he could save time when it came to taking flights. Even that wasn't enough to keep The Beast happy though and he still parted ways with the company following WrestleMania XX.

13 His Failed Attempt To Become An NFL Star

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When Brock left WWE there was a contractual agreement between the two that Lesnar couldn't wrestle or compete in any fight based sports for another company. Well lucky for Lesnar that wasn't what he had in mind. The Beast instead sought out a career in the NFL and joined up with the Minnesota Vikings. As physical a specimen as Lesnar clearly is, he did not make the cut. Brock didn't get further than the pre season games so was then left at somewhat of a loose end. He then took WWE to court over their contractual agreement so that he could compete in combat sports outside of WWE. A lot of money was spent and the two came to an agreement outside of the court room.

12 His Short Spell With New Japan Pro Wrestling

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Lesnar didn't abandon pro wrestling straight away following his failed football career, and while still engaged in legal battles with WWE he wrestled for New Japan. In fact in his first ever match for the Japanese wrestling company he won the coveted IWGP Heavyweight Championship. What makes this lesser known fact about The Beast even more interesting is that in 2006 he defended his title against the one and only Shinsuke Nakamura. That's right, the dream match between The King of Strong Style and The Beast Incarnate has actually already happened, and it was a whole eleven years ago. Lesnar would continue to make NJPW appearances until he was stripped of his championship due to being unable to defend it thanks to 'visa issues'.

11 It Hasn't Been Plain Sailing For Him And Sable

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The fact that Brock Lesnar and Sable are together is not obscure enough to make this list, although I still struggle to picture them together considering that they're from different eras in professional wrestling. The tough road they took to where they are today is a worthy entry though. Their relationship began in 2003 when Sable returned to WWE, allegedly when she was separated from ex-husband Marc Mero but technically still married to him. Once Sable was divorced her and Brock got engaged, but apparently didn't stay together. Both of them left WWE which meant their relationship became strained and was on and off for a while. They got through it though and are still together today, more on that coming up in the next few entries.

10 He's A Step Grandfather

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Brock's twins aren't the only kids that have run around Casa Lesnar since him and Sable shacked up together. The pro wrestling pair also have two sons of their own, one aged eight and the other is seven. Their two youngest children are not the subject of this particular entry though. Before Sable was with Marc Mero she was married to a man named Wayne Richardson. Richardson sadly passed away in 1991 but while they were together the couple had a daughter named Mariah. Mariah is naturally much older than the rest of Sable's other children and step children, so old in fact that she has children of her own, and you know what that means. That's right, the 40 year old Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is a step grandfather. Let that sink in.

9 Putting A Stranger To Sleep

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Brock Lesnar recently had to step into the ring with Samoa Joe. Joe's main threat is being able to put his opponents to sleep via the Coquina Clutch. Luckily for Brock he managed to avoid that, but apparently a member of the public that crossed Lesnar's path wasn't so lucky. At an event called Street Dance that The Beast attended, while purchasing some drinks in a bar another gentleman entered claiming that the drinks were his. After Brock took them back, the other guy proceeded to grab one of the drinks and hit Lesnar with it. Big mistake. According to the current Universal champ the situation was diffused once he responded by putting the guy to sleep. Whether that involved him being choked out or knocked out is unclear but still, who tries to take drinks from Brock Lesnar?

8 Someone In The NFL Went To Suplex City

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Brock Lesnar may not have been with the Minnesota Vikings for long, and he may have only played in a handful of pre season games for them, but that didn't stop him introducing the sport to Suplex City. It's pretty plain to see that Lesnar has somewhat of a short temper. It's often not a great attribute to have inside a wrestling ring, and probably not the best to lose it on a football field. One time he did certainly made for a pretty entertaining clip though. In a pre season game against the Kansas City Chiefs one of the opposing players apparently took a shot at Daunte Culpepper. The Beast saw red and decided to suplex the culprit. There's even footage of the Chief being thrown around by Brock. Outstanding.

7 The Changed Finish To His Match With Cena

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Who in their right mind would change the finish of a match without running the alterations by The Beast himself? Well, Vince McMahon apparently had the balls to. It was Brock's first match back following his return in 2012, so maybe Vince had forgotten how volatile the former UFC Champion could be. While John Cena was always down to win the pair's first encounter at Extreme Rules, apparently all parties involved had come to an agreement that Cena would be so beaten down after the win that he wouldn't be able to leave the arena without being helped from the ring. Instead Big Match John cut a promo on the mic post match and walked to the back. Lesnar was not happy about the changes and allegedly demonstrated a pretty scary fit of rage once he got back to the locker room.

6 The Encounter With The Undertaker In UFC

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In between Brock Lesnar's two WWE spells The Beast Incarnate enjoyed a very successful career in UFC. During his time there he would become UFC Heavyweight Champion. One of Brock's defeats in UFC came at the hands of Cain Velasquez. Following the match The Undertaker, who is a big fan of everything MMA, was being interviewed at ring side. During the interview Brock walked past Taker on his way to the locker room and The Deadman stopped him to ask him if he wanted to do it. What exactly 'it' was is still unclear with Undertaker telling the interviewer at the time that it was personal. In hindsight it was likely a hint towards Lesnar's WWE return, and possibly even the beginnings of The Beast's road to breaking The Streak.

5 Alleged Use Of PEDs And Painkiller Addiction

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Back when Brock was cutting his teeth as a pro wrestler in OVW he ran into a bit of trouble. The Beast was arrested for being in possession of a package that the police believed to be illegal enhancement drugs. Luckily for Lesnar he was never convicted of anything as the package in question turned out to be growth enhancement rather than anything illegal. It wasn't the only time in his life that he would encounter problems due to drugs however. After leaving WWE the first time around Brock revealed that he was drinking a bottle of vodka a day along with taking a lot of painkillers just to get through the day. In fact he claims that he can't even remember around two years of his initial WWE run.

4 The Plane Ride From Hell

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One of the most infamous stories in pro wrestling history is one that happened away from the cameras thousands of feet in the air, affectionately known as the plane ride from hell. The most frustrating thing about the tale is that no one who was a part of it seems to want to tell the whole story. Brock Lesnar was one of the men on that plane, although when quizzed about it he claimed that fell under the umbrella of the two years he can't really remember. He did confirm that he and Mr Perfect, Curt Hennig, had a fight on the flight though. According to some recollections of the trip the two Minnesota natives were suplexing each other against the plane door at one point during the fight. Both men were reprimanded when the plane landed.

3 He Was Engaged Before He Met Sable

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Sable wasn't the only one that had a serious relationship before her and Brock hooked up. Despite his young age Lesnar had been engaged to a woman called Nicole McClain, and while they were together the pair had twins, one son and one daughter. Shortly after the twins were born Brock separated from Nicole so that he could pursue a relationship with Sable. That alone would suggest that The Beast was pretty serious about his love for Sable. His ex fiancee McClain is a fitness model and also shares her ex's love of hunting. Sable is of course the step mother to her current husband's twins, and when the pair got married they would have been just four years old.

2 He Roomed With Shelton Benjamin

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Most fans know about the famous OVW class of 2000. Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Batista were all products of it. There was another man who made it pretty far in the pro wrestling business that shared a ring and a locker room with all of the above names that year, Shelton Benjamin. In fact Shelton and Brock's relationship dates back even further than their time in OVW together. Benjamin and Brock actually lived together while they were in college. It's hard to imagine Lesnar has friends, but believe or not he does have a few and Shelton Benjamin is one of his oldest. Both men had an interest in amateur wrestling of course, and it's amazing to think how long their careers ran parallel before they split off on separate paths.

1 His Shoot Fight With Kurt Angle

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There was an urban myth in WWE for years and years that good friends Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had a shoot wrestling match back stage one time. Well our Olympic Hero finally shed some light on it during an interview in 2015, revealing that yes the stories were actually true. Angle said that after witnessing the way Brock threw Big Show around in the ring he wanted to pit himself against the former NCAA Champion for real. Kurt also said during the interview that it was nerve wracking and that 'someone was going to win, get hurt, or die'. Brock may have had the size advantage on Angle, but there was only ever going to be one winner. Brock had a decorated amateur wrestling career, but he was up against an Olympic gold medallist and it was the current Raw GM who emerged victorious.

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