20 Backstage Leaks For 2019 Currently Circulating Around WWE

WWE is constantly planning for various ideas, whether that be in the form of storylines, future title changes, new signings, NXT call-ups and changes to the backstage structure of the company itself.

There is a reason that WWE has been at the top of the wrestling world for so many years and it is because the company is always forward thinking. However, that doesn't come without its problems, especially in this digital age.

It is inevitable now that whatever WWE is discussing internally will eventually find its way onto the dirt sheets, through social media and various other forums, eventually finding its home in the WWE Universe with the passionate fans discussing all the reports at play.

Occasionally WWE is able to pull off some major swerves and surprises. Heck, just look at the last few months; who would've figured Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan would both turn heel? Who would've thought Becky's heel turn would end up being what turned her into the company's hottest star at the moment? That being said, most of the time the things they are planning end up getting leaked which can lead to slight tweaks and changes before the plans even happen on TV, but either way, the speculation is always too much to resist for the WWE fanbase.

Throughout this article, we will look into 20 leaked ideas floating around, that WWE is currently working on ahead of 2019, with an array of situations that the company is considering. The only question is how many of them will actually unfold.

20 Women's Tag Team Division Arrives

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We may as well get started with the most obvious and talked about backstage leaks that have been circulating in WWE and pretty much everywhere else for several months now and that is the women’s tag team division.

Many people thought that the announcement would come in time for Evolution, but there was no mention. However, Stephanie McMahon has made it very clear in various interviews that the Tag Team Titles are coming for the women’s division.

This will open up so many opportunities for the women of WWE and can only be seen as a good thing and they are absolutely going to happen at some point in 2019, with a tournament to crown the first champions at WrestleMania being a possibility.

19 Serena Williams Appears

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WWE loves to have some form of celebrity appearance at WrestleMania as it allows the company to really push the show to a totally new audience and guarantees the company some time on the major talk shows in the country.

One name that has been leaked recently as someone who WWE is interested in having appear at WrestleMania is Tennis ace, Serena Williams, with Stephanie McMahon stating in an interview that she would love to have her appear at the show.

It might seem like a very random fit but you don’t really get a bigger name than Serena Williams in sports and it would be a major achievement if WWE was able to have her appear in some form at the show.

18 Daniel Cormier Joins The Commentary Team

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2019 is going to be an interesting year for WWE, with SmackDown Live set to be moved to Fox there is a lot of speculation over what will change for the blue brand, with many people speculating that it could be pushed as the A show over Raw.

Fox is reportedly wanting WWE to really focus on making SmackDown as sports-based as possible rather than focusing on the entertainment aspect and one change Fox apparently wants is to haveUFC star and major wrestling fan, Daniel Cormier as part of the commentary team.

Cormier revealed that he has been practicing to join WWE and had to recently postpone a commentary try out, which shows that WWE is very interested in bringing him in which would be a huge deal if it does happen.

17 Drew McIntyre Becomes World Champion

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When Drew McIntyre first debuted in WWE, Vince McMahon nicknamed him “The Chosen One,” promising that he would one day be a future World Champion and even though it has taken a lot longer than Vince likely first thought, it is being speculated that in 2019 McIntyre will finally live up to that billing.

He may have been released and then re-hired since Vince first said those words, but now McIntyre is back and better than ever. He looks set to become a major player in the World Championship scene next year.

WWE has pushed him strong ever since he returned to the company. From winning the NXT Championship to how he has been portrayed on Monday Night Raw and it is clear big things are in his future for 2019.

16 More Crown Jewel, Greatest Royal Rumble Shows


WWE agreed a 10 year deal, which saw the company promise to put on regular shows in the country in exchange for huge amounts of money and that deal has seen both the Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel take place this year.

However, WWE's deal with the country has been thrown into serious contention considering the difficult circumstances in the country and that has put pressure on the company. They also got resistance within the company, as John Cena and Daniel Bryan both refused to travel for Crown Jewel.

Despite the growing pressure from fans and people within the company, WWE will at least put on one show in the country next year, with the money simply being too good to refuse.

15 Andrade Almas Wins The Royal Rumble

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This one has been doing the rounds for a while now and would be quite a surprise if it actually happened, but there have been leaks that Vince McMahon is said to be very high on former NXT Champion, Andrade “Cien” Almas.

So far on SmackDown, Almas hasn’t been given too many major opportunities, with no big storyline to his name yet. But Vince is very pleased with what he has seen from Almas and Zelina Vega and plans to give him a major push.

That push is said to be kickstarting at the Royal Rumble, where Almas is set to be one of the firm favorites to go on and win the entire thing, which would obviously place him in a WrestleMania World Title match.

14 WWE Is Electrified

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It has been a while since we last saw The Rock grace the WWE ring with the People's Champion becoming too busy in Hollywood to make any appearances for the company, with The Rock not even filming something for the SmackDown 1000 episode.

Even though Rock has been busy, it doesn't mean that he has forgotten about where he came from, often tweeting about WWE and communicating with WWE Superstars and fans over social media.

WWE is planning on having The Rock play a major part in WrestleMania 35 and with Triple H now believed to be missing the show, it's only going to make the company work even harder to land The Rock for a big match.

13 WWE Evolution Part Two

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It's fair to say that WWE's Evolution PPV went above and beyond most people's expectations and the show was a huge success with fantastic matches and a really invested crowd helping the women make the show stand out.

At this point, Evolution will actually go down as one of the year's best PPVs and because of how successful the event was you can pencil in a second show for next year, possibly around the same time with WWE potentially looking to make it an annual event.

Any time something gets as much praise as Evolution got there is always going to be interest from WWE to repeat it and because the company is still pushing the women's evolution in general, a sequel to the show makes sense.

12 #DIY Reunites

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It might not be for a long time, perhaps only one night only, but a current rumor is that WWE is planning on bringing Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano back together, reuniting the fantastic tag team #DIY.

They might have spent the entire 2018 locked in the most bitter feud in the entire company, but it seems that WWE's plans are to have them work back towards each other, with Gargano's recent heel turn being the first sign of that.

WWE is likely pushing to putting the duo back together simply because of how popular the decision would be and how impressive a heel tag team run from them would be but the chances are this might be a one time only team up.

11 NXT Is A Dream

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One of the biggest surprises of 2018 has been the rise of the Velveteen Dream, going from someone who failed to win Tough Enough to one of the most entertaining acts in the entire company, stealing the show at every available opportunity.

It seems that every time The Dream competes, cuts a promo, or simply appears on NXT TV he becomes better and better and he has been a standout performer at every single Takeover he has worked on since arriving to the roster.

With that in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that WWE is planning huge things for The Velveteen Dream in 2019 with a run with the NXT Championship seemingly being at the top of that list.

10 The Undertaker Finally Retires For Good

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It is a backstage leak that takes place seemingly every year with speculation about The Undertaker's in-ring future, but once again there is plenty of rumors that 2019 will be the final year of The Phenom.

WrestleMania is seemingly the perfect place to retire The Undertaker character, at least in terms of in-ring competition and it is certainly time for that decision to happen. While he has a long respected career, The Deadman's in-ring work isn't what it used to be and therefore calling time would be a smart move.

He has been able to work more shows this year, including alongside the return of Shawn Michaels and it now feels like he has done everything that needs to be and the time is perfect to bring an end to the storied career, with one final classic moment.

9 Triple H To Gain More Control

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It seems that each year Triple H gains a little more control and that doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. With NXT Takeover's becoming more frequent and more of 'Triple H's talents' working on the main roster, his influence is increasing rapidly.

In 2019 that is only set to continue as it has been reported that Vince McMahon will be slowing down his workload, no longer attending every single TV taping. He'll also have to divert some of his attention to the XFL, set to launch in 2020. That means Triple H will be the man solely in control of several shows.

He now has firm control over what happens with 205 Live and brought his NXT production crew to run the Evolution PPV, and those signs are only going to continue next year as the slow transition continues with Vince passing on the baton to his son-in-law.

8 Samoa Joe Dominates

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On SmackDown Live, Samoa Joe has been featured as one of the top superstars in the company, dominating everyone in his path and being positioned as one of the top heels on the blue brand, but so far the WWE Championship hasn't come his way.

In fact, no title has since he left NXT, but it seems that is something that WWE is hoping to change in 2019 with the former NXT Champion set for a run with the WWE Championship as a major heel champion.

He might have come up short against AJ Styles, but Joe impressed highly during the storyline and is expected to get his shot after Styles finally drops the belt to end his historic reign as champion.

7 More Global Expansion

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2018 has seen the official debut of the NXT UK brand following another successful tournament, the company has brought together the very best that the country has to offer to kickstart its own show on the WWE Network.

While this is very cool, it is only the beginning as Triple H has made it clear in interviews that he wants to grow the WWE brand by expanding the company, branching out and recreating an old territory system, all owned by the same company.

Hunter wants to have brands at WWE Performance Centers all around the world, so expect to see tournaments and then subsequent brands possibly popping up around the world, with countries like Mexico and Germany high on the list.

6 WWE Is Undisputed

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Who would ever have thought that Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish would be one of the top factions in WWE? Four "indie darlings" that most never even assumed would join WWE at one point are now running the scene in NXT.

The group has dominated since joining, picking up the Tag Team Championships and the N.A. Title in the process while becoming the coolest act in the company all at the same time.

Well, their domination has been picked up on by WWE management and the faction is highly expected to be making its way to the main roster in 2019, possibly during WrestleMania weekend...BOOM.

5 Shane O'Mac Turns Heel

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The McMahon family are the perfect wrestling heels, with all their wealth and power added to the fact they actually own WWE, it is very easy for a storyline to be made out of hating them and it's something that Vince and Stephanie McMahon have done countless times.

Shane McMahon, on the other hand, hasn't dipped his toes into the world of being a major heel quite as many times as his family members, and not at all since his return to the company several years ago.

Well, that is all expected to change with one of the big leaks being that Shane'O is set for a big heel turn for 2019 with his WWE World Cup victory set to be the starting point, with this being a big story heading into the FOX deal.

4 Matt Hardy Takes Backstage Role

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It was a very surprising announcement when WWE legend, Matt Hardy announced that he was retiring from in-ring competition.

Since then Hardy hasn't appeared on WWE television but has been very active on social media and was part of the House Hardy special on the WWE Network, but the company has bigger plans for his creative mind.

WWE often uses former talent as agents for matches with the likes of Billy Kidman, D-Von Dudley, and Tyson Kidd all being used in those spots and WWE wants Hardy in the same situation. He has already been practicing behind the scenes at SummerSlam and it seems like we could be seeing him help make matches in the near future.

3 Bray Wyatt Leads A New Family

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Speaking of Matt Hardy's retirement, him having to retire from in-ring competition forced WWE to make some major changes which implicated Bray Wyatt the most with the tag team having to split up for obvious reasons.

Since then WWE made the decision to pull Wyatt from TV while the company decides what the next step should be for him and it appears that could be leading a brand new group in what would be another version of the Wyatt Family.

It is unknown at this point who the members of the group would be, but Luke Harper is expected to return and join his former brother, but this is one idea that makes a lot of sense and could be a big story in the coming year.

2 Hulk Hogan Returns Full-Time

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Ever since WWE announced that Hulk Hogan was being reinstated to the WWE Hall Of Fame, it has simply been a matter of time until the Immortal One makes a full-time return to the company.

WWE brought Hogan out to kick off the already panned Crown Jewel show and while he was met with a positive reaction from the fans, it is unknown how his presence will go down in the United States.

However, with WWE now fully plugging his merchandise, it is clear the company is preparing to bring him back to the company in a full-time role once again and even though it is going to gain a lot of negativity, WWE is looking to bring him back very soon.

1 WWE Becomes 'Elite'

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The Elite has become one of the biggest things in wrestling, period, with the Young Bucks and the rest of the group taking over the independent scene with their exciting storylines and thrilling matches, they have got a firm grip of the independent scene.

With every single member of the group offering something totally different with unique personalities and the fact that they are all so creative, as the Being The Elite YouTube show and All In proved, it isn't a surprise to know that WWE is very interested in signing them.

All of the group has rejected new deals from Ring Of Honor and are currently working out what their next move is with one of the biggest WWE leaks being that the company wants to sign the entire group, and that could see the company become 'Elite' in 2019.

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