15 Awesome GIFs From The Ruthless Aggression Era

An industry that has always been known for over the top visuals and distinctive looks, when it comes to the WWE, in particular, a person’s image is of gigantic importance. As a result of that and Vince McMahon's obsession with appearances, there have been a number of gorgeous women that have worked for the company over the years. Often broken down into different time periods, sadly, many of the female performers from the so-called Ruthless Aggression Era seem to be largely forgotten today. A real shame as many of them were good at what they did and looked amazing, we wanted to remind our readers of some of these ladies, at least from a visual standpoint. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen steamy gifs from The Ruthless Aggression Era.

In order for a gif to be considered for inclusion here, it has to feature images that were recorded and released by the largest wrestling company in the world, the WWE. Next, it needs to show images of women that worked for them and looked fantastic in it for one reason or another. It does not matter in the slightest what aspect of the business it comes from so it can stem from in-ring action, interviews in the back or anywhere else. Finally, as best as we can tell it needs to have been produced in The Ruthless Aggression Era, which we are defining as taking place in between the years 2002 and 2008. As such, anything after the first of January in 2002 and before December 31st, 2008 could appear here if it applies.

17 Melina's Splits

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Introduced to WWE fans as the valet of a major new tag team, Melina and her cohorts Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury stood out right off the hop because of their unique entrance. Surrounded by people that were supposed to be paparazzi as a red carpet was unfurled in front of them, they carried themselves like huge stars from days one and it was awesome Of course, if you are someone that is attracted to ladies it is likely that another thing that happened when they came to the ring is what stood out to you a whole lot more. A very flexible woman, Melina would do the splits on the side of the ring and then slide under the bottom rope in a moment that would provide a great view of her body.

16 Maryse’s Pin

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A wrestler that some current fans may not realize has an extensive history of competing in the ring, longtime followers of the WWE will remember that Maryse used to be a part of the Divas division. First coming to prominence when she competed in the 2006 Divas Search, she was the second person eliminated but the company put her under contract anyway. Eventually brought to the main roster as a wrestler, she did well enough in that role that she would win the Divas Championship on two occasions. Better at playing her character than actually grappling in the ring, her ring psychology was solid as she would put her spin on things you see in every match. For instance, when she pinned her foes she would straddle their entire body like she is doing here and we have to say it was quite alluring.

15 Special Guest Ref Trish Stratus

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Seen by many as possibly the best female wrestler of all-time, whether you would give her that lofty position or not Trish Stratus will always be in that conversation which is really impressive. First coming to the company as the manager of a tag team, it was clear that she was hired for her looks alone as she initially didn’t know what to do when she took part in matches. However, over time she became incredible after she put a lot of work into learning her craft and by the time she retired there were few people that were anywhere near her level. Still, even though her skills were respected she always garnered a lot of attention for her looks while she was in the business and this gif shows why that is.

14 Layla El's Dance

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From someone that entered the WWE through the Divas Search but didn’t win, to someone that reigned supreme, Layla El beat of her competition in the 2006 version of that then annual event. Having the best run of her career when she created a tandem with Michelle McCool that they christened LayCool, they seemed to really relish being villains which made them mostly fun to watch. Subsequently going on to be a part of many different and varied storylines, she also took on other roles including being a part of Extreme Exposé, a dance troupe that performed in the ring. Clearly, someone that knows how to move her body with the greatest of skill, seeing her dance in this gif is absolutely magnificent.

13 Dawn Marie's Entrance

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Someone that first became a part of the national wrestling scene when she worked for ECW, after the WWE bought that company out of bankruptcy she was given a contract with them. Taking on various roles during that time, including a short run as Vince McMahon’s legal assistant and a slew of lesser feuds, there is still one thing her run is best remembered for. Placed into a long-running rivalry with Torrie Wilson over the affections of Al Wilson, the father of her foe, Dawn Marie seduced him and then they tied the knot. Remembered as horrible by a lot of people that watched their goofy segments week after week at the time, it did give fans some incredible visuals of the two ladies.

12 Candice Michelle's Taunt

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A part of the WWE’s roster from 2004 until 2009, we have to say that when Candice Michelle first came into the picture we thought she would serve as a valet who accompanied others to the ring. However, that would not turn out to be the case at all as she would eventually become an in-ring grappler that was good enough to be in entertaining matches herself. In fact, she won the WWE Women’s Championship once which is something she should be very proud of. Also gaining attention during her tenure for her outrageous body since she appeared in revealing commercials for GoDaddy.com, she has curves for days.

11 Kelly Kelly In ECW

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One of the youngest people to ever be put in a major position in the WWE product, Kelly Kelly had no history in the business and was only eighteen when she first signed with the company. One of the focal points when the WWE’s version of ECW made its television debut in 2006, she regularly appeared in segments where she undressed while dancing. Always interrupted before she could actually reveal anything overly scandalous, it was still something we’d never expect to see the company broadcast today. A gif of her from that era in her career, here we see her taunting the crowd with her body in a promo backstage.

10 Torrie Wilson & Sable... That Look

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The only gif on this list that features two WWE performers from the Ruthless Aggression Era, here we see two of the hottest blondes in the history of the company. One of the first segments Sable took part in once she made her return to the company after suing them for forcing her to expose her body to the crowd years earlier, this was a shock to many of us. Also featuring Torrie Wilson, someone whose time in the business was always associated with her looks, she seemed like the heir apparent to Sable’s legacy. As such, seeing them on the screen together was a real treat but it was the sultry nature of the moment caught in this gif that really does it for us and most other fans.

9 Victoria's Secret

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One of those wrestlers that fly under the radar in conversations about the best of all-time but really shouldn’t, Victoria was a part of the main roster from 2001 until 2009. As such, she was a mainstay throughout the entire Ruthless Aggression Era and helped to define how the Divas division was seen at the time. A former two-time WWE Women’s Champion, she did a great job in the ring and helped lend credibility to many performers that were hired by the company for their looks instead of what they could do in the ring. On top of that, she also had an incredible body and since they would do extensive bikini photo shoots at this time, we get to enjoy this gif’s view of her fit physique.

8 Stacy Keibler Taunting Rhyno

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One of the best crossover celebrity stories the WWE had to point to at one time, after Stacy Keibler walked away from wrestling she garnered a lot of attention. Placing third in the second season of Dancing with the Stars was a huge boon to her public persona but she also became known to many people as the longtime girlfriend of George Clooney as well. Still, wrestling fans will likely think of her runs in WCW and the WWE first and foremost and while she was never very good at actually wrestling her looks made her stand out. A tall woman with exceptionally long legs and one of the best derrieres we’ve ever seen, this gif of her taunting Rhyno is jaw-dropping.

7 Playful Christy Hemme

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The winner of the first-ever Divas Search, Christy Hemme gained a position on the roster by convincing fans to call in and vote on her behalf. A fiery redhead whose personality was equally outrageous and fun, the defining aspect of her during the competition was that she seemed like a rad person with a killer body. Sadly, she never amounted to all that much during her WWE run and she is probably more associated with posing for a Playboy pictorial during her brief tenure or her more extensive time in TNA. However, she did gift us a few incredible moments including her interactions with her fellow Divas Search competitors

6 McMahon Witch

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A very memorable night in the history of the WWE, this gif originates from an episode of Smackdown in which John Cena rapped on television for the first time which was a watershed moment in his career. Of course, if you are like us and enjoy seeing attractive women showing off their body then you may have also known that Stephanie McMahon wore an incredible outfit that night. An episode that aired during the Halloween season, the superstars appeared in costume and Vince’s daughter dressed up as a witch whose gown was designed to reveal her cleavage. A gif that features her in all of her glory from that night, we also adore that she wore a necklace that further drew the eye to her chest.



3 Maria Kanellis Car Wash

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Another person that is under a WWE contract as this list is being written, Maria Kanellis hasn’t been seen on television for a while as she has been on maternity leave. A former Divas Search competitor that has taken part in some matches over her career but is best known for her looks and skills on the mic, we’re really hoping that she comes back and is given more to do. Performing alongside her real-life husband for years now, the man currently known as Mike Kanellis, their chemistry on screen speaks for itself and they have an awesome entrance song. If they haven’t convinced Vince McMahon to truly invest in them based on what they can do then someone should show the old man this gif. A moment from her first run with the company, seeing her washing a car in a bikini is the type of thing Vinne Mac once loved so maybe he’ll remember he liked her to begin with.




2 Lita And Matt

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At one time easily the most popular couple in the wrestling industry, Matt Hardy and Lita were a pair on screen for many years and fans really came to care about their relationship. As a result, when it came to light that she had cheated on him with one of his best friends, Edge, it is safe to say that audiences were very mad. In fact, fans were so upset that the company was pretty much forced to turn her into a villain and pair her with Edge as he and her former boyfriend feuded with one another. Fully committing to her new role, Lita not only altered her demeanor but since she was the valet of the Rated R Superstar she began to dress in a much more revealing manner.

1 Mickie James' Kiss Goodbye

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The only person on this list that is wrestling for the WWE at the time of this writing, Mickie James has proven that she has real staying power in this business for good reason. Someone with a real understanding of her character and passion for portraying it, she has taken part in several memorable moments. Despite the length of her run in the business, however, there are many people that will always believe that her best feud ever was the one she had with Trish Stratus when she made her WWE debut. Starting out as a passionate fan of Trish that seemed to be smitten with her as well, she slowly became more obsessed with her would-be mentor and they grappled at WrestleMania. A gif from that match, here we see Mickie after she won.

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