Backstage Details On Chris Jericho Working With ROH And New Japan

Chris Jericho is one of those guys who now has a handshake deal with the WWE. He's gone on record suggesting he'd never wrestle for anyone else but as was announced on Sunday, it appears he's going back on his word.

Jericho is the guy WWE calls when they need a star to bring in some viewers, put over a talent that deserves a rub or ensure a story gets told in the best possible way. He's a grizzled veteran and fantastic storyteller and all Jericho asks is that he be allowed to sink his teeth into something he thinks is worthwhile and has some flexibility in his schedule to pursue outside projects.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, one of the projects Jericho was working on was his Rock 'n Wrestling Rager at Sea and he's been paying for that venture with his own money. In an effort to help fund the event, Jericho was hoping to get WWE's backing on the project and the trade would be promoting some of the NXT guys in the show. After giving it some thought, WWE declined. As a result, Jericho looked to Ring of Honor to put on a Sea of Honour tournament.

The tournament will include talents like The Youngbucks, Marty Scurll, and others that may have some current issues with the WWE. It appears for Jericho, that's not much of an issue any longer. WWE hasn't come out and made any sort of comment, but it can't sit well with the company that Jericho is working with ROH.


In Jericho's defense, since he is no longer under any sort of WWE contract, he's free to do what he wants with who he wants and that includes his upcoming match at the Wrestle Kingdom 12 event with Kenny Omega. Wrestle Kingdom 12 is a show put on by NJPW and another competitor for WWE. Could this be considered strike two?

Jericho has been in talks with NJPW since August and it could affect his return status with WWE if he or the WWE wanted to bring Jericho back into the fold.

It's possible Jericho had these talks with WWE and, in a way, asked for their blessing, but Jericho is also the kind of performer who doesn't worry too much about what anyone else thinks and he's said publicly he'd be completely OK with being done with the WWE.

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