Backstage Details On Lana's Botched Promo, WWE Cleaning Up Mess

Lana was on Raw Monday night and during her segment with Bobby Lashley made some mistakes in her delivery; mistakes WWE will need rectify somehow.

Fans who watched the restraining order and divorce-filing segment on last night's Monday Night Raw probably noticed a few moments that seemed like botches. Interestingly, some of the more obvious goof-ups weren't actually mistakes but planned and it's some of the other errors that could pose the real problem.

Most people noted Lana's botch of the distance Rusev was going to have to stay from her as part of the restraining order. When she accidentally said 90 miles instead of 90 feet, Lashley corrected her. Lana then said," 90 days, I mean 90 feet, 90 feet Rusev". She then took to Twitter to emphasize the idea that Lashley gets her flustered.

Lana wrote, "I get so flustered with love from @fightbobby that I don't know what comes out of my mouth at times..... regardless of where we are at Bobby will protect me ! #Raw"

So, while that seemed like a screw-up, it was actually supposed to go down that way, mostly.

Where things didn't go over so well was when Lana accidentally said where the restraining order came from and insinuated that the order was only good for 90 days in the state of Massachusetts. It was a little slip up that Corey Graves so kindly pointed out on Twitter while poking fun at her botch.

WWE has already taken the location portion of that promo out of the video from what we can tell and it's interesting to note that WWE used the real names of each Superstar for the divorce papers - Catherine Joy Perry and Miroslav Barnyashev.

Where Does WWE Go From Here?

Is this one of those storylines that continues to make little or no sense moving forward? Or, does WWE take the time to actually provide an origin story on all of this, slow things down and explain what the heck is going on, while getting the smaller details right?

As it is, even if most of this went off as planned, WWE might have to explain if the order is still good outside Massachusetts, what distance the order actually is, why they used real names and more.

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