Backstage Criticism over Booking of The Bullet Club

via wwe.com

Just a month after their WWE debut, there is already criticism backstage over the booking of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, according to a report by dailywrestlingnews.com. There are rumblings that many feel the creative plans put forth for the two have been very weak. Many feel they should have been booked a lot stronger.

The main problem stems from the fact their debut wasn't treated as a big deal, dooming the angle from the start. There's also a feeling that 50/50 booking is really harming the company and their talent.

There's hope that by teaming with AJ Styles, the two can recover, but their odds don't look good going up against Roman Reigns and The Usos, who many feel will come out on top in the feud.

There's also a rumor that a top talent and producer are going to take the issue up with officials. They feel Gallows and Anderson have a lot to offer.

How have you felt about the booking of the two so far?

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