[Backstage Details] What Seth Rollins And Vince Said In Talent-Only Meeting

Speculation was that both Seth Rollins and Vince McMahon were central in talent-only meetings with the WWE roster. Details about what was said during those meetings are coming to light.

There are reports surfacing that after the "mechanical issues" WWE reported as the reason WWE talent were stuck in Saudi Arabia, many of the talent didn't believe that to be the reason. Instead, rumors of financial issues ran rampant and WWE held a meeting to clear the air. In that meeting, Seth Rollins was apparently the visible leader.

As per reports by Dave Meltzer, Rollins reportedly spoke up and attempted to re-motivate many that were upset with the company. A number of the talent felt bothered by being "stranded", that there were some talent deemed more important than others, and that a statement was made about some of the roster trying to charter their own flights which made some of the roster who didn't look lazy.

Rollins has been described as the voice of the roster who was trying to give a "rah-rah" speech. Allegedly, he also told talent it was best to keep off of social media when it came to talking about the travel over Crown Jewel weekend. In fact, there was a lot of discussion about keeping any company-related comments of social media going forward.

** Update: Seth Rollins has vehemently denied these rumors as first reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Rollins tweet can be seen below:

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Vince Talked to Talent As Well

Regarding the travel issues, reports are that company officials also spoke with talent and doubled-down on the story that mechanical issues were the real issue and that delays were not related to financial concerns. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that McMahon himself called a meeting in New York at 3 p.m. ET before Raw.

Word is that those in WWE who were upset before are still upset while others didn't see it as a huge deal and it likely won't affect their wanting to stay with WWE moving forward. It appears there are still some talent that won't attend future events and we now know that WWE will be back in June.

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