Backstage Details Behind Fiend Raw Appearances After SmackDown Draft

Despite being drafted to SmackDown, Bray Wyatt’s battle with Seth Rollins appears far from over and he’s scheduled for multiple Raw appearances. Why? After all, the rules of the WWE Draft clearly stated WWE Superstars would be exclusive to their respective brands moving forward.

Yet, despite the rules, WWE has officially announced Wyatt will take on Rollins at WWE Crown Jewel on October 31st. As a result, Rollins has been pulled from Hulk Hogan’s team as Hogan’s squad goes up against Flair’s team. More interesting, is that venues hosting Raw now and immediately following Crown Jewel are also promoting Wyatt vs Rollins in other matches. Most notably, Wyatt is set to face Rollins in a steel cage match on Novmber 4th.

Wyatt is not scheduled to be at the November 15th Friday Night SmackDown in Philadelphia or the November 29th episode in Birmingham, but he is going to be at RAW those weeks.

So, why, after drafting him to SmackDown, is Wyatt and The Fiend character being used and promoted for Raw?

First, cards are always subject to change. With that in mind, these scheduled appearances may be altered. But, if we assume that WWE is moving forward and still using Wyatt on Raw despite being property of SmackDown, why is this being allowed?

A Few Speculated Reasons Wyatt Hasn't Moved

The first reason appears to be that The Fiend was not originally slated to go to SmackDown. But, pressure from Fox to move him to Fridays seems to be the sole reason he was drafted. Second, WWE appears to see Wyatt a little differently than other Superstars. In fact, they may try to sell the fact, that he's actually two people.

If they try to get creative, Wyatt can show up on one show, the Fiend on another and technically, WWE isn't breaking their own rules. Depending on who was drafted, the other personality can stick to Raw, while his alter ego claims to know nothing about what's happening.

Finally, WWE is keen on trying to provide some closure to the Rollins vs Fiend feud after how badly the fans reacted to the Hell in a Cell match. It appears they're willing to let the Draft rules slide to right a wrong.

The only question is, 'Will WWE actually right that wrong?'.

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