17 Awkward Fan Photos With WWE Stars

Camera phones are truly the gift and the curse, especially when it comes to celebrities. On one hand, you no longer have to carry a heavy camera and quickly snap a photo of any ongoing event. But when you are famous, life has gotten even tougher than before since everyone now has access to a camera and will be stopping you for a quick photo.

There are many WWE Superstars who truly appreciate the fan support and love interacting with them. But some may not be so keen, particularly when they aren't attending official meet and greet events. WWE broadcasts in nearly every country in the world, and since they spend most of the year hopping around from one place to another, that means they are likely to run into fans wherever they go. It can be a tough task especially since wrestlers are usually exhausted after having performed and boarding long flights, meaning most of them are in no mood to be socializing with fans.

But those meetings have produced some quality photos over the years in which you could sense the awkwardness by simply looking at their face expressions. Most fans couldn't careless since they still got to meet their favorite stars, but it does make for a good laugh. Even the most outgoing Superstars are bound to have their bad days where they simply want their space from everyone else, but unfortunately that is not an option for them. Today, we look at 17 awkward fan photos with WWE stars:

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17 Um... Security?

via pinterest.com

Paige was once arguably the hottest name in the women's division, as she made her debut on the main roster the night after WrestleMania XIV and won the Divas Championship from AJ Lee in her debut match. Requests for autographs and pictures must have shot up for her afterwards, but after seeing a photo like this, you understand why certain wrestlers lay some ground rules when fans pose with them. Paige looks like she's trying to get through the photo, as the fan probably paid quite a bit of money to get the shot, but still, how in any way is this not awkward to wrap his arm around her like that? We'd like to see this guy try grabbing Brock Lesnar like that!

16 You Can Look... And DEFINITELY Can't Touch

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The Bella Twins are no strangers to getting fan requests for autographs. Sometimes fans may want to make an impression when they're lucky enough to get a pic withs some of their favorite WWE stars but this one seems like it might creep the twins out a little. You can see the twins managing to pull out a smile, but we're wondering just what they were thinking once the fans dressed up as Nikki and her beau walked away. They probably had a few laughs about it, but it's definitely not a photo they'd want to take every day. We wonder if this photo would ever be created with the two fans both dressing up as Bella twins for Cena and Daniel Bryan!

15 No Festival Of Friendship For This Guy

via markedout.com

Kevin Owens looks like he just lost yet another match against AJ Styles in that photo. He was nice enough to have accepted the fan's request but you can easily tell that Owens is exhausted here. Owens has earned a bad reputation due to the way he comes across on Twitter, as he has been involved in many arguments with fans. But to his defense, many are usually insulting him about his weight or even worse bringing up his family.

As mean as he may sound on Twitter, most fans tend to agree that he is a gentleman in real life. And while we don't know the back story of this photo, it is as awkward as it gets. Most photos taken at the airport usually fall in that category, so we aren't the least surprised that Superstars hate stopping to be apart of those.

14 John Cena Wishes No One Can See Him At The Airport

via twitter.com

John Cena's specialty is taking photos with fans. He has been the poster boy for the WWE for over a decade, and is known for being present to so many company events from meet and greet to Make-A-Wish. Cena always knows how to put on a poker face for the cameras even when he may be having a rough day.

Being caught at the airport seems to also be his weakness as he looks extremely tired here and in no mood to socialize with anybody.

But yet he still agreed to snap that photo, and as awkward as it turned out, we are certain that the fans appreciated. Many Superstars refuse to stop for fans when they are travelling in airports, but Cena doesn't make any exceptions and will always make a time for his fans. That's probably one of the reasons as to why the company has been hesitant to turn him heel.

13 The Lunatic Fringe... And Dean Ambrose

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Two things that immediately stand out in this photo: the background and Dean Ambrose's headphones. While we don't know the background story, we assume that this fan spotted him at a mall as you can tell by the stores while Ambrose was blasting some music through his Dre Beats. What followed is possibly one of the most awkward things that can happen to celebrities, which is when fans get a bit too comfortable.

In this case, it seems like he decided to lay his head on Ambrose's shoulder for whatever reason. I mean it's bad enough that he made Ambrose pause his music, but getting touchy is always looked down upon. Ambrose was a good sport about it and played along with it, but you can see him attempting to contain his weirded out feelings as much as possible. When it comes to awkward fan photos, this one goes straight into the Hall of Fame.

12 It's An Awkward Photo, Yes it Is!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. The fan in the photo is known for "running" into wrestlers at airports, and has become rather famous among them. Many photos of him posing with WWE Superstars are available online, but none represent how they feel towards him and those who stalk wrestlers as much as this one does.

All three members look disgusted with their expressions although they did keep it light in a way only The New Day could.

Not exactly a photo that any fan should be proud of since all three are clearly annoyed here, which makes sense if you look at all the luggage they are carrying around. But at least they were nice enough to still accept taking the photo, as plenty of wrestlers would have ignored him. The awkwardness present in this photo is at an all time high that could never be topped.

11 The Boss Of Awkward Photos

via pwmania.com

It's no secret that Sasha Banks has earned quite the reputation among fans. Numerous stories indicate that she's rude in real life, but Banks has defended herself by claiming she loves meeting fans at meet and greet events but not when she is being stalked at airports. Many stories have gone viral with some accusing Banks of ignoring fans upon seeing them in person. And there have also been the infamous awkward photos of Banks dropping for fans, which is probably even worse than not getting a photo.

The shot above is a strong encounter for most awkward fan photo of all time, as it's clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. We can only imagine how much more awkward the conversation was between them although Banks went to social media to blast the fan. Some have sided with Banks but there has been plenty of criticism as well.

10 Not A Good Photo, Not A Bad One, THE Photo

via wwe.com

While Roman Reigns may be the new face of the company, he doesn't quite have Cena's talent to always put on a fake yet believable smile. The photo above was taken at a meet and greet event, as Reigns was pictured meeting a huge fan of his. Not only is she dressed in full gear, but she is also getting up close with him.

Some stars have a strict no touching rule, and while Reigns may not be one of them, he clearly looks uncomfortable here.

It's understandable because nobody really wants to be touched by fans but they do put up with it so they don't come across as rude. Reigns has had numerous awkward photos with fans since his ride to fame, and they are all worthy of being featured, but this one has rarely been seen unlike the other shots.

9 Seth... Freakin'... Awkward

via wrestlezone.com

Seth Rollins comes across as one of the nicest guys in the business, but his reputation doesn't hold true according to numerous fan reports. Many have complained about his behavior upon meeting him, referring to him as arrogant and rude. To his defense, WWE Superstars are people are after all and they may have caught him on a bad day. But at the same time, these reports have been spread out so it seems like Rollins doesn't care to socialize with fans unless he is being paid to do so.

There have been many awkward photos taken with Rollins and fans in which he looked annoyed to be recognized. And yet he will appear to look so different at an official WWE sponsored greet and meet. Like Sasha Banks, Rollins has taken to Twitter to call out fans at airports and those have stalk wrestlers, which earned him a huge backlash by some fans.

8 Time To Take The Pic

via wrestlingforum.com

You know how WWE fans always support Superstars in their outside projects? For instance, the majority of the Fozzy fanbase is made of Chris Jericho fans. Well, in this case, it seems like this fan jumped on board for the Linda McMahon political campaign for a chance to be among his favorite WWE Superstars. We highly doubt that he is truly passionate about her projects, and the smile is a big giveaway as you can tell that his goals were met upon meeting Triple H.

Triple H is probably well aware of that, which explains the half-smug half-awkward expression that he has going on.

The lucky fan killed two birds in one stone since not only was Triple H pictured with him, but you can also see Vince McMahon hanging out in the background. We can only hope that Linda supporters didn't start a random "This Is Awesome" chant every two minutes.

7 Kane Better Get Used To Smiling If He's Going Into Politics

via reddit.com

By all accounts, Kane is one of the better all around guys in the business as well as among the nicest. He has been employed by the WWE for two decades and likely has a job with them for the rest of his life. His peers are full of praise for him while fans have spoken highly about their experiences in meeting him. But meeting Kane seems like there is a high chance that the conversation would end up being awkward, so it's to be expected that photos come out along the same line too.

And a selfie is guaranteed to be even be more awkward than the usual since Kane is massive and very few people come close to his size, so the height difference will certainly make matters even worse. As for the face expressions seen above, well, they speak volumes about the awkwardness up in the air.

6 Awkward City

via reddit.com

bYou could make an entire list of awkward fan photos with Brock Lesnar, but this one is an all-time classic for so many reasons. First of all, it's a group photo - how often do those turn out well with celebrities? Second, the different poses from the fans who are clearly loving it. Lastly, the way they are surrounding Lesnar all over the place is just hilarious.

As for Lesnar, he looks miserable to be there and probably contemplating about never leaving the farm again.

At least he took the photo because he could have easily rejected their request, as he has previously done in the past. But you can tell that he instantly regretted having accepted to snap a photo. Lesnar has previously declared that he is a jerk who hates being around people, so it's not surprising at all to see him looking grouchy in this photo.

5 Undertaking An Awkward Pic

via tumblr.com

The Undertaker tends to wear hats and glasses most of the time in public to hide his identity. And while it may work out in some cases, a true WWE fan will always be able to spot him based on his features, build, height and tattoos. Taker would have to do a better job at covering himself up - perhaps a wig could help him avoid the spotlight.

The fan above clearly spotted him while both men were out shopping as you can tell by the card in Taker's hand, as well as the Self Service sign behind. Thankfully for him, Taker was nice enough to take a photo with him but you can feel the tension and awkwardness right through this photo. The fan doesn't exactly look as excited as one would think since he is meeting a legendary figure, but maybe he was star struck by The Deadman.

4 Not So Awesome

via wrestlingforum.com

The Miz is one of the better actors in the WWE today but even he couldn't manage to pull off a believable smile in yet another airport photo. Several Superstars have come forward to complain about fans stalking their flights to meet them, while others seem to understand that it's part of being famous.

And while they may be easily recognize today, most of them won't necessarily be relevant figures years from now so you can bet that many WWE Superstars enjoy the attention that they receive.

If you were to judge The Miz based on what we have seen of him throughout his WWE career then you would bet that is a jerk in real life. As it turned out, that couldn't be more further than the truth as he has a reputation of being one of the nicest wrestlers in the industry. And while this photo is as awkward as it gets, at least he took the photo and faked a smile for it.

3 He's Not Joining The Wyatt Family

via pinterest.com

Let's be honest: if we were in the shoes of the fan, we would have also requested a photo. He is clearly an employee at some place but took a personal break to greet Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. After all, the customers can wait but how often do you run into WWE Superstars? All three men have an awkward look on their face, so we can't imagine that it was a very pleasant encounter.

Perhaps Wyatt and Harper were trying to break away by going somewhere private to eat, and little did they know that wouldn't stop them from being spotted. You can tell that they couldn't wait until they were done taking the photo so they could carry on to doing whatever they were up to. And most WWE Superstars probably don't like being stopped in public since it draws more attention to people around them.

2 Alright, Now Let Go

via wwe.com

Finn Balor is said to be one of the nicest WWE Superstars today, and we don't doubt that one bit. But when you have to meet so many fans every single days, there are bound to be some awkward encounters.

The photo above was taken at an official WWE meet and greet event, showing a fan getting a bit close to Balor. And while he doesn't seem opposed to it, he does appear to be out of his comfort zone.

But Balor puts a brave face on as one should when you are a celebrity greeting fans that truly admire you. It may simply be the shot taken at the wrong time as well, since photos can be tricky depending on when they are taken. But unlike some entries on this list, it doesn't look like Balor was rude to the fan and perhaps just a bit uncomfortable.

1 Candid Pic Out Of Nowhere!

via reddit.com

Randy Orton has been one of the most popular Superstars of the 2000s, but also among the most controversial names in the WWE. He has been involved in some trouble since his younger days, some of which went unpunished. Aside from the well-known stories about his cruel backstage pranks and mistreatment of fellow Superstars, Orton has been labelled as a jerk by many people who have met him. In an early report from 2006, Orton got upset at a fan snapping his photo and threw his camera away.

Then you have the infamous photo of annoyed and angry Orton at the gym. But this one easily takes the cake for most awkward and we don't envy him for being in that position. Orton is clearly trying to control his emotions since it's a young fan, but he looks incredibly annoyed and the fact it was a mirror selfie only adds to the awkwardness levels.

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