Awful Angles: 15 Things WWE Should NEVER Do Again

On a pay-per-view week WWE is giving us ten hours of programming, at the very least. Not only that but we've had 33 WrestleManias, almost 25 years of Raw, and the hours and hours of other programming over the years. All of that time to fill for a company that never stops and runs 365 days a year, there are going to be some stinkers. We forgive them for that. Even on a three hour Raw we don't expect everything to be gold. There will be segments we love, some we don't, but we have to understand that they're trying to appeal to everybody. All of these hours of programming though, there have been some ideas that have been absolutely unforgivable.

The inspiration behind this article, as you may have guessed, is a segment that happened recently on Raw. A This Is Your Life segment. If you haven't seen it already then read on as it is of course featured among these fifteen entries. What you'll quickly discover as you make your way through the rest of this list is that this tragic segment is really just the tip of the iceberg. If you're a relatively new fan to WWE then trust me, it can get a lot worse than what Alexa Bliss staged for Bayley a few weeks ago. Death, rape, even necrophilia isn't off the table for a WWE angle. Here are 15 terrible ideas that they've had in the past, and ones that we pray they never revisit again.

15 The Anonymous Raw General Manager

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What do you do when you either don't have an appropriate talent to play the role of Raw's General Manager or there's simply nobody you want for the role currently employed by WWE? Well you invent the anonymous Raw General Manager of course. For an entire year between the summers of 2010 and 2011 WWE's flagship show was run by a laptop on a plinth. Whenever the message tone would sound, Michael Cole would go to the laptop and read the email which would dictate instructions for that night's show. Each week the emails would feature hints at who the GM might be but eventually it was revealed to be Hornswoggle, making a terrible idea even worse. WWE tried to bring back the idea in 2014 but the backlash from fans saw it correctly scrapped relatively sharpish.

14 This Is Your Life

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In 1999, Mankind and The Rock staged one of the highest rated Raw segments of all time. The two were in an odd couple tag team, The Rock 'N' Sock Connection, and Mick wanted to show his appreciation for his tag partner. It was awesome. WWE being WWE, they thought that because it worked then, it will work now. Recently on Raw Alexa Bliss attempted to recreate the classic segment in order to mock her opponent, Bayley. To cut a long story short, it bombed. It was awkward, it wasn't funny, and worst of all it lowered the stock of Alexa Bliss who has been on cloud nine as of late. WWE, you tried to revive a once great idea, please don't ever do it again.

13 The Gobbledygooker

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WWE have sent a lot of wrestlers out there in costumes in the past. A garbage man, a hockey player, even a Minotaur. The worst of them all however came at Survivor Series 1990, and no I'm not taking about The Undertaker. Another character debuted on that night besides The Deadman, and that was The Gobbledygooker. A wrestler dressed in a turkey costume that hatched from an egg. Apparently WWE actually had plans to keep The Gooker around for a while, but the crowd reaction a man dressed as a turkey rightfully got made sure those plans were nixed pretty quickly. Gooker has made a couple of gimmick appearances since his debut over 25 years ago but please WWE, no more Superstars dressed as barn yard animals.

12 Suggest Sexual Assault

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Professional wrestling is a business where companies and Superstars need to push the envelope. WWE in particular have done that which is why they're the juggernaut of a company that they are today. While getting creative has often worked for them, too many times they've pushed too far and crossed that proverbial line. One particular example that springs to mind? The time that a story line insinuated Kane had in fact sexually assaulted Lita, on more than one occasion in fact. It began when The Big Red Machine kidnapped Lita while he was feuding with her boyfriend at the time, Matt Hardy. When Lita revealed she was pregnant, Kane emerged and claimed that the baby was his obviously suggesting that the pair had sex against Lita's will. Later Hardy lost a 'Til Death Do Us Part match to Kane which meant Lita had to marry her kidnapper. Following that Kane stood beside a disgusted Lita as he bragged about them consummating their marriage. Too far WWE, too far.

11 Punjabi Prison Match

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WWE has and unfortunately still is guilty of two things, among a host of others. One, stereotyping any Superstars they have that even have a drop of non-American blood in their veins, and two coming up with some absolutely terrible ideas for gimmick matches. This entry neatly encapsulates both of those less than favorable traits, the Punjabi Prison match. The match was brought about when Great Khali was at the top of his WWE game and consisted of two cages, one larger one surrounding the smaller one around the ring, both made of bamboo. Honestly WWE a simple cage made of steel is fine by us. The weirdest thing was that despite it being a clearly terrible idea when Undertaker and Big Show stepped into the structure for the first time, WWE brought it back again so that Khali could have a go in there himself against Batista. The third time for this match would definitely not be the charm.

10 Celebrities In The Hall Of Fame

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There are a lot of things that can signal a WWE Superstar reaching the very top of their game. Becoming WWE Champion. Getting to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The highest honor a wrestler can really get though is to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Ric Flair, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, they all deservedly have those much coveted Hall of Fame rings. There are some people that really shouldn't have them though. The hallowed halls of wrestling's very top table have a celebrity wing. Yes the likes of Snoop Dogg, Drew Carey and even the President of the United States Donald Trump can boast a place in WWE's Hall of Fame. In 2017 however the Hall of Fame class did not include a celebrity for the first time since 2009. Let's hope it stays that way as such a prestigious honor should be reserved for wrestlers alone.

9 Giving Birth To Body Parts

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A return to WWE's risque past for this entry, but one that verges on the weird rather than the down right wrong. During the Attitude Era the monster, and sure fire Hall of Famer, Mark Henry was viewed a little differently. For a time Mark was somewhat of a womanizer and his nickname was that of Sexual Chocolate. Let's be honest that alone warrants a place on this list, but it gets so much worse. Mark used his way with the ladies to engage himself in a relationship with the elderly Mae Young. Hold on, it gets even worse. Despite Young's old age Mark managed to get her pregnant, strictly in story line of course. Mae had an extremely short gestation period and when we were introduced to her 'child' it was plain to see why. Mark and Mae were the proud parent of, wait for it, a hand. Yes it's as weird as it sounds. Needless to say no one has given birth to any body parts live on Raw ever since.

8 Putting Things On A Pole

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WWE are not the only ones guilty of this one. In fact it may have actually been Vince Russo while in WCW that first introduced us to this. Putting stuff on a pole. Contracts, weapons, even people if we broaden the definition and include fork lifts as well as poles. This is one that we know WWE haven't learnt their lesson from either. At Extreme Rules recently Alexa Bliss and Bayley, they're really not being done any favors at the moment, did battle in a kendo stick on a pole match. Apart from the gimmick having no place in 2017, the match itself makes no sense. In it's most recent manifestation it was Bayley who got the kendo stick down from the pole, yet Alexa was the one who used it to beat her opponent.

7 Necrophilia Angles

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We've already covered that over the course of WWE's history they've pretty much crossed every line that there is to cross. Well if you don't know about this one, prepare to hear about some new lows. During the early 2000s Triple H and Kane were embroiled in a heated rivalry. The game made some extremely derogatory comments about his rival at the time, claiming that The Big Red Machine had crashed a car and been responsible for the death of a woman name Katie Vick. The Cerebral Assassin didn't stop there either. Triple H took it upon himself to set up a scene in a funeral home that involved him donning a Kane mask, climbing into a casket and proceeding to simulate sex with a corpse. Yes that's right, WWE didn't think a necrophilia angle was something they should never, ever do and it revolved around a man who basically runs the company now.

6 Having Wrestlers Play Terrorists

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Let me see, what other depths have WWE plunged to? Oh that's right, they once had a guy who looked remotely like he was from the Middle East insinuate that he was a terrorist. In 2005 Muhammad Hassan became a member of the SmackDown roster and played the old 'you hate me because I'm different' card that so many foreign Superstars have been lumbered with throughout WWE's history. This one had the added twist of Hassan claiming that fans thought he was a terrorist, an accusation the character furthered by having men in ski masks rush the ring and attack The Undertaker. What makes it even worse is their attack coincided with the London Bombings in July of that year. No more terrorist angles please WWE, in fact if you could ditch the whole salty foreigner thing altogether that would be great.

5 Live Sex Show

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In 2006 Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the WWE Championship. At the time he was known as The Rated R Superstar and the following night on Raw wanted to celebrate his championship win in true rated R fashion. The new champ promised the fans that he and his girlfriend Lita would put on a live sex show for them right in the middle of the ring. So WWE hooked them up with a bed and the two of them began to go through with what Edge had promised. Former champion John Cena interrupted in the nick of time because come on guys, there were kids watching and there still are now so yeah, no more sex in the ring thanks.

4 Chair Shots To The Head

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Pro wrestling may be staged, or pre determined, or however you want to put it, but that doesn't mean there isn't a great amount of risk involved. So many Superstars have been seriously injured or even died while performing in the ring. What's more common place are the problems that wrestlers suffer from later in life after a long career of taking bumps in the ring. What has come to light recently, and this is across sport in general rather than just wrestling, is the amount of concussions being suffered by athletes. In pro wrestling a leading cause of that was the amount of steel chair shots wrestlers take to the head. WWE have since banned them on their product but like anything else, they could shock us and allow them again. I doubt it but they are still used elsewhere in wrestling. Don't follow suit WWE.

3 Wrestlers Painting Themselves Black

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A swift return to the Attitude Era now. It may be considered by many to be perhaps the best era in all of wrestling history, but those people probably have a selective memory when it comes to what made it great. There were as many misses as hits during that era than any other. One of the worst that would definitely not fly today, so in keeping with this article WWE please don't try it, was DX poking fun at The Nation of Domination. That in itself is fine, but it's how they did it. Most members of The Nation were black, so Triple H and co decided to go all the way with it and the DX members playing black nation members painted their skin. Really not cool.

2 Calling Women Divas

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Non Americans and non white wrestlers are not the only ones who have had a rough time of it over the course of WWE's history. Let's not forget how women in the company were treated up until very recently. In the present day women are given the same opportunities as men in WWE. They've headlined pay per views, get spotlighted on Raw and SmackDown Live, there really has been a women's revolution. Rewind not that long at all and female performers in the company were viewed as simply eye candy. They were hired based on their looks and wrestling ability didn't matter. A couple of performers tried to break that stereotype over the years, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Natalya just to name a few, but WWE would always revert back to their original, prehistoric way of thinking. Let's hope the way they're portrayed now is a little more permanent.

1 Using Death To Further Storylines

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Pro wrestling can be a very confusing business. WWE like nothing more than mixing what they've written with real life happenings to keep their viewers guessing and intrigued. A lot of the time that works to their advantage, but a well they keep going back to is really one they should leave alone. That well being using a person's real life death to further a story line. They do it a lot. When CM Punk prepared to face The Undertaker he mocked his opponent about the death of his long time friend, Paul Bearer. Punk even poured Bearer's ashes over The Deadman! Even more recently than that Paige took a dig at Charlotte Flair claiming that her brother who had passed away years earlier 'didn't put up much of a fight'. That one in particular didn't sit well with a lot of people and it happened within the last few years. A lot of the things on this list are probably out of the minds of those in control at WWE so we thankfully won't see them again, but for some reason the death angle is one that keeps rearing its ugly head despite it always being in very poor taste.

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