Awesome Kong Wants A Place In The Women's Royal Rumble

Kia Stevens, AKA Awesome Kong in TNA and Kharma in WWE, has participated in the men's Royal Rumble but wants a shot in the inaugural women's match.

Awesome Kong seems like a must to be in the first ever women's Royal Rumble, however she is yet to receive a call from WWE.

The announcement of the first ever women's Royal Rumble match has injected some much needed excitement into an event that is normally one of the most highly anticipated pay per views of the year. The past few installments of the Rumble have been tainted with disappointment in one way or another from Roman Reigns being the surprise entrant at No. 30 to Batista winning the match when the fans wanted Daniel Bryan.


The luxury of this upcoming female version of the match is that whatever happens, it will be something that the fans have never seen before. Plus with only 19 women available to compete on the main roster, we are guaranteed 11 surprise entrants, be they from NXT or stars from the past making a comeback, for one night only or maybe even longer.

One name that you would imagine WWE has been in touch with is Awesome Kong, who was known as Kharma in WWE and now more commonly known by her real name Kia Stevens. During an interview with Wrestling Sheet Radio Stevens admitted that she would love to be a part of the landmark match coming up on January 28th, however she has not yet been contacted by anybody at WWE.

Stevens claim to fame when it comes to Royal Rumble matches is that she is one of only three females to have ever competed in the match. She shares that honor with Beth Phoenix and the legendary Chyna. In fact Stevens' foray into the Royal Rumble was her only actual match in WWE. Between injuries and her pregnancy she never had the chance to piece together a real run with the company and perhaps that's another reason she is so eager to make a comeback later this month.


As mentioned above there are going to be (at least) 11 spots up for grabs in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match so who knows who we might see. Stevens may merely be playing coy and trying to throw us off the scent and may already have received a call from WWE. Whether that's the case or not prepare yourself for some nostalgia as names from the past return to make history with WWE's current crop of women.

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Awesome Kong Wants A Place In The Women's Royal Rumble