Backstage Buddies: 8 Male WWE Friendships And 7 Female Friendships

You don’t need to have been following wrestling for a long time to realize that twists and turns are a vital part of this sport. Seriously, a week’s worth of WWE twists and turns is the equivalent of about a whole season of Game of Thrones. Now, just try to imagine how crazy this makes the lives of wrestlers. Inside the ring, you could be best friends with somebody in one week, and then the next the two of you have become mortal enemies. That has happened over and over again since the WWE was the WWF. And hell, we hope it keeps happening until the end of days. It is entertaining to see somebody getting stabbed in the back. Who didn’t love when this happened:

But while their storylines might make us believe that some wrestlers have to hate each other, the reality can be completely different. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of WWE superstars who get into slugfests inside the ring but are best friends in real life. There are also those who have alliances in the ring and are still best friends in real life. So in order to separate the real from the fake, we decided to make a list of eight real life WWE male friendships and seven female friendships. Sure, there have been a lot of these through the years involving wrestling legends, but we will focus on superstars who were currently on the WWE roster. So get ready for a new list of BFFs.

15 Male: The Miz and Chris Jericho

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One common trend you will find in this list is that a lot of these wrestling BFFs are not the kind of people you would expect to be running around together. To perfectly illustrate this point we wanted to start off this list by showing you how people who seem as different as The Miz and Chris Jericho can actually be very good friends.

One of them is the current Intercontinental Champion while the other lost a triple threat match for AJ Styles’s belt. Jericho has tried his hand at singing, while The Miz decided to focus his entertainment career outside the WWE on appearing in movies and television shows, and the differences between the two go on and on. Nevertheless, these two have more than once been open and talked about how great friends they are outside of the WWE.

14 Female: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

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There are a lot of wrestlers who have risen through the ranks at the same time and become mortal enemies, which is understandable since on the ring they might constantly be put up against each other. However, there are also the cases where wrestlers thrive and connect through the challenges they have to face at the same time. This is what seems to have happened with Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

These two have literally risen through the ranks of the wrestling industry together. They started their careers at the same time in NXT and eventually got to spend a lot of time together as they are both part of SmackDown Live. Outside of the ring, it is not hard to see how close these two are. They are always posing for pictures together and interacting on social media.

13 Male: The Undertaker and Vince McMahon

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Some friendships are like fine wine. They get better as the time goes on. Just try to imagine a scenario where you have worked with (for) someone for the good part of almost three decades. Would you be able to stick with that company if you were not friends with your boss? The odds are that no, you would not be able to stand to stay with the same company if there was not it even a little bit of camaraderie between you and your boss.

The friendship between The Undertaker and Vince McMahon is one that ranges through decades, and one that is visibly getting stronger. These two have always been loyal to each other and appreciated each other’s work. Just ask Vince who his favorite wrestler is. He will undoubtedly say The Undertaker.

12 Female: Carmella and Alexa Bliss

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She might put a mean face on the screen, but Alexa Bliss is one of the friendliest people in wrestling. Yeah, she will be featured on this list more than once. And, interestingly enough, so will Carmella.

Very similarly to how Becky Lynch and Charlotte started their careers together, Alexa Bliss and Carmella joined NXT at the same time and were subsequently drafted into SmackDown Live at the same time as well. And being the kind people that they are, Carmella and Alexa were bound to become good friends. These two were even travel buddies while they competed in the same promotion. Unfortunately, since Alexa was sent over to Raw, where she currently rules, they don’t get to spend as much time together. Still, that little separation will not be enough to put a dent on their friendship.

11 Male: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

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One of the least surprising friendships on this list is the one between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Seriously, these guys have been together through thick and thin. Starting out as members of The Shield, these two were always traveling and fighting together no matter where the promotion sent them. Of course, they became great friends. Hell, they even got betrayed together, as you saw on the video at the introduction of this list.

Unfortunately for a lot of fans, The Shield eventually broke off, and the two of them went to compete in their solo careers. But even apart on the ring, these two are some of the most dangerous wrestlers out there. Meanwhile, outside of the ring, it doesn’t seem like their friendship has taken any hit as they are still always hanging out together.

10 Female: Natalya and Nikki Bella

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Total Divas is a show full of intrigue, betrayals, and fake stuff. But if there is one thing that was portrayed perfectly in that show was the friendship between Natalya and Nikki Bella. While a lot of it could’ve been scripted, these two made sure the world knew that they were indeed very good friends. They are such good friends that whenever Nikki decides to go on an insane tangent, as she is very prone to doing, Natalya is the one person who is always there to talk her out of the crazy stuff.

This duo is also the living proof that having a feud on the ring does not have to affect your relationship behind-the-scenes. Seriously, it takes a strong friendship not to take offense (even if it is scripted) to something like this:

9 Male: John Cena and Randy Orton

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Since we were talking about his beloved, it is about time we bring John Cena into the mix. Perhaps two of the most iconic wrestlers in history, it turns out that John Cena and Randy Orton are also friends. Being two of the biggest figures in the sport, these two have been put up against each other countless times. They have gone through so many feuds and rivalries it is hard for a wrestling fan to understand how they can still be friends.

Nevertheless, apparently what happens in the ring stays in the ring. Cena and Orton have always been known to praise each other in interviews, and somehow really do seem to be free of any kind of animosity. Such a healthy friendship between two legends can only be good for the business of wrestling.

8 Female: Bayley and Peyton Royce

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Bayley is someone who has made a living through her fine wrestling skills, but also for the fact that she is wrestling’s sweetheart. The many wrestling fans who hate Bayley, hate her for that exact reason, but the ones who love her, mostly do so because she is a sweetheart. Someone who also seems to enjoy that cute personality of Bayley’s is Peyton Royce.

Although Royce is a bit younger than Bayley and has been fighting her way up NXT, the two of them have become closer over these past few years. They are always on social media up to some shenanigan. The best example of something that only this pair of friends could put up together was the legendary John Cena rap battle they recorded and released to the world.

7 Male: Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle

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Brock Lesnar is not exactly the kind of guy you would expect to have a lot of friends. Actually, that mean mug of his probably makes more people run away than try to get close to the giant wrestler. Even within the industry, Lesnar has become notorious as someone who doesn’t really care about getting to know other wrestlers and making friends or anything of that sort. He is just there to do his job and then go home.

Nevertheless, even in the cases like Brock Lesnar, there are exceptions. For example, there is one wrestler who has been quoted saying that Lesnar was actually one of his best friends in the business. That was Kurt Angle. So yeah, this is as surprising for us as for anyone else, but it turns out these two are apparently good friends.

6 Female: Lana and Naomi

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Out of all the back stories in wrestling, Lana and Naomi might have the two most different ones. While one of them comes from a wealthy Russian family, who, according to the WWE website, lived nearby former presidents and diplomats, as well as powerful political figures; the other appeared on the scene while being a dancer who worked for the Orlando Magic and hip-hop artists like Flo Rida. Those were respectively the lives of Lana and Naomi before they joined the WWE.

After they met, however, these two became instant friends. A lot of it could have to deal with the fact that despite having such different backgrounds, Lana was also a dancer and they bonded for it. Whatever it was, something brought these two together, and they have been great friends to this day.

5 Male: John Cena and Michael Cole

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Another interesting John Cena friendship that would be unfair of us not to mention is his relationship with Michael Cole.

The WWE announcer and the 16-time World Champion are apparently the best of friends. Cole has already said that Cena is one of the greatest guys in the business and one of the best friends he has made in the WWE. On Cena’s side, there is an interesting fact that reinforces the idea that these two have a real friendship. The reason behind that assertion is that, unlike a lot of the other WWE superstars who choose to travel on top-of-the-line tour buses, Cena is always choosing to travel with Michael Cole, exactly because the two of them are great friends. It is still interesting to see a wrestler and an announcer with such a great friendship.

4 Female: Carmella and Bayley

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These two have already been featured on this list because of friendships they have with other wrestlers, but, as fate would have it, Carmella and Bayley are also very good friends. A trend that we can see here as well is that a lot of the women who share strong friendships in the WWE have met through the system when fighting together in NXT. Bayley and Carmella are no different. The two met while they were fighting for the WWE development promotion and have been good friends ever since.

As they evolved in their careers, they were eventually separated when the WWE decided that Bayley would fight on Raw and Carmella was bound for SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, the two probably don’t see each other as much as they used to while on NXT, but we are sure that the friendship is still alive and well.

3 Male: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

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We have mentioned how wrestlers can develop camaraderie rising through the ranks of the WWE. But Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are a little bit different from the rest when it comes to this. Unlike the many other wrestlers who have developed friendships in the top-notch promotion, these two were friends even before they made their WWE debuts. Owens and Zayn started from the bottom of the wrestling industry, and together made their way into becoming the superstars they are today. That is the kind of brotherhood that you can’t take away. Even as the two of them have put together one of the most entertaining rivalries of recent years, they are still like brothers outside of the ring.

The best example of that was how emotional they got a few months ago at a house show in Montréal.

2 Female: Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss

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Odd or interesting? We will leave it to you to decide which one is the perfect adjective to define the friendship between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Out of all unlikely friendships, this one might be the most mind-blowing one. The peculiarity of it has nothing to do with their personality, but the sheer difference in size between Nia and Alexa, which is just ridiculous.

You don’t think it’s that much? Well, Nia is literally a foot taller than Alexa. The Raw Women’s Champion leads her division in spite of the fact that she is only 5 feet tall. Her good friend, on the other hand, towers over most, if not all other women in the WWE, as Nia Jax stands 6 feet tall.

Different or not, these two have made up for some of the most hilarious Instagram posts in recent memory.

1 Male: Seth Rollins and The New Day

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If the friendship between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss can be defined as either odd or interesting, the relationship between Seth Rollins and the guys from The New Day is nothing short of hilarious. Literally, every time you see these four together, you are guaranteed to laugh your rear off. In terms of wrestling, their skill is something out of this world. After all, The New Day are the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions. And Seth Rollins is, well, Seth Rollins. Do you really need an introduction to the guy?

It turns out the former champion is good friends with the guys from The New Day. He is even one of the best gamers in their YouTube channel. We've seen them interact at times on WWE television, but not nearly enough.

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