15 Awesome Recent Candid Pictures From WWE

The reason WWE has always maintained itself as the leader of "sports entertainment" and been the #1 pro wrestling brand is because of how well the company has evolved over the decades and adapted to the new conditions. The WWE knows fairly well that in the age of social media and the internet, it's near impossible to keep secrets from fans and to maintain kayfabe, so they've adjusted and give the fans some in-depth look at what goes on at the back.

WWE has been quite consistent at posting some surprisingly awesome pictures of superstars hanging around backstage in their non-kayfabe selves. With the recent inflow of major PPVs and historic events in the WWE (with the RAW 25), there have been more and more candid pictures of wrestlers past and present being showcased to the fans. The company, as well as the wrestlers, have recently posted some great pictures which not everyone has had the opportunity of seeing.

Most of these pictures have been posted on WWE's social media accounts and by its superstars. Watching them just hang around and have fun at the back makes them so much more pleasing. Some of these superstars' best behind the scenes moments are captured in these awesome candid pictures which you NEED to see.

15 AJ Styles And Rey Mysterio Hang Out Backstage

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The Men's Royal Rumble match was surprisingly one of the best Rumble matches over the past few years, as it included some genuine surprises and some of the best current wrestlers fighting it out for an opportunity to headline WrestleMania. An entrant which surprised everyone was Rey Mysterio, who returned to WWE after almost 4 years! He had a great stint saw him hit his iconic 619 on many superstars and earned the love and respect of everyone with his performance. That included the current WWE Champion, AJ Styles who went onto greeting him backstage. This awesome picture of the two hanging out makes us realize how much of a dream match Styles vs Mysterio would be in WWE! The two have faced off in the indies before, but having them fight it out in a WWE ring would be absolutely amazing, with this delightful candid picture teasing it very well.

14 The New Day With The Boogeyman

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The Ney Day have amazingly maintained themselves as the most over tag team in the WWE over the years and are still going strong without any cracks being noticed in their friendship. They were part of the 25th anniversary of RAW and even though they didn't appear in the ring, they were backstage having fun with all the legends. One "legend" they encounter was the Boogeyman, who is known for his terrifying, weird obsession with worms. This picture shows the trio with Boogeyman, with Xavier Woods seemingly grossed out when Boogeyman puts some worms in his hand. This awesome, candid picture shows how the New Day keep kayfabe alive even when they don't really have to, as they're having a great time with the creepy Boogeyman and proving why they're so beloved by fans and superstars alike.

13 The Attitude Era Women Reunite

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Both the Royal Rumble PPV and the 25th Anniversary of Raw celebrated the impact of Women in the WWE over the years, with many of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression era divas making their return to the company for a short stint. Many friends and foes were reunited in the WWE during the week, with the Women's Royal Rumble matchmaking some surprising returns as well. Two real surprises were the return of Jacqueline and Trish Stratus, both who were top divas during their time in the Attitude Era. The two caught up backstage, where this awesome picture of the two taking a selfie was snapped. They might've been part of some fights back then, but seem to still be good friends and evidently had a lot of fun during their return to the company after many years.

12 The Shield Brothers Catching Up Backstage

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The Shield's reunion probably wasn't as sweet as many had hoped it to be, but the three "brothers" definitely had a great time after teaming up to take on Miz and his "Miztourage". They had some great matches before injuries put a halt on their reunion tour, with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose both suffering injuries after they reunited. Despite all their troubles, the three seem to be best friends in real life with this picture showing them chatting up with each other backstage. The picture shows how the three are quite comfortable with each other in real life and love to hang around whenever they get some free time. The three are having a pep-talk before a crucial match at Survivor Series, with this awesome snap showing the strong bond shared between the trio even behind the curtains in WWE.

11 Stephanie And Stone Cold Catch Up

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So the 25th Anniversary of Raw might not have been the best of shows for a portion of the fans, but nobody can deny that it was really entertaining due to the number of legends who returned for one-night-only. One of the biggest legends among that was Stone Cold Steve Austin, who came in to raise hell and gave stunners to both Vince and Shane McMahon in the opening segment. Despite being the thorn in the sides of McMahon on-screen, Austin is still in good terms with them off it and evidently had a great time backstage during the event. This picture shows Austin catching up with Stephanie, as the two seem to be deep in some conversation. Maybe they're remising the good(?) ol' days where Austin loved causing hell for Vince, but this awesome picture shows how these two still have emotional conversations backstage.

10 Triple H Gives A Pep-Talk To Ladies Before Royal Rumble Match

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Triple H has played a big part in the "Women's Revolution" over the past few years as it was he who saw the potential among these women from NXT and helped kick-start their revolution on the main roster. It goes without saying that he also played a big part in introducing the Women's Royal Rumble match and was responsible for its success. The way he's motivated these women is amazing, with this behind the scenes picture showing him giving a pep-talk to the women prior to the match. Along with John Laurinaitis, HHH seems to be vocal about what he wants from the ladies and giving them the much-needed motivation prior to the match. This awesome picture proves how HHH regards these female wrestlers highly, and his pep-talk definitely worked its charm as the inaugural female Rumble match was quite the success!

9 Balor Club & DX Unite During Raw 25

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The Manhattan Center didn't really get their monies worth during the 25th Anniversary of Raw, which simultaneously took place in the iconic Raw arena as well. They only got a few matches and some b-grade stars, prompting the fans to call for refunds after the match. Despite all that, one good thing they got was watching the reunion of D-Generation X and the "Kliq", who also united with Balor Club to send The Revival packing. Balor Club and DX looked awesome together with the "Too Sweet" signs and the two decided to pose for some epic photos backstage. This awesome picture shows all of DX and Balor Club keeping the posing party going backstage, with the two stables really enjoying each other's company. This picture showing the old guard with the new blood is something nostalgic and delightful at the same time and is definitely "Too Sweet" for us.

8 Ricochet's Debut Teased By Triple H

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WWE NXT just keeps on getting better with each passing year, with the latest NXT: Takeover proving just how amazing Triple H's product is right now. While the in-ring action caught everyone's attention, WWE's newest signing in Ricochet was shown during a segment and is officially a part of NXT right now. He even made his debut in the latest NXT tapings (*spoiler alert* he won with his iconic 630 Splash) and immediately after that, Triple H teased his debut with this awesome candid picture. This picture shows Ricochet getting ready to head into the ring and HHH on the gorilla position, with Ricochet's excitement glaring out in the picture. The former Independent star has finally made it to the big leagues in WWE NXT and we cannot wait to see what he has to offer in the near future.

7 Paul Heyman's New Client?

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Paul Heyman has played a huge role in Brock Lesnar's success over the years, with the advocate of the Beast Incarnate playing a vital part in him being recognized as the top dog of WWE. The way he hypes up Lesnar and his fights automatically add something important to it and there have been talks of pairing Heyman with other superstars to help their progress. While there's talk of him being paired with Ronda Rousey, this candid pictures makes us think of something else. Heyman is having a chat with Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte at the back and one can't think but wonder of the amazing moments these two can produce together. They seem to be entangled in a deep discussion in this awesome picture, and can only hope they get paired in WWE TV as it could help assert her as the "top female" on the roster.

6 Chris Jericho With His Guitar

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Not many could've predicted that Chris Jericho would return to WWE Television so quickly after his amazing Wrestle Kingdom match with Kenny Omega, but the company couldn't do without the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla during the 25th Anniversary of Raw. Jericho was teased by the WWE and appeared during a backstage segment, not with his list, but with a guitar! He sang a song to Elias in what was an entertaining segment, proving how amazing his hilarious gimmick still is. Jericho was also snapped with his guitar backstage later on, with this awesome picture showing him with that guitar. Knowing his musical career, playing the guitar is nothing big for Jericho, who looks delighted to have been allowed to do this segment. Jericho was all smiles at the back as this picture shows and still seems to be in WWE's good books despite wrestling for another promotion.

5 Roman Reigns With The Hurricane

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The Hurricane made for a delightful surprise when he returned at the Royal Rumble PPV, goofing around with his superhero persona which got him over many years ago. He entertained the fans during his short cameo in the Rumble match, but something which was equally memorable was this incredible picture of him with Roman Reigns at the back. Reigns caught up with The Hurricane, who was the tag team partner of Rosey, Reigns real-life brother who passed away last year. This emotional picture is an amazing candid snap which shows the humane side of these two wrestlers which not many get the opportunity to witness in the ring. Reigns may not be liked by everyone for his antics in WWE, but the fact that he had a heart-to-heart talk with his deceased brother's tag partner definitely makes you respect him as a person.

4 X-Pac With His Dog

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X-Pac was one of the legends who announced him being a part of Raw 25 well before the actual event, as he appeared during the DX segment and cut a decent promo as well. He took part in beating up the Revival and posing with Balor Club, but something which was even more prominent was the backstage picture of him prior to the event. This picture shows X-Pac with his Dog hanging in his chest, something which is so adorable and awesome at the same time! As we can see, X-Pac loves his dog enough to bring it to the arena and give it the WWE experience as well! It's quite heart-warming to see this candid picture of him with his cute dog with him, as X-Pac seems to be deeply in love with his pet who helped him recover from a torrid time over the past few years.

3 Braun Strowman Warming Up

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Braun Strowman has been a one-man wrecking machine in the WWE over the past few months, where he's been absolutely decimating everyone in his path. He's obviously over with the fans and management both and his incredible athleticism for someone his size and "monstrous" looks make him a top star for WWE. While we all know how "different" and goofy Strowman is in real life, he takes things seriously whenever he's at a WWE arena. So backstage at Survivor Series last year, the cameras caught this candid picture of him doing push-ups. The Monster Among Men looks absolutely beast-like in this picture which proves why he can do the unworldly things in WWE. While him lifting over trucks and all are a bit exasperated, he can definitely lift a lot of heavy stuff and rigorous training like it's shown here is the reason for his unreal strength.

2 The Women Celebrating The Rumble Success

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The Women's Royal Rumble match had a lot of weight on its shoulders when it was announced that it was going to be the main event for the Royal Rumble event, as WWE had put a lot of faith in these women. But in the end, it actually exceeded expectations and was a match filled with surprises and great segments, and the women were definitely delighted at how everything went. This candid picture shows the women celebrating the success of the Rumble and catching up with some of the returning women backstage, as Ronda Rousey can also be seen speaking to Bayley. This is a great emotional picture which shows the genuine happiness of these female wrestlers at successfully putting on an amazing show in the Rumble match. These women can proudly state that they were part of the Inaugural Rumble match, with their pride glaring out in this picture.

1 Triple H Trying To Sneak In A Picture Of Ronda Rousey

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The Women's Royal Rumble match must've been an absolute blast which ended on a high with Asuka eliminating Nikki Bella to win the match, but the show didn't end with Asuka standing tall. Ronda Rousey made her much anticipated debut, in the end, coming out wearing "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's jacket and pointing at the WrestleMania sign, indicating where her debut match will take place. Rousey's signature was a matter which was highly taken up by the mainstream media and everyone wanted her reactions after the show ended. While the photographers surrounded her, a candid picture caught Triple H trying to sneak in a picture of Rousey from the entrance door on the ramp. This hilarious picture shows Triple H's "fanboy moment" at trying to get a snap at WWE's biggest signature in years and shows how humble he is at trying to take a cheeky snap from the back of the line.

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