Backstage Concern Cody Vs Jericho Mid-Match Botch Almost Ruined Storyline

During last night's Cody vs Jericho match, there was a moment where AEW was concerned a mid-match error might have completely killed the storyline.

One of the memorable moments of the Full Gear pay-per-view presented by AEW on Saturday was the Cody vs Jericho match that saw MJF turn on Cody, throw the towel in and then low-blow his best friend, costing Cody a chance to ever compete for the AEW World's Championship again. Apparently, that storyline almost didn't get a chance to play itself out.

Mid-match, Cody went for a risky move when he tossed himself over the top rope and tried to land on Jericho. The champ moved sending Cody face-first into the ramp and cutting him wide open above his eye. The cut was so deep, there was concern Cody couldn't finish the match. Dr. Michael Sampson had to check on Cody during the match to see whether or not the two could continue.

Cody has a history in AEW of taking risks that aren't necessary. He's taken an unprotected headshot with a chair, this dive wasn't required to sell the importance of the match and in general, AEW stars do a lot of spots that many would deem dangerous. Cody isn't the only one as the Moxley vs Kenny Omega match was full of spots that could have gone wrong.

Is AEW Jeopardizing Long-Term Storylines?

In an effort to be edgy and offer great entertainment, is AEW taking risks that possibly hurt their ability to provide fans with a full roster each and every week? That's a valid argument, especially when you consider how often someone like Cody has walked the line of entertaining and hurting himself.

AEW has not made comment about Cody's eye injury or whether or not that spot was planned or accidental but the cut was real and scary. A bad landing all the way around, it might be wise for Cody and AEW to take another look at some ideas and ensure they're worth it going forward.

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