Backstage Details On Importance Of Fiend’s Red Light, Storyline Rumor

There is plenty of talk surrounding the ominous red light The Fiend wrestles under in WWE, many fans hating the effect. But, is there a good reason for it?

It doesn't take long to find people who hate the red light Bray Wyatt wrestles under when he's portraying The Fiend character in WWE. Heck, even Corey Graves said on a recent episode of his After the Bell podcast how much he dislikes it. The argument is that it's more difficult to watch his matches, this is a played out idea considering Kane used to have the same lighting effect for much of his work in WWE and, frankly, it's annoying.

But, there is speculation WWE is using the red light for more than a simple effect.

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To date, The Fiend has been pushed in such a way that he seems unstoppable. Seth Rollins is his latest victim, having tried everything to beat the deranged monster but multiple stomps and kicks had almost no effect. The question people are starting to ask is, 'Can anyone beat him?'

The idea of an unstoppable force in WWE is not new to wrestling. But, eventually, someone has to do it. And, if fans have learned one thing when watching Wyatt speak, it's to watch for hidden messages. Recently Wyatt tweeted, "You can't kill it. Under the red light..."

Is that to mean that if the red light were gone, The Fiend would be weaker?

Since that tweet at the end of October, there are some reports and rumors suggesting this may be one idea WWE is tossing around to eventually weaken The Fiend. Who his opponent will be at that time and when WWE introduces the idea is unclear, but this could be part of WWE's plans to put a chink in The Fiends armor.

Wyatt's Kryptonite

Like Superman can only be stopped or slowed when hit with a dose of kryptonite, is it possible the red light is a source of power for The Fiend? Should someone figure out that if you take it away, he's not quite as powerful?

Of course, this is all speculation but at some point, WWE is going to have to make hurting The Fiend believable. He's already a completely unique character. Therefore, nothing is off the table.

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