Backstage Enemies: 8 Male WWE Stars Who Hated Each Other And 7 Female Foes

The WWE is exciting for many reasons. First and foremost, wrestling is an entertaining sport that can change and turn upside down with a flick of Vince McMahon’s fingers. When you talk about basketball and football, there is always a chance somebody can win when two teams enter a court or a field. But at the end of the day, no one really expects a super underdog to come out on top against a top-tier opponent. Like, you don’t expect the Golden State Warriors to lose in the NBA finals to the Brooklyn Nets. That would just be insane and out of this world, literally. Wrestling, on the other hand, is quite peculiar in the sense that if you piss off your boss, it doesn’t matter how much the crowd loves you or if you are an Intercontinental Champion, you could end up losing your title with the flick of a finger.

But while all of that is interesting, a particular aspect of the WWE that we would like to approach on this article is the idea that, like in a house of mirrors, things are not always as they seem. Most notably, fans can, and usually are, deceived by the promotion when it comes to friendships and animosities between wrestlers. Today we would like to tell you about a few times in which wrestlers were in sync in the ring, and appeared in front of the cameras as if they were best friends, but the truth is that as soon as the cameras are off and no one is looking, these people despise each other. So without further delay, here are eight WWE male foes and seven female foes.

16 Male: Tajiri and William Regal

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Tag teams might just be one of the most deceiving aspects of the WWE. Tag team matches are some of the most interesting types of matches in wrestling. They sure are way more dynamic than one-on-one matches, since a fight might seem lost while one wrestler is getting near the end and is about to get pinned down, but the tables can be turned in a second when a companion manages to tag in and turn things around.

One would rightfully expect that in order to work well as a tag team, partners need to get along on and off the ring. That, however, was not the case with Tajiri and William Regal. As a matter of fact, several factors led to the two not getting along well when they were paired up by the WWE in the first place. Stuff like Tajiro not liking music and having trouble with the language annoyed William, and vice versa. Both

15 Female: The Bella Twins and AJ Lee

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This is quite the interesting case of animosity between wrestlers. We say that because it looked very staged when the WWE created a feud between AJ Lee and the Bella Twins. But what seemed like a setup affair, was apparently a lot more than that. It is not unusual in the WWE for us to see a wrestler who “hates” another invade a promo or interview to curse at them and tell them they’re going to break their face next time they see them around or whatever. But AJ Lee went a little overboard when she stopped a promo to trash talk everyone on Total Divas.

That was just the beginning, however, since it appears she’s got quite a lot of hate for the Bella Twins. Not too long after, AJ lashed out some insults that were quite nasty even by WWE standards when she said the twins sucked and told them that wrestling skill was not sexually transmitted. That is quite the insult since one of them was already dating John Cena.

14 Male: Tazz and Chris Jericho

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This might be one of the funniest feuds we will talk about. While the majority of real-life wrestling enemies are created because of career advancement issues or personal differences, these two got mad at each other for something a lot of people wouldn’t expect.

If you are a hard-core fan, you definitely know that Chris Jericho has a podcast, and if you’re even more hard-core, you know that Tazz had his show as well. And believe it or not, the reason these two hate each other is because of their podcasts. It all began when Samoa Joe left TNA. He appeared on Jericho’s podcast, and Chris obviously claimed that it was the first interview Joe was giving after his departure from the promotion.

Little did he know, or didn’t, that Joe had already appeared on Tazz’s podcast to talk about the same issue. Unsurprisingly, Tazz was furious about this and has never let the episode go as from time to time he will still talk trash about Jericho.

13 Female: Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks

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This is another real-life rivalry that the WWE has not lost time in finding a way to bank. Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks have faced each other a lot of times, and in some of these occasions, titles were on the line. But to talk about their animosity, we have to go back to their beginnings in NXT. The word around the industry was that Sasha always had a bone to pick with Alexa because Little Miss Bliss was supposedly a novice when she joined NXT. And that feeling of Sasha’s seems to have turned into a problem between the two, as there have been reports of Sasha working stiff during her matches against Alexa with the intent of hurting her colleague.

There are also other facts that may prove this to be a real-life feud, like the two of them not following each other on social media and Sasha being caught more than once throwing cheap shots at Alexa.

12 Male: Ryback and Seth Rollins

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While there are a lot of underlying circumstances about most cases in which wrestlers hate each other, this one is a pretty simple relationship. According to Ryback, the reason he hates Seth Rollins is because Rollins is, by a lack of a better word, a dick. Yes, Seth Rollins might just be one of the most entertaining wrestlers we have ever seen, but according to his colleague, Rollins is nothing more than an annoying individual who loves to make fun of the shortcomings of others. The particular incident Ryback was talking about was when he screwed up in a match against Rusev.

After facing the humiliation of messing up in front of the crowd, Ryback still had to endure quite a bit of a criticism and bullying from Rollins, who apparently laughed his tail off to Ryback’s face after the failure.

11 Female: Chyna and Stephanie McMahon

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Later on this list we will talk about two male wrestlers whose relationship went sour because of a woman. But first, let’s talk about two female wrestlers who started to hate each other because of a man. Of course, this man had to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in Triple H.

Triple H and Chyna had been dating for almost four years when Chyna found out that her boyfriend was sleeping with Stephanie McMahon behind her back. So in one strike Triple H managed to cheat on his girlfriend and sleep with his boss’s daughter. That is one brave dude. Either way, despite being the only person not at fault for anything in the situation, Chyna ended up getting the short end of the stick and was fired from the WWE.

10 Male: Ryback and CM Punk

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Since we have already talked about Ryback and how he hated the bullying from Seth Rollins, we thought it would be only fair to talk about the one instance in which another wrestler blamed Ryback for the animosity between them. The wrestler, in this case, was CM Punk. If you don’t remember, these two had quite a big feud some years ago before Punk left the promotion. At least, it seems like it was supposed to be a huge feud that ended up not lasting very long.

One of the reasons might have been CM Punk’s unwillingness to continue working with Ryback. Although he waited until he was away from the WWE, Punk did not measure his words in saying how much he hated working with Ryback, because his opponent was literally bad at his job and dangerous to other wrestlers because of it.

9 Female: Sunny and Sable

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These two were arguably two of the biggest sex symbols in the history of the WWE. Hence, it is only fair that we would imagine there would be some sort of healthy rivalry and competition between them. What nobody expected was that they would hate each other with a burning passion. If you poke around the Internet for a bit, you will not have a hard time finding interviews in which Sunny completely obliterates Sable. And, as far as we know, the only reason we have never seen Sable talk smack about Sunny is that Sable doesn’t do that many interviews to trash talk other people.

It was no secret to anyone in the industry that the two would constantly fight backstage and that one of the biggest reasons of why Sunny hated Sable so much was that her nemesis ended up being the first diva to pose for Hugh Hefner.

8 Male: Rick Martel and Tom Zenk

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Creating a tag team duo can be quite the bet. The WWE found that out first-hand when they decided to put together two of the most prolific and up-and-coming wrestlers of the 1980s. Rick Martel and Tom Zenk had so much potential it is crazy to imagine how it almost amounted to nothing because of a bad play by the WWE.

The big reason of why this didn’t work is that not only did these two have the potential to be great, but they also had the egos of somebody who had already become great. That is never a recipe for success, and once the two started clashing and claiming that the reason they weren’t advancing was each other, things started going downhill. It all culminated in the sad episode when Tom thought they were too good to be getting paid what they were and issued his partner an ultimatum saying they should leave the promotion. When Rick refused, that was the moment the partnership ended, and the only thing left between the two was resentment and frustration.

7 Female: Ashley Massaro and Sunny

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If there is one thing fans of all sports, especially wrestling, have to be thankful for, it is the Internet. If it weren't for this wonderful invention, we would have no idea about the amount of hate some of these wrestlers have for each other. While the WWE uses a lot of it for their feuds and promotions, some of them don’t even make justice to the jabs wrestlers take at each other online.

Take this Twitter battle between Sunny and Ashley Massaro. This all seems to have started when Sunny caught wind of a rumor that Massaro could be part of an escort service and decided to run her mouth online. Then the most amazing thing happened, and Ashley Massaro went full-savage, posting a picture of Sunny naked doing a WebCam show. Search for it at your own peril.

6 Male: Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas

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Sometimes even the most legendary of tag teams can fall apart because the two ends of the coin don’t get along well. That was exactly the case with the first duo of African-American WWE Tag Team Champions. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas were an entertaining pair to watch, and they paved the way for new African-American tag team sensations like The New Day and others. For a bit, it seemed like they would hold on to that belt for quite some time, but the dream didn’t last long because of the personalities of these two gentlemen.

The word around the industry was that despite the fact they made history together, Rocky and Tony despised each other for some ridiculous reasons. For example, there was a rumor that Rocky didn’t like working with other African-American wrestlers because he thought that would be a disservice to his career. How messed up is that?


4 Female: The Bella Twins and Eva Marie

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Remember how Ryback complained about Seth Rollins and said how much he hated Seth for being a bully? Well, this might be a similar case, but with a level above since this time, the feud was two against one. We all know that the first time Eva Marie was promoted to the main roster of the WWE she did not do too well. Even though the first try was not the sweetest, the WWE did not lose faith in Eva and decided to just bump her down to NXT so she could get more experience.

Well, as soon as she got down there, Eva found herself faced up against two big-time bullies. Apparently, the Bella Twins thought it was a good idea just to tell Eva Marie to her face that she was a terrible wrestler. Can you blame Eva for hating these two?

3 Male: Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan

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This is the kind of animosity that could change in any given month. We have lost count of how many times Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan treated each other as best friends, but, at the same time, we also lost count of how many times these two became mortal enemies. It is ridiculous. The relationship between them is like that of a pair of middle school girls who keep changing cliques and becoming friends or enemies with each switch.

While he is not the most innocent of guys, we have to admit that Vince is usually not the aggressor in this friend/enemy relationship. Just remember that it was Hulk who decided to leave Vince in the 90s and join his biggest rival to try to put McMahon out of business.

2 Female: Lana and Paige

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If there is one woman in the WWE that we would name as the person who has most “enemies” in the female roster of the production, it would have to be Lana. It probably has a lot to do with her attitude, but one way or the other, Lana just rubs people the wrong way, and she doesn’t seem to care about it. Take her feud with Paige as an example.

In a completely out of the blue shot, she came out on social media and just told the world that Paige bullied her while both of them were on the roster at NXT. Oh yeah, she also added that Paige was a complete phony. The jab ended up backlashing, and Lana was the one who caught the heat for it, as it seems most of the other wrestlers sided with Paige on the issue.

1 Male: Matt Hardy and Edge

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This is hands down the most messed up relationship between wrestlers. And guess what, these two hate each other because of a woman. If you said that her name was Lita, you got it right on the dot, my friend.

This is messed up in so many fronts that we don’t even know where to start. The first thing you have to know is that Hardy and Lita were in a long-term relationship when the whole thing started going down. What transpired was that all of a sudden, everyone found out that Lita had actually been cheating on Matt with Edge. And the WWE decided to make a freaking feud out of this nasty situation. How messed up is that?

Needless to say, that did not work out well as these two men despised each other and ultimately had to be kept apart so they would not literally kill each other.

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