10 B+ Superstars Who Deserve A Title Run

There has never been a better time to be a pro-wrestler. With so many companies vying for your talent it seems to make sense that you can go anywhere and be as big as you want to be. Unless you happen to sign with the WWE.

It still seems that it's still the hardest place to crack. Vince said so, appearing on the Stone Cold Podcast and talking about imaginary brass rings and glass ceilings. Which is a shame, as the company has so many talented stars who never get a fair crack at the whip.

So, let's take a look at 10 B+ Superstars Who Deserve A Title Run.

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10 Big E And Xavier Woods

It may seem like a bit of a cheat to have two-thirds of the New Day as the opening entry but, to be honest, if Kofi wasn't facing Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania then the whole group would be here.

Are they truly B+ players? Well, outside of their epic run with the tag team titles, they have done nada when it comes to flying solo, with only Big E's single Intercontinental Championship to show for all their hard work. Strapping one of the BIG gold belts to either of these would make everyone happy.

9 Bray Wyatt

"Hang on a minute" you cry "Didn't Bray Wyatt already have a run with the Smackdown title?" Well, yes, but thanks to denial we can all pretend that aberration didn't really happen. After all, he was only given the gold so Randy Orton could win his thirteenth championship. Plus, House of Horrors match *shudder*.

No, unfortunately, the Deleter of Worlds is very much a guy who has hit the glass ceiling but, when he returns, if they book him strongly and strap one of the belts to him, he could finally show why he was originally seen as Taker's natural successor.

8 Sami Zayn

It may come as somewhat of a shock to find out that Sami Zayn has been in the WWE for six years now, four of which he's spent on the main roster. And yet, except for one brief NXT Championship title reign, he's got nothing to show for it.

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Considering his fantastic career in the independents, and the fact that he managed to get a character like El Generico over, this is something that needs to be addressed and addressed soon. A fantastic performer, who really needs to turn face again, Sami Zayn needs to be allowed to be Sami Zayn.

7 Samoa Joe

When the Samoan Submission Machine first debuted on RAW, as Triple H's personal enforcer, it seemed that the sky was the limit for the former Impact legend. Boy, were we wrong.

Now nothing more than a glorified mid-carder, who couldn't buy a win on a PPV if he tried, Samoa Joe's run with the WWE will go down in history as one that was completely wasted. But it doesn't have to be this way. If they showed the faith in Joe that they've shown in AJ Styles then he could easily become one of the greatest heel champions ever.

6 Shinsuke Nakamura

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How the WWE managed to take one of NJPW most popular stars and totally ruin him, within the two-year spell he's had since he moved up from NXT, is mind-boggling in its stupidity.

The King of Strong Style is now the Master of Weak Sauce, thanks to some terrible booking that has seen him take to punching people in the dangly bits for a living. If the rumors are true and he's serious about leaving, then good luck to him, but if he sticks around they really need to push him properly and a run with the Blue Belt would do that perfectly.

5 Rusev

The prime example of what happens to you if you do a Zack Ryder and dare to get yourself over, Rusev is a talent going to waste in the mess that is the WWE mid-card.

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At one point The Bulgarian Brute was, arguably, one of the most popular members of the roster but the company decided to put a swift stop to that by, firstly, having him break up Rusev Day and, secondly, suddenly start teaming with Nakamura for no discernable reason. But we all still love him and would be more than happy for him to take one of the big belts.

4 Tyler Breeze

Outside of his appearances on Up, Up, Down, Down and his hysterical turn as The Banker in the brilliant Southpaw Regional Wrestling series, Prince Pretty has down sod all on either brand in the last four years. Except be a cheaper alternative to enhancement talent.

What is the WWE thinking? They have, on their hands, one of the easiest gimmicks to hate and yet he's hardly ever on TV, and when he is he usually loses. They really need to get behind Tyler Breeze, a shamefully underrated performer, and give him the Smackdown title. Imagine the selfies he'd do with that.

3 EC3

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Do you ever wonder what goes through Vince McMahon's mind? "What's that you say? There's a guy called EC3 who's ripped, great in the ring and a potential superstar? Quick sign him! Oh, hang on, I didn't realize he's one of our dropouts. Hunter! Where's my shovel?"

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To call EC3 a B+ player is harsh, as he's not even D grade at the moment, but here is someone you'd have thought would've been a shoo-in, considering Vince's taste in muscled, oiled up performers. But instead of getting a chance at greatness he's forced to walk around being mute when he should be kicking ass.

2 Cesaro

Single handily buried by Vinnie Mac himself, on the aforementioned Stone Cold Podcast, it's surprising the Swiss Superman has any fingers left after he had to dig himself out of that particular grave. But in Cesaro, WWE has one of the best performers of this generation.

The man can do it all. From high flying to technical wrestling, there is nothing that Cesaro doesn't have in his toolbox. And yet, these days he's forced to team with Sheamus. Put him against Seth Rollins, when/if Seth wins this Sunday, and there's a feud that would easily be worth the price of the WWE Network.

1 Luke Harper

The forgotten member of the Wyatt Family, and currently out injured, the former Bludgeon Brother has never been given a proper run in the WWE. Where the likes of Bray and Braun have gone onto bigger things, if not always better, Harper has been forced to accept his lot in life.

The heir apparent to Bruiser Brody's crown, except Brody could never fly through the air like that, Harper would be the perfect monster heel and could usher in a new era of big wrestlers that are athletic and agile. And a World Title would lend a stamp of authority to it.

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