15 Awesome Photos Of The Hogan Women

“Whatcha gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on you!” - A line we haven’t heard in way too long due to the fact that Hogan remains black-listed from the WWE due to his insensitive comments caught on tape. We have reason to believe a return isn’t too far away as Triple H admitted that the company is open for him to make a return in some capacity.

For now, he remains on the sidelines quietly trying to restore his name with the masses. One can argue, his downfall really began back in 2008 when the National Enquirer ran a story pertaining to Hulk’s infidelities. It’s been down ever since for the most part.

In this article, we document photos that likely added insult to injury for the Hulkster. Those featured in the article include his daughter Brooke, who he has a weird relationship with - his ex-wife Linda, who’s stayed in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since the divorce and a couple of photos featuring his latest wife, Jennifer McDaniel. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 photos of the Hogan ladies that would make Hulk run wild. Let’s begin!


15 Jennifer & Brooke Looking A Little Too Similar

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When it comes to Hulk’s relationship with Brooke, we’ve seen it time and time again, the relationship has crossed boundaries. Who can forget Hogan posting that creepy snapshot of Brooke’s legs and posting it on the World Wide Web for all of us freaks to ogle over. For that reason, alarm bells sounded off when Jennifer McDaniel was deemed as Hulk’s new love interest, the news was quite noteworthy for an obvious reason and that being, how much she resembles Brooke. Without a doubt, Hulk was running wild reading such gossip online that continued to slander his name.

McDaniel and Hulk started dating shortly after Hogan’s separation to Linda in 2008 and they remain together today residing alongside one another in the Clearwater, Florida area.

14 Brooke & The Smoking Selfies

Taken in the summer of 2017, Brooke had the attention of many via Instagram as she took this smoking selfie while plugging her recent weight loss. In truth, she looks great and we applaud her efforts, however, Hulk was likely running wild given the nature of this picture.

We can picture Hulk now throwing us against the ropes and hitting a big boot, seriously it’s a miracle he was able to lift his leg that high for so many years. After some taunting to absolutely nobody, he would again hit the ropes and land a thunderous leg drop. Of course, if you’re a type of showman, you’d sell the move similar to the way Rock sold it at WrestleMania X8. Did we take it too far? Yes, yes we did, but that’s what we do.


13 Linda’s Twitter Posts

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Although the couple has been divorced officially since 2009, Linda has still chosen to use the Hogan family name which is quite odd in truth. If you follow her via Twitter, she’s still under the Hogan family name not to mention her website, lindahogan.com. Yup, pretty odd but what might make Hulk run wild more so is Linda’s “Not So PG” Twitter account which is absolutely littered with edgy content.

At the age of 58, Linda is not slowing down in terms of those classic cleavage shots, just ask her 36K followers on the social media platform. A mother of two and nearing her 60s, many deem the behavior to be inappropriate at this point of her life, but seriously, with all that money from the divorce settlement and just sitting at home, she’s got to find a way to burn some time. It appears as though naughty selfies at times is the answer.

12 Brooke’s Instagram Posts

When you bring back that old school “Brooke Knows Best” platinum blonde.

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If you watched Hogan Knows Best back in the day, you’re likely well aware that Hulk was one protective father. Heck, that might be the reason why Brooke remains single nowadays, perhaps Hulk’s still running wild on the fellows?

We hope the Hulkster doesn’t spend too much time on her Instagram page as he would likely cringe at the sight of some pics his daughter has posted both in the past and present. With near 200 K followers, we credit Brooke for trying to stay relevant via social media, however, Hulk might be running wild at some of the steamy posts like the photo above as Brooke acknowledges the fact that she brought back her Hogan Knows Best hair color. Hey, remember when Brooke got her own spinoff Brooke Knows Best?


11 Linda’s Book Launch

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Yes, Linda Hogan is a proud author, remember kids, if Linda can do it so can you, never stop dreaming and believing, however, we doubt that Linda ever aspired to write a book without the grounds of her brutal divorce. That was basically the entire theme of the book, Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes. The book was released just two years after the divorce was finalized in 2011.

Photos of Linda signing autographs at the book launch were truly cringe worthy and pictures we hope Hulk didn’t see or man would that result in something nasty. Perhaps he leg dropped his laptop after stumbling across the launch photos? In any event, seven years later, Linda is still somehow promoting the book as it’s just a click away on her Twitter bio.

10 Candid Shot Of An Unhappy Jennifer

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Now living in Hulk’s shadow, Jennifer learned that the hard way with this candid photo taken of the couple entering the gym. She looks none too pleased and certainly wasn’t ready for the photo wearing no makeup at all. She knows a thing or two about touch ups and makeup considering she’s a former makeup artist. However, she wasn’t expecting cameras on sight and she was none too pleased judging by her classic reaction in the photo above.

As we stated earlier, the couple started to date during the early portion of 2008 and by late 2009, they were already engaged (yes Hulk moves quickly in some aspects of life). The couple would get married a year later in Clearwater back in 2010 and remains together till this day.


9 Brooke’s Wrestling Days

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Blessed with some pretty darn great genetics, we’re truly shocked that Hulk never decided to put his daughter in the ring as an actual wrestler. Instead, he chose the disturbing route of turning his daughter into a love interest of another wrestler who was quite older than Brooke. Making matters worse, it wasn’t even for the WWE and instead, the lower scale TNA product.

Looking back, there’s no doubt Hulk is cringing at the things he made his daughter go through with the Impact program. Some of those skits were just so awful, hell Hulk himself was standing next to Brooke for one of them as Bubba Ray was "marrying" his daughter in the middle of the ring. If he could go back in time, he would either a) scrap the story entirely or b) run wild on Bubba and TNA for such disturbing storylines.

8 Linda’s DUI

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Although they were divorced at the time of Linda’s arrest, we truly believe Hulk was running wild nonetheless as Linda continued to slander the Hogan family name. Not only was she in a disturbing relationship at the time (one we’ll cover a little later) but she was also in the news for all the wrong reasons. The ultimate humiliation, Linda’s musgshot was made public in the fall of 2012. She was arrested in Malibu for driving while intoxicated, a crime you wouldn’t expect someone over 50 to commit.

She was guilty of the charges with an alcohol level of .084, she was later released after posting bail. It was all so forgettable and one of the most embarrassing moments the Hogan family underwent (and that’s saying a lot).


7 Brooke’s Music Video

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Likely thanks to her VH1 exposure on the reality show, Brooke got off to a decent start selling a great amount of albums her first time around. However, her other albums would plummet and she would later change genres turning to country music, a wise decision.

Looking back, Brooke had an edgy music video from her song Falling. Brooke wasn’t alone in the steamy clip as rapper Stack$ also took part. Photos are also available of the clip and most are of the "Not So PG" variety - without a doubt, Hulk was running wild looking at the several inappropriate scenes from the video. Making matters even more inappropriate, Brooke initially looks at her a picture of herself and her father before turning to a photo of Stack$, an odd part of the video and one that only intensifies the weird relationship between the father and daughter.

6 Linda In Court

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Oh the National Enquirer, they rocked Tiger Woods’ personal life and they did the same to Hulk back in 2007. It was deemed that Hulk was having an affair with an acquaintance of Brooke and shortly after, the news was to be true as Linda filed for divorce and the Hogan Knows Best reality show came to an end.

Hulk suffered from major depression following the announcement of the divorce and if that wasn’t bad enough, he might still have nightmares from his court case against Linda. His ex-wife walked out of the settlement with a disturbing 70% of the couple’s assets leaving poor Hulk with 30% left of his life’s work. In a shocking twist you would only see in movies, Hogan had somewhat of a redemption story winning over $100 million years later in a court case against Gawker. Not too surprising, Linda was furious at the news evidenced by her interview regarding the matter.


5 Brooke’s Failed Engagement

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We got the harsh reality through a leaked tape featuring Hulk in the nude and making some pillow talk, he’s one protective dad when it comes to who Brooke ends up with. He didn’t seem to have a problem with her prior relationship with former Dallas Cowboys enter Phil Costa initially. The two dated and later in the summer of 2013, got engaged at the strip in Las Vegas. Photos of the proposal are available online to this day - if you ever feel like cringing a bit, check them out.

As you probably know by now, the engagement was later called off by the former couple in late 2013. According to certain tabloids, Brooke was the one to call the ordeal off. Hey, maybe Hulk was running wild over her engagement? In truth, he was as the two (Hulk and Phil) nearly clashed during the couple’s engagement resulting in the bitter end to the couple. Oh Hulk!

4 Linda’s Teen Dream

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Speaking of taking things too far, we turn things over to a disturbing relationship we still can’t believe that took place. Following her separation from Hulk, Linda decided to go younger, like much younger, like teenage young. She was basically dating a dude near the same age as her own son, Charlie Hill. At the time of the disturbing relationship, Linda was two years away from her 50s while Charlie was still a damn teen at the age of 19. We can just imagine Hogan’s reaction as he Hulked up in his kitchen breaking plates and cutting a promo on them as she shattered them on the ground. Why plates? Just cause.

Thankfully, the relationship ultimately fizzled out but it wasn’t without controversy. Hill demanded some extra cash for his work around the house and not too surprising, his claims were unmet.


3 Brooke’s On-Stage Outfits

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When it comes to Brooke’s on-stage outfits, she’s revealed a little too much time and time again in the past, likely resulting in, you guessed it, Hulk running wild brother. Brooke enjoyed her peak back in 2006 - not only did her track About Us land in the Billboard Charts but she also sold over 125K records that same year. That was the ultimate high but she faced the lows soon after.

A big time low featured SoBe Records dropping Brooke after the release of her second album, The Redemption. The album was a monumental flop back in the 2009 selling 15K copies in the US, a terrible number and one that ended her time the record company. She now transferred her skills to the country scene, however, she hasn’t hit a homerun just yet since changing genres.

2 Linda’s Rap Video

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Oh the amount of money we would give to sit Hulk down in a room and press play on this cringe worthy video. Not sure what Linda was thinking, but she agreed to appear in minimal clothing during Ricky Romance’s video MILF. Two things here, one, who the hell is Ricky Romance and two, how well can he take a leg drop to the throat?

Sadly, the video clip is still available via YouTube, the song was released back in the fall of 2013 and looks as though it was put together by an elementary school student playing around with Windows Movie Maker. The video has near 145K clicks and making matters worse, the clip has more dislikes than likes. We warn you, the comment section is littered with inappropriateness.


1 Brooke In Yoga Gear

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At the age of 29, Brooke is still looking great and some candid photos proved that as she enjoyed a hike with some friends. The paparazzi had a field day with Brooke’s tight attire, she was rocking them yoga pants and of the high waisted variety. The pants might have been even tighter than Hulk’s WWE attire.

All jokes aside, Brooke remains busy nowadays with rumors swirling around that she plans on starting up her own indie wrestling promotion for strictly women. Given the climate of women’s wrestling nowadays, the idea really isn’t so bad and a pretty darn good one. Sadly, we won’t see Brooke enter the ring as she confirmed that her role with the company would be behind the scenes, darn it.


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