25 Awkwardly Timed Photos Of The Current WWE Roster

It's a safe bet that over the course of a three or four-hour live entertainment show, things could get awkward from time-to-time... The WWE is home to a growing list of superstar athletes who, despite their sometimes shaky acting, do a marvellous job drawing us into their world – Vince's world, I sometimes call it. A world filled with gimmicky characters, borderline believable stories and, of course, one can never forget the existence of Vince McMahon's Kiss My you know what Club...

Wrestling has evolved over the years – the Attitude and Invasion Eras saw routine segments featuring women nine-tenths naked, not to mention Eric Bischoff's barbaric treatment of two (kayfabe) members of the LGBTQ community in a feature he called referred to as HLA – Google it, not the time or place here. Those were very different times, in a much different world, with vastly different values. The countless moments created in those eras will live forever with fans who got to experience one of wrestling's golden eras.

Today, while WWE has had to scale back some of its storylines, much of the same drama still exists. And with that drama comes emotion (real or scripted it doesn't matter). We still are gifted, on a routine basis, some truly hilarious and awkward caught on camera moments featuring some of our favourite WWE stars.

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25 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss, for all her beauty, can be a mean little *bleep*. Bliss' mean streak is nothing to mess around with – she has ridden it to a Women's title. Back before WrestleMania, Bliss found herself in some scripted hot water when a camera caught her fat-shaming Nia Jax. That would ignite a feud between the two real-life besties, culminating in Jax defeating Bliss at WrestleMania 34 to capture her first championship title. Alexis Kaufman is Bliss' real name, and outside of the ring, she has had quite the journey, most of it having involved sports. She has been playing and participating in various sports almost her entire life. A college cheerleader and former bodybuilder, she hasn't always enjoyed a life full of bliss – as a teenager, Kaufman suffered from a serious eating disorder.

When she's not choking out other females, Bliss can probably be found watching a Disney movie (she loves all things Disney). She is also romantically linked with NXT Superstar Buddy Murphy. As an upcoming participant in the Money in the Bank ladder match, Bliss has an opportunity to seize another title shot. All she has to do is beat seven other women. From there, all that would remain is a match against, either Nia Jax or the baddest woman on the planet, Ronda Rousey.

24 Big E

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The New Day has had quite the WWE journey. When they first were introduced to fans, the response was predominantly negative. Once they were made babyfaces (good guys), the fans' appetite for their shenanigans seem to grow, and suddenly, arenas were going crazy when their music hit the speakers... Can I call them the actually cool version of Too Cool? Also, why does Big E look like a vegetable in the photo above?

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E have been relegated recently, not appearing in as many big matches as they once did.

Following their feud with The Usos that ended at WrestleMania 34, since then it's been mostly quiet. Hopefully, the WWE writing team finds another story arc for these three showmen to sink their teeth into. What started as a destined to failure gimmick has grown into one of the more successful tag team/group formations in recent memory. Letting it go to waste would be a huge mistake on the part of WWE. Imagine if they had been around during the time of DX? Trying to picture how mic battles between the two groups would have gone makes me wish there would have been some crossover. The New Day versus The New Age Outlaws – that would have been something special.

23 Dean Ambrose And The Shield

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Bring them back, please. I miss the days of The Shield stoically meandering their way through a throng of fans, on their way to mess up one or more unlucky ring occupants. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are stronger together than they are as individuals. The WWE tried a reunion a short while back, but it did not last long. I feel like the above photo was snapped after the decision was made to abandon the reunion...I share Dean's emotions. What about a 3-on-2 handicap match that would see The Shield square off versus Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman?

Hypothetical matchmaking notwithstanding, this trio has always seemed to be stronger when they are united, rather than divided. Their persona and aura was extremely unique and captivated audiences. In isolation, their individual flames tend to fizzle out before they get where they want to go. Am I crazy, or would a Shield-Rousey alliance not possibly produce some truly amazing and memorable moments in the ring...? If Ronda Rousey is the world's baddest woman, could we not make a case for Dean Ambrose, crazy and unhinged, as the world's baddest man? I repeat – can we please bring back the trio of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns!?

22 Matt Hardy

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Once a member of arguably the most electri-flying tag-team in WWE history, Matt Hardy woke up a little while back........and a "Woken" Matt Hardy is a strange, strange character. When brother, Jeff, got injured the WWE had to come up with a workable angle for Matt. With a history already established in singles competition (his days as "Matt Hardy, Version 1"), it seemed to be a solvable problem...and thus, Woken Matt Hardy was born. He's gone on to have feuds with several people, most notably Bray Wyatt, whom he now teams with to form The Deleters of Worlds. Individually, both men are suffering from a few too many screws loose. Together, well, I'd recommend just staying out of their way.

But perhaps Hardy's most well-known and memorable battle came when he found himself in a closely contested chess match. His opponent...a goldfish, of course. The look on Hardy's face says it all – "This water-breathing nuisance has me all figured out" – little did he know that his castle actually has the fish's king in check-mate making Hardy the victor. Who knows what rules he subscribes to... Matt's brother, Jeff, has since returned to in-ring action and a short while ago, captured the United States belt. It's good to see both of them excelling individually. We all know what they're capable of as a team.

21 Jeff Hardy

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The younger Hardy brother, as mentioned above, is enjoying a solid singles run at the present moment. Many years older and with countless injuries to his name, the high-flying Hardy has been forced to dial back his gravity-defying theatrics. Jeff has had quite the wrestling journey. Drug and substance abuse problems have caused him to be suspended and let go by several promotions, including the WWE. He has since cleaned up his act and his in-ring performances have been top-notch as a result.

Why does this photo look like he has no eyes? Before he went by his real name, Jeff used many other ring names: Keith Davis (jobber name), Wolverine, Willow the Wisp, and Brother Nero. He's also a member of the band, Peroxwhy?gen. Cool name, I guess? In an attempt to secure a spot in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match, Hardy recently faced off against The Miz. Unfortunately, Hardy would be defeated. A couple of weeks later, in a second qualifying attempt, Hardy was defeated by Daniel Bryan. Two critical losses would make me rip my eyes out too. Let's hope he continues finding success in singles competition and perhaps, one day, we get a Hardy Boyz reunion – preferably with ladders involved.

20 Ronda Rousey

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The kick that paved the way for Ronda Rousey to join WWE... The UFC's women's divisions evolved so rapidly that Rousey, once viewed as unbeatable, quickly became an MMA artifact. Her first defeat came via this kick, courtesy of Holly Holm. Her next fight would end in a similar fashion – a KO loss at the hands of Amanda Nunes.  Rousey was the queen of women's MMA during its infancy stages. She undoubtedly deserves an enormous amount of credit for helping to grow it, and give it the platform it enjoys today. But the lack of diversity in her skillset ultimately led to her crashing and burning in the octagon. She remained a one-dimensional, sort of gimmick fighter – punch, close distance, throw, arm bar.

Now, Rousey has entered the world of gimmick fighting.

WWE is what Ronda Rousey was meant to do. She loves the spotlight and putting on her badass persona for crowds. She was super impressive in her debut at WrestleMania, and will soon square off with Nia Jax for the women's title at Money in the Bank. Perhaps her reputation has caused her to get an expedited push, and some ladies in the locker room may not be too pleased with being bypassed. Perhaps they'd like to challenge Ronda to a fight with the winner getting a title shot. My $'s on the Rowdy one.

19 Cesaro

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I've heard enough... Cesaro is a freak athlete. He also seemingly has little time for Maryse's B.S. – look how stunned the blonde bombshell looks here... When Cesaro isn't forcing ringside annoyances to talk to the hand, he's more than likely busy executing wrestling poetry. Despite having never gotten a major push, Cesaro is one of the most gifted performers and entertainers on WWE's roster. He's able to transition between heel and babyface, excelling at both. His work on the microphone routinely gets its intended reaction from the crowd. He oozes charisma.The Swiss Superstar's most recent angle has involved him teaming up with Sheamus. The duo was traded to SmackDown and given an opportunity to win tag-team hardware. Facing Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Cesaro and Sheamus would be defeated by The Deleters of Worlds.

Moving forward, hopefully, WWE writers can give Cesaro more opportunities to shine, and show his full arsenal of entertainment tools. Failing to give him a platform he deems reasonable could lead to him walking out the door, something that has been reported in past years. Hopefully, we never have to go down that road, and he receives the push he rightfully deserves. It's not uncommon to see Swiss Superman sections in every arena the WWE goes to. He's beloved by fans.

18 The Undertaker

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This iconic photo was taken during the two legends match at WrestleMania XXX. The two sat up almost simultaneously, locking eyes in the process. Lesnar laughed. The Undertaker did whatever you'd call that. The Undertaker has become a novelty of sorts, only coming out once or twice a calendar year. His most recent appearance came at WrestleMania 34 – demolishing John Cena in a laughably bad match. Lesnar, meanwhile, maintains a slightly more taxing schedule (if you can even call it taxing), but he still benefits from a light workload. So much so that Roman Reigns has talked about during some of his promos on Raw.

The fact remains that Lesnar is itching to get back to MMA, and the UFC. In order to do so, he must get clean and refrain from taking banned substances, something he has a history of doing. A dream MMA bout would have seen Lesnar square off with Jon Jones, but with both fighters' respective struggles and shortcomings, in terms of substance abuse, the likelihood of it ever coming to fruition is slim to none. Reports suggest Lesnar is not slated to compete in June which would mean he will not participate at Money in the Bank. As the Universal champion, fans should take offense to a talent, possessing such a coveted title, being granted such a soft schedule. I too would scream in his face if given the opportunity.

17 The Miz

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The Miz is awesome. His in-ring performances, both wrestling and on the mic, never disappoint. The perfect villain, Miz rubs crowds the wrong way (which is good for his persona) and in the process, makes them love his opponents. He can help with babyface pushes when things may not be going quite according to plan. Engaging in staring contests with muppets is also a preferred pass-time for the host of MTV's The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. If you're unsure of what to make of the above, you're certainly not alone. The Miz has never been one to take being interrupted well, and when the interrupter is a puppet it's probably even worse.

Perhaps second only to The Rock in terms of mic work and ability, the former Tough Enough runner-up should continue to be a focal point of main storylines. He's too talented not be a prime feature for as long as he remains on WWE's roster. Seemingly destined for a career in Hollywood, time could be running out. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to another championship run for Miz. Send him to Suplex City! Perhaps only rumours, but I've heard Miz has been in talks to star in an upcoming Muppets musical. Hmmm...

16 John Cena

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We see you, John...we definitely see you! Cena has been the WWE's ultimate babyface for an extended period of time. Still, fans routinely shower him with boos. Feuding with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erik Rowan, Cena often found himself outnumbered. One time, the trio of bearded weirdos incapacitated Cena to the point where he was so defenseless they were able to put the sheep mask on him, and pose for a family photo of sorts. Awkward. More recently, the super babyface Cena has seen his schedule lighten. He has carried the promotion for so many years and it's time he passed the torch, so he can focus on the more important matters – getting Nikki Bella back being top of the list.

Always destined to follow a similar path of Dwayne Johnson, Cena appears set for a Hollywood transition once his WWE time is up.

He's previously appeared in Amy Schumer's film, Trainwreck – more recently he has starred in Blockers. Say what you will about his in-ring promos, but Cena can be quite funny in the right role. His cameo in Trainwreck was pretty hilarious and involved a really awkward scene with Schumer. Unless he's planning on using the above as his Hollywood headshot, I'd expect nothing but success for JC in the next steps of his entertainment career.

15 Kurt Angle

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Can you believe this guy won an Olympic gold medal...with a broken freakin' neck! Kurt Angle has wrestled all over the world, but his best days have been while in a WWE ring. His first stint with WWE almost never came to be – Angle originally demanded that he never lose a match if he signed. Obviously a ridiculous stipulation. Not even the likes of Goldberg or even Ronda Rousey could make such a bold demand. The life of a scripted wrestler comes with losses. The former Olympian has come a long way since his days sporting child cowboy hats. as the current Raw general manager, Angle is responsible for keeping WWE's main show between the lines so to speak. Rarely does he compete anymore, but he was forced into action back at WrestleMania – teaming up with Ronda Rousey in her debut to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Despite being away from action for so long, Angle looked good in the match. One of the legends of the sport, Angle continues to entertain the masses, even if it's done as a non-wrestling talent. His entrance music still provides crowds the opportunity to shower him with chants of YOU SUCK! – and Angle embraces it, even encouraging them as he walks down ramps. My honest opinion? He should bring the cowboy hat back, especially when he's forced to lay down the law to disgruntled subordinates.

14 Triple H

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All this time it was the bird on Hunter's shoulder that told him to do all those nasty things... it all makes sense now. Look at his devious smile... The good-for-business COO was once caught backstage with his fluffy winged friend. And here I thought that spot was reserved for tiny X-Pac – at least it was during the DX days. Triple H has, for what seems like a lifetime, been WWE's best villain. Nobody brings out the hatred of a crowd quite like he does. Even when they try and cheer for him he'll find a way to force the crowd to turn on him.

Along with wife, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H helped launch Rousey's WWE career. Perhaps anticipating a mixed response for the former MMA star, Steph and Hunter put themselves in charge of being her first targets. The result was the epic tag-team match, involving Kurt Angle, at Wrestlemania. Hunter's sell job of the armbar was a particularly entertaining part of the match. Rock Bottoms, People's Elbows, and Stone Cold Stunners, Triple H has always excelled at selling his opponent's signature moves. Finally, nobody does a WrestleMania entrance quite like The Game does. His last few have been spectacles, to put it mildly. His next one should involve a bird...

13 Daniel Bryan

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YO, DANIEL!!! CAN I HAVE A PHOTO?! – YES, YES, YES, YES... a cheap and easy joke – Bryan's wrestling career was supposed to be over. Neck and back injuries had kept him out of action for a long time and as a result, he assumed the role of SmackDown general manager: a role that would allow him to entertain but do so in a non-contact way, void of any high impact wrestling. But, a while back he finally received medical clearance to return to wrestling. And he wasted little time doing so. A beloved character, crowds erupted when he returned, even going so far as to request ringside photos. Why is the dude holding a can?

Seemingly without limitations once again, Bryan has returned to his one-of-a-kind style. His YES! movement ignites crowds in ways not many gimmicks can. People love Daniel Bryan. His wife, Brie Bella, is certainly his biggest fan. Outside of WWE, Bryan has wrestled literally everywhere, including Japan. He even portrayed a character that saw him wear a luchador style mask. That must've been before the aggressive facial hair days, cause no mask could contain that chin monster. Should he bring the mask back? – NO, NO, NO, NO! I'd like to think I speak for everybody when I say it is great to have this guy back in the ring.

12 Seth Rollins And Chris Jericho

via sohu.com

First-class besties! Rollins and Jericho engaging in business class selfies is adorable ain't it? It's easy to lose sight of how daunting the travel can be for a WWE superstar. Wrestlers such as Jericho and Rollins – superstar level talent – are often subjected to worldwide tours, having to hop country-to-country as part of European, Asia, and North American touring circuits. The thought of doing all of it traveling coach makes me want to vomit...

Quick thought – is it just me, or does Jericho look tired? Looking at the above selfie I found myself thinking that Y2J was tired, trying to sleep but couldn't as a result of Seth sitting behind him. Jericho, giving up on his dream of sleep finally succumbed to Rollins' unwelcome advances from behind, and turned the moment into a selfie photo shoot. Both guys, like most others on this list, have wrestled all over the world, for a variety of promotions. Rollins has remained with WWE for years whereas Jericho has jumped around the last few years. His feud with Kenny Omega in NJPW made for some truly epic television. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend you check it out. Now, put your phones away and get some sleep #airplanemode.

11 The Usos

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Jimmy and Jey Uso, for a time, were the marquee tag-team in the WWE. However, they have since been overtaken and have found themselves slightly down the pecking order. Despite what could be perceived as a demotion, WWE remains committed to them as a key cog in the tag team division. High-flying and risk takers at heart, their matches often leave crowds in awe of what just took place – the above has shades of Jimmy Snuka in it, no? Injuries have robbed both Usos of valuable in-ring time over the years, a byproduct of their style of wrestling. If both can stay healthy they can certainly regain what they once called their own – the tag-team titles.

Now more over than ever thanks to their "Uso Penitentiary" gimmick, they are focused on regaining their top form in hopes of cracking the WrestleMania 35 card – luckily for them, they get to essentially play themselves as opposed to characters – "Our characters - we're lucky - we basically get to just be us out there. Some guys actually have to be somebody [else] or a character. I'm glad we get to be us so that works. It's easy because it's real." As the WWE's longest running tag-team, it all started early on – "Four brothers, we grew up beating each other up, watching my Dad and family on TV. Breaking coffee tables, putting holes in walls, jumping off couches, it's natural [being in the ring]."

10 Sheamus

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Did Uncle Sheamus get into the dark stuff again? How banged up does the fiery superstar look here...? An unfortunate moment captured. Gotta love the internet. The rugged Irishman, prior to WWE, wrestled on the European circuit. A two-time International champion for an Irish promotion, Sheamus has since brought his painfully pale self to WWE. His first televised WWE appearance actually took place way back in 2006. Sheamus (real name, Stephen Farrelly) portrayed a member of a security team tasked with the removal of Degeneration-X from the building. For his efforts, Farrelly received a Pedigree from Triple H (back when he believed in fun).

Fast-forward three years later... Sheamus would become the first Irish-born WWE champion when he defeated John Cena at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. Further adding to his legacy is the fact he successfully won the title just 166 days after his debut. And who could forget how he dismantled Triple H? After defeating Triple H in a street fight, Sheamus would continue his brutal assault. As a result of the beating, Triple H would be off TV for over ten months. Presently, Sheamus and Cesaro compete in the tag-team division under the name The Bar. They don't just set the bar, they ARE the bar.

9 Charlotte Flair

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As the daughter of the stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun, Ric Flair, there comes a certain set of championship expectations. Charlotte Flair has been women's champion and continues to be a top performer in the women's division. Employing her father's signature figure-four leg lock, she has submitted nearly every women in the division and boasts a mean streak, unlike few others on the roster, male or female. Her long feud with Sasha Banks was one of the better women's storylines in recent memory. Her best work comes as a heel but Flair can play both sides of the crowd. Suffice to say, she has lived up to any expectations brought on by her father's legendary status.

She somewhat recently lost her SmackDown women's title when Carmella cashed in her Money in the Bank title shot opportunity after Flair had just been beaten down. Despite the loss, Flair did manage to qualify for the upcoming MITB ladder match, giving herself an opportunity to get her title back the same way she lost it. A six-time champion, including being the final holder of the Divas championship belt – along with being the longest-serving SmackDown women's title holder. Along with her duties as a wrestler, Charlotte is also a personal trainer. Woooooooo!

8 Goldust

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Shattered Dreams Productions apparently has branched out to the cleaning business...or that's at least what I'm inferring from this photo. Dustin Rhodes (Goldust's real name) has been around forever, having debuted back in 1988. His character has stood the test of time, even if, today, he's relegated mostly to push over duty – he gets beat a lot, now. It wasn't always that way... Rhodes introduced the world to Goldust in 1995, billed as "the Bizarre One". Some have even theorized the character to be a satirical play on the Oscars statuette.

He has been involved in too many feuds and memorable story arcs to list here.

In addition to his time in WWE, Rhodes has wrestled in WCW, TNA, and also had a run in the independent circuit, most notably with the family-run promotion, Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. In total, Goldust has had five different stints in WWE. He's been around the wrestling block more than once. Certainly in the twilight of his career, seeing Goldust wrestle does evoke a sense of nostalgia among older wrestling fans. I'll say it again – he wasn't always such a pushover. There was a time when he would win way more than he would lose. And who could ever forget Marlena.

7 Kevin Owens

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Few can troll a crowd as well as Kevin Owens. The Montreal, QC native is a master on the microphone, having come up through the WWE's developmental system, including a successful run in NXT prior to joining the main shows. Prior to joining WWE, Owens spent nearly 15 years on the independent circuit. Finally given an opportunity by WWE, Owens wasted little time ascending to the top. Already having held the Universal title once, he has his sights set on holding it again. Back on Raw, Owens recently qualified for the MITB ladder match and is one-step closer to getting a much-wanted title shot.

The more time Owens gets, the better the show will be. He's a phenomenal athlete and, as stated above, is a troll with the mic – dude is blowing kisses to the crowd. I assure you he, in no way, adores them. Owens' feud with Shane McMahon was great. It brought out the best in both guys, and few people, even wrestlers, have the level of charisma that Shane-O-Mac has. Pitting him up against the easily infuriated Owens made for some remarkable television drama. Luckily for wrestling fans, Owens figures to be a part of WWE's long-term future –having recently signed a new five-year contract.

6 Finn Bálor

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Finn Bálor, on more than occasion, has had to address questions surrounding his in-ring attire. The above is a somewhat awkward photo of him and Bayley, each wearing the other's short. Who knew Finn was a hugger...? At WrestleMania 34, Bálor paid tribute to the LGBTQ community by wearing rainbow-themed gear. When he ditched it the following night on Raw, people began wondering why he wasn't continuing to wear it. Some went so far as to question Bálor's commitment to equal rights.

As a result, he had to address the matter on social media: My Rainbow Gear was a statement at Wrestlemania Weeekend Although the gear has not been worn since in 6 appearances(Hartford CT, Cape Town x2,Pretoria, Johannesburg ,St.Louise Saudi Arabia) My support continues despite any color choice, change or laundry schedule.  – Finn Bálor, via his verified Twitter account Guy wears an "I'm a Hugger" t-shirt and also sports rainbow underwear, yet people still find it in themselves to question that his heart is in the right place. Shame. Of Irish descent, Bálor has wrestled all over the world and even has an alter-ego, one that sees him cover himself with face and body paint. He collects lego and supports the EPL team Tottenham Hotspur. As an Arsenal fan, I just lost a good chunk of respect for Bálor Club.

5 Bayley

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The lover of all hugs, Bayley, looks like a hobbit next to The Great Khali. Credit the cameraman for catching this awkward moment – Bayley attempting to hug the mammoth Khali. The beloved Bayley has endeared herself to crowds all over the world. From her rise through NXT to her present-day spot as a title threat, she's been in the spotlight since joining WWE in 2012. Prior to her signing with WWE, Pamela Martinez (real name) appeared in various promotions within the independent circuit. She began her career at 18 but had been attending wrestling shows ever since she was a child.

Born in Austin, Texas, she trained under Jason Styles at the WWE's Performance Centre before making her debut on NXT, in 2015. She is a one-time women's champion, having held the belt for 76 days. More recently, she has found herself in a logjam of female competitors vying for more time. With the arrival of Ronda Rousey and her impending title shot against current champion, Nia Jax there hasn't been a whole lot of effort put into building other women's storylines. As a result, Bayley, and many others have been sort of afterthoughts for the last little while. That will certainly change at Money in the Bank when a group of them battle for a guaranteed shot at the title. Now everybody hug everybody!

4 Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns gets booed when he's supposed to get cheered, and cheered when he's supposed to get booed. The inability of WWE writers to find Reigns a sweet spot so to speak has resulted in him becoming a polarizing figure in WWE. His most memorable days came as a member of The Shield. Now, his pushes seem forced and every time he gets in the ring with Brock Lesnar, or Bruan Strowman, it ends poorly for RR. And the fans can't help but cheer anytime Reigns is left incapacitated. It's got to the point where they celebrate beatdowns of Reigns with confetti (at least this photo leads you to believe that...)

Neither Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose are making a ton of noise as singles competitors – Rollins more so than Ambrose. It would appear to make sense to reunite The Shield and pit them against a trio that no crowd would want to cheer for. No ideas come to mind presently, but I'm sure the writing team could come up with something. Whatever they decide I hope it gets Reigns back to the proper place. His character has lost a ton of momentum and nobody really knows what he is, or what he's trying to be.

3 Braun Strowman

via itsourtree.com

A shower selfie...? Braun Strowman, outside of the ring, is a huggable teddy bear. But inside of it, he is a terrifyingly large killer. Strowman's first sightings saw him sport a sheep's mask – the same one Cena was wearing in his awkward photo – as part of Bray Wyatt's group of Sister Abigail worshippers. Wearing a boys' small tank-top, Strowman brutalized all that stood his way, eventually working his way up to where he is today – a top billing superstar. Working a full schedule, most fans hope that he, not Brock Lesnar, is made the Universal champion sooner rather than later. There is nothing Strowman can't do. For his size, he is super athletic and he even won the tag-team titles with a little boy from the audience as his partner.

His charisma has allowed him to be cast as both a villain and hero. Fans have grown to love his persona, after initially being unsure during his days alongside Wyatt, Harper, and Rowan. Now, on his own, he has quickly become the face of WWE. A singles showdown with Lesnar should be in the cards in the near future. Why not make it a Hell in a Cell match? Both are athletic enough to make it worthwhile. Failing that, writers could always default to the always-entertaining last man standing option.

2 Bobby Lashley

via cagesideseats.com

As part of the build-up to WrestleMania 23, Bobby Lashley got work alongside now President, The Donald. With everything that has gone on since he took office, this photo may be met with mixed reviews. As Donald and McMahon engaged in the Battle of the Billionaires, Lashley was essentially Donald's muscle during the feud – he ultimately beat Umaga which afforded Trump the opportunity to shave Vince's head. Furthermore, Bobby Lashley has defended Trump in the past, stating he is not a racist – “I worked with him at WrestleMania, so when the media starts throwing all these accusations at him, I can tell you he was not racist,” said Lashley. “He made that WrestleMania so successful because he was great in his role as ‘The Donald.’

He had WWE on a big billboard in Times Square, he put us in different media outlets that we otherwise wouldn’t have been in, and he helped make that the largest WrestleMania in history. We need a leader who can make change, and he is the man.” Forever a fan of Lashley's, I can't agree with him here given all I've seen. He got to see Trump in the context of a WWE scripted storyline, not running arguably the world's most important office.

1 Big Show

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As part of Raw's New Years show, Big Show did this...I have no words. Paul Wight has held seven different world titles, across three promotions (WCW/WWE/ECW). At seven feet tall and nearly 400 pounds, he is no small man. His wrestling debut came back in 1995 as part of World Championship Wrestling's roster. He would become a member of the now iconic New World Order, along with Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. He would remain in WCW until 1999, allowing his contract to expire on his birthday after he wasn't given a salary increase.

Following his departure from WCW, White signed a 10-year deal with WWE. Show's WWE run is nearing 20 years in length, and during that time he has been involved in countless feuds and battles. It began as a member of McMahon's white-collar gang, The Corporation. From there he would go on to have success in both singles and tag-team competitions. Last year, in September, Big Show was involved in a steel-cage match with Braun Strowman. During the match, Show was power slammed through the cage, requiring assistance afterward. The scripted injury was used to get him off TV as in reality he required hip surgery. Compared to when he began, Show has become a tertiary roster talent. When healthy, he's used more to help push and promote younger talent, like Braun Strowman. Despite that, he will forever be considered a legend of the sport.

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