Enzo Amore Heat: Backstage Details

More details continue to emerge regarding the heat Enzo Amore is generating backstage with his fellow Superstars following the incident while on tour.

Enzo Amore has basically garnered popularity in WWE by having a big mouth. From his time in NXT to his stay on Raw, Amore has done some superb work with a mic in his hand. "The Certified G" opened up in interviews about how he has a book filled with hundreds of promo ideas which is why he always has something to say every week regardless of the topic. Well, it turns out that the persona Amore portrays in the ring is similar to his real life one, and his mouth is continually landing him in hot water.

On a recent European tour, Enzo was thrown off of a WWE tour bus, allegedly by Roman Reigns, for running his mouth a little too much. When you spend two solid weeks with the same people and one of them won't shut up it's only a matter of time before somebody snaps, and apparently that somebody was The Big Dog.


There are different stories as to what Amore said that led to Reigns finally saying enough was enough. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Amore was talking on his phone and said something negative about the business as well as bragging about how much money he makes to whoever was on the other end. Inevitably, that incident led to Enzo apparently being pretty much universally disliked in the locker room.

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Up until recently, Amore had a partner in crime when it came to his WWE career, Big Cass. Well, now the former NXT star doesn't even have the seven footer to fall back on when he needs someone fighting his corner. While he is currently key to the story focused on he and Cass' break up, once that's over, it's anyone's guess where Amore will be shipped off to. Perhaps back to NXT, or some have suggested that his loud mouth would actually help spice up the 205 Live roster.


Amore's  "act" in the ring is so convincing that it really isn't hard to believe that it's simply an extension of his true self. Following the backlash, he's apparently getting backstage however, you would imagine that he will need to reign it in a little. WWE may need him for now, but once his current program with Cass is out of the way, who knows what Vince McMahon will choose to do with him. He will need to mend some fences fast if he wants to maintain his current place on the card.

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