Backstage Heat On Alberto Del Rio: Bad Influence On Paige?

There's been a lot of rumors that Triple H derailed a Vince McMahon planned push for Alberto Del Rio. With Del Rio's contract set to expire in October, Vince wanted to do what he could to convince Del Rio to stay, as his current WWE tenure has been very disappointing.

According to Daily Wrestling News, there is now another element to this heat. The WWE Draft splitting up Del Rio and Paige was reportedly Triple H's way of showing Del Rio who's boss. Triple H has expressed frustration with Del Rio disrespecting him. Triple H has also pointed out to Vince that Del Rio parties a lot and is a bad influence on Paige.

Vince has soured a little on Del Rio as a result, but he still wants to re-sign him.

In any event, there seems to be no way Del Rio could have a healthy working relationship with WWE going forward.

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